Justin Bieber Can Be Deported Back to Canada, Attorney Says

Justin Bieber Canada

As Justin Bieber’s legal troubles grow, so does the possibility that immigration officials could send him back to his native country,  Canada, reports ABC.

New York City immigration attorney Michael Wildes told ABC News:

Justin’s arrest early Thursday morning in Miami Beach for allegedly drag racing and driving under the influence (DUI — first-degree misdemeanors) are not necessarily crimes that would lead to deportation.

But if ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) wanted to go after him, they could make a case. That and the eggs is opening files in multiple government agencies and states, and could make it more likely.

The “eggs” he referred to is the ongoing LA police investigation into a neighbor’s accusation that Justin threw eggs at his house and caused $20,000 worth of damage.

Police searched his Calabasas home Jan. 14 for any connection between him and the egg-tossing incident and arrested his friend Lil Za, for alleged drug possession during the search. Justin has not been charged in the egg-throwing incident, but he could face a felony charge of vandalism if evidence indicates he was the culprit.

  • Honey

    Only thing we can do is be there as beliebers and show him we love him and everybody pray to the good lord that he’ll be alright

    • believerforever

      I know u are so right

      • Ayshia

        no he cant i love him and dont want him to go anywhere !!!!IF your reading this justin can you give us fans your number

      • jaypee

        …deport him to a place with a little warmer climate than canada !

    • S.R

      Yes… Or we could gag him tie him up and throw him onto the first plane the f@!# out of here.

      • bieber4eva

        shut f**k up a** hole

      • Birk

        Go to hell! You waste of skin.

      • S.R

        @Birk and @Beiber4eva

        Do you know what they do to pretty boys in jail? ;)

        One word – Ruined!!

      • cate b

        I beg you seek professional help to get a life or kill yourself. Really, people like you are a waste of breath.

    • KALANI


      • S.R

        He blatantly isn’t though…

        He’s been charged, on 3 counts.
        What nes are you watching?

      • S.R


        And on top of that he has the nerve to smile like a d–k for his mug shot, like he’s in some sort of photo shoot.

        Let’s just shoot him in the face and be done with it.
        One less rotten apple to deal with.

    • KALANI


    • Nate

      Well just want to say if he did it or not allwe have to do is pray for him. Hope everything turns out good for him. And hopefully he becomes a good person in the process of this

    • Honey

      I really love how people keep saying it was dangerous and could’ve gotten him hurt or killed and endangered other people and that is completely true. But stop preaching that becuz people do that dumb crap EVERY SINGLE DAY. they either get caught or don’t get caught . Some never learn so stop with it being dangerous and all that becuz it was but people still do it everyday they’re just not Justin Bieber.

      • He should feel shame. People should be outraged.

      • killa

        Shut up quit defending the prick your just as big as an idiot as him he of all people should not begave like that the difference between him and the regular joe is that he is viewed by everyone so he is not anyone he knows what hes doing but he just likes being a prick about it like your 4ss so please

  • BeeBee

    Dear Lord help this young talented adult and remove these enabling people around him. Beiber get back into church ASAP. What happened to your twitter when you use to say how Blessed you are? In the future you will get a Grammy, you will continue to be blessed through your music. If you get everything when you are young what will be saved for later in life. Do what it takes to clean up and take care of your temple. If you have your health you have everything. Don’t ruin your health.

  • stringbiebs

    He’s not the only non-American celebrity who has felony charges against him. I doubt he’ll be deported, they’d have to deport half of America.

    • Sinthia

      Well the people that born in the United States can’t be deported only people that come from other counties can be deported if they don’t know how to behave in America.

    • KALANI


      • coolio

        No Kalani you shut up. You’re the one that’s been SHOUTING WITH ALL CAPS trying to defend Bieber denying everything. My advice to you hun its to ignore this website for at least a week just to calm you down.

      • Sinthia

        I know right and she telling other people here to shut up when she needs to shut up you unicorn.

      • Kalani

        What are you his mother. No your not. So STFU. Btw free county people @coolio. Never ever tell that I can’t come on here. Your not the owner of the page so STFU

      • me me me

        I so agree with you @kalani you go girl!!

    • bb

      They will deport him only because to much people hate him more than any other celebrities

  • Isabel

    This is the time where we NEED to be there for Justin he needs our help but more importantly God’s help let’s pray for him PLEASE!!!!

  • !00% Belieber

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing; we can’t just blame everything on is friends because at the end of the day he makes his own decisions, i think he should consider rehab because this is getting out of hand; and this is going to ruin him. I guess this is the live of a celeb.I just hope he comes to his senses and focus on what is important, music. :(

  • Belieber

    We need to pray to him. I seriously don’t want him to be deported. And praying is the best thing to do in these situations. #prayforjustin

    • S.R

      Oh my gosh… Are you serious?
      We need to PRAY TO him?

      Pray TO Justin…?

      End your life… NOW…Please.

      Deport the idiot.
      Ban him from entering the country again and give him jail time.

      Don’t drop the soap Bieber!

      • Krista

        That is really messed up please dont talk about him like that if you dont like him thats fine but please be respectful on his stie


        No compassion whatsoever. And people like you are the reasons that this world is so hateful. “Pray to” Justin was obviously either a typo or from autocorrect. And what you said earlier was completely uncalled for. Before you say things, first actually read what you say. Otherwise, look what happens.

      • Honey

        Shut the f up dude and get off this fucking site with your ignorant self. How ugly your words are really reflects who you are

      • REGINA


      • Thank you, he should be deported

      • Birk

        You are nothing but a waste of skin. Nothing more! And there is no need to bring in your favorite past times of dropping the soap into this conversation.. Keep that to yourself! Do us all a favor and end your life. Because you were obviously a “mistake” like your parents know you were.

      • S.R

        Lol! @Birk – Going through some teen issues are you?
        Taking your anger out on those of us with substantial, meaningful lives when yours is the exact opposite?

        I feel sorry for you.
        You’re probably a greasy, over weight, chronic masturbater, what gender you are is a mystery, even to yourself no doubt, since your flab folds have it hidden.
        Grab yourself another cookie and eat yourself into a coma.

        End your pathetic existence quickly before we have to hear from your stupid, uneducated mouth again.
        Words aren’t youre strong point.

      • S.R

        Get over yourself @Honey.

        Youre comments reek of a lack of education and blatant poor upbringing.

        You’re head up Justin’s ass just shows how moronic you are, at least some of his fans on here can see common sense and understand he’s in the wrong, they’re not blind, mindless sheep who just follow for the sake of a teenage infatuation.

        Grow up mongrel.

    • KALANI


      • S.R

        You love BIG SHOUTY CAPS don’t you – lol!

        Calm down. Don’t have an aneurism over this.

    • Belieber

      No you dumbass, idk why it came out like that wtf. I was supposed to say “pray for him” I was probably not thinking and typing to fast. Damn. And I don’t need to end my life u f*cking idiot. That was so rude.

  • skeptical

    DEAR BELIEBERS: for those of you who are sticking around for him, good for you. But PLEASE, from this moment on, remember to think for yourself. If he does something bad, let him own up to it. If we want to be a smart fandom, we need to admit that he isn’t always such a sweetheart. In order to learn from his mistakes, he cant have a million people saying “it’s okay, you’re still the best.” Tough love is still love.

    • CupCake

      Hes only human, just like everyone else. His musics good, so are his looks, but its what they say isnt it… Its what on the insode that matters in the end.

      • KALANI


      • CupCake

        No, we want them to do what they do best, wether its making music or acting, and we hope that they are decent people too.

        If they’re not, hey, the musuc’s still good. We just dont fancy him as much anymore… (Which might cause a drop in his merch sales haha).


        @CupCake- Funny, the moment I read this last comment, I noticed an ad at the top of the page for buying One Direction tickets- lol. (I like them too. Beliebers, don’t hate me for it, it’s a joke when you read what she said. Don’t take me seriously, because it’s a joke. Comprende?)

      • If you are a guest in another country you are to follow their laws. If all Canadians were acting reckless then yes

    • coolio

      So true. If he’s human he should suffer humanly consequences.

  • hannah bieber

    well the only thing we can do right now is be there for him and pray that he will be fine.he needs our help

  • Sinthia

    Is so sad to see him acting this way.

    • Sinthia

      To my opinion Canada could keep him before he gets even worst you see that smile on his face I love him but gotta get serious some how.

      • S.R

        @Kalani – Seriously shut up.

        People like Synthia are actually posting educated and sensible opinions and then there’s you …

        Stop. Shut up. Thanks.

    • Kalani

      Oh shut up @sinthia. Who are you to judge @fathead sinthia

      • S.R

        Who are you?!

        Please be quiet and restrain yourself from posting garbage.

        ‘Fat head?’ Really? Are you 5?

      • Sinthia

        You the one that need to shut up.

      • Sinthia

        @kalani Go to hell bytch you been annoying every since 2012 and til this day you still is.

  • Krista

    Justin we all still love you but we cant really say what you did is right I am still behind you and always will be but you need to admit what you did and i need to say that you did something wrong but please take responsiblity. I am still behind you and i still idolize you!

  • nicki

    My opinion is that Canada can keep him out a lot of trouble. I still love you but this is serious. :(

  • ivan

    If he is deported, you won’t seen him again in this country for a long time. They would really have to have a very strong reason to deport him since he is under permission to stay here as a valuable artist who contributes to the economy in taxes, etc. Let us hope he gets the help he needs; his critics have no idea what someone like him goes through every day. He is followed by at least 3-6 paps looking for dirt on him for the tabloids like TMZ, he has been performing for over 4 years with small breaks. And he has been around people such as his security that has created legal problems for him lately. He needs support from his fans since others are trashing him.


    I doubt he’ll get deported, even though you never know. But I’m praying that he gets the help that he clearly needs. I mean, he’s human, but let’s face it, we can’t defend him when he does stuff like this. Should we support him? Yes, he’s going through a rough spot. But if he’s going to get better, you can’t blindly defend him. You have to see the wrong and reject it. It’s the only way. Sometimes, tough love is the best thing. And in this situation, it definitely is. God can read hearts, so pray that He helps.

  • Howard

    Between Justin Bieber and Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, the image of a great nation and people are being destroyed in moments – such a terrible shame and embarassment

    • Birk

      Oh please! Being a bit of a drama queen here or what! All countries have scandalous people. Now it’s Canada’s turn to join the rest of the world. Canada couldn’t keep that phony image up forever. I am a Canadian, and I know for a fact that we are not at all like how we want the world to see us. That is just pure image.

      • Howard

        I am also a Canadian and live only 20 minutes from his home town – and I will speak for myself – Justin is an embarrassment to me.


    Fallen – Sarah McLachlan
    Go to YouTube and search this song. Once you listen to it, you’ll know why. But say “I told you so”.

  • Jaqui Biebz

    Have yall seen a pic where his crying in Scooter’s arm that just breaks my heart:,( People just need to give him time and space deep down he’s a great guy God only knows whats
    best for him think about what happened its better to hear “justin bieber has been arrested for drag racing” rather then ” Justin bieber died on a car accident”

    • KALANI


  • Jaqui Biebz

    Have ya’ll seen a pic where his crying in Scooter’s arms it just breaks my heart:( hopefully he learns from his mistakes and takes the right path on his life only God knows whats best for him and knows what his heart needs thinkin bout what happened its better to hear that he got arrested for drag racing then justin bieber died in a car accident :'(

  • Jaqui Biebz

    Oh wrote it twice

  • bommbur

    dude i hope you get jail time next time you fuk up you little bitch then all the in-mates will be singing your songs

    • Birk

      The only bitch here is you @bommbur. Nobody knows you or cares about you unlike Justin Bieber. Cry yourself to sleep each night thinking about that.

  • Marion

    Best thing we can do is let himknow we feel for himbut we needhim to get his act together. What kind of example does he set for his brother and sister ???? Driving under DUI is a crime. If he kills someone in an accident bcz of it what will he say to the family ? Sorry I was driving UI … Did not know what I was doing…. He isbecoming addictedto marijuana, he has poor judment . He needs help. I hope Selena saves him from himself…


    Justin Bieber’ target many attacks , then it’s probable that Justin Bieber’ll be banished from USA .

  • Azaria

    I’m honestly starting to lose my love for you Justin. You’re being an awful person lately. I don’t care that you were smoking pot, it’s harmless, and I do it myself. It’s relaxing and you are under a lot of pressure constantly. But you’re hanging around some people who are awful influences on you and are constantly making headlines for some pretty bad things. You’re becoming an even easier target for jokes and backlash. I hate seeing it. I miss the old you, the person I see today isn’t the same person that made me happy to call myself a Belieber. Go to rehab, get some counseling, something. You need to take a break from touring and being in the spotlight and smarten up. Don’t screw up your life.

    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      Leave Justin alone & his not like rob ford and I hate rob ford haha!!!
      So I Love my boyfriend kidrauhl
      He is sexy :Dxx
      I Love you Justin
      I will stand up for you :D xx

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Kidrauhl can take me home with on
    The weekend if I was living with him
    He will take me on his motorcycle &
    Skidoo & hiking &snowball fight & make snow angels &hockeygames&football games
    Justin my favourite football team is
    Your favourite foot is Washington red
    Skins your team and my team too sexy boyfriend sexy kidrauhl :Dxx
    I Love you so much boyfriend
    I want sex with you:Dxx

    • S.R

      …. Seriously?!
      What’s wrong with you people?

      Especially you ‘Justins sexy new girlfriend Samantha’
      ( as if I just wrote that…)

      You have no problem airing out your fantasies do you… Yak!

      Putting your crazy aside for a minute, do you guys honestly not get it? He’s been drinking and driving… Not only that, drag racing across a busy street… Do you know how dangerous that is? He could have killed himself and innocent by standers.

      Read a newspaper turn on the news to find out how many men, women and children die everyday due to stupid, reckless, drunk drivers.

      If common people can serve jail time for these kind of offences so can celebrities! And they should. A slap on the wrist is not good enough, they need one across the face and then thrown into sodomy jail hell for being so stupid, thinking they’re above the law.

      I understand you’re all crazy for him, (why I don’t know, he lacks talent and originality but hey ho) but you can’t just blindly follow his reckless actions.

      Grow up. Get some common sense.


        I guess you like to assume things about people without knowing them. (I’m talking about when it comes to beliebers.) I don’t think what he did was OK, and I think that it might get his head straight to serve some jail time. One way or another, he’s got to learn. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hope he gets help. Caring about people drives me, and I hate the actions, not the person. And before you say I’m crazy, I hope you know I enjoy listening to Hollywood Undead, Skillet, Link in Park, Evanescence ( if anyone says Amy Lee has no talent, you’re nuts) and rock bands such as that. And I listen to a wide variety of jazz, classic (as in classic Queen) rock, alternative and so on. Not as crazy as you might think. Just care about people. Have a nice day.


        *Linkin – I hate auto-correct….

      • Birk

        Why don’t you grow up? And find some where else to troll. Some place where they will welcome your Justin Bieber bashing. Because it sure as hell isn’t here!

  • S.R

    Almost forgot – let’s hope this starts trending #BeiberDontDropTheSoap

  • nandra

    I totally agree you @kalani.

    guys .. if you really going to support justin then do ut, u dguys didnt have to bad mouthing him ..
    and this is the best website ever , so people freely could talk, of course, as long as its a good opion..

    So, thank you so much for justinbiberzone.com , I could now information about justin all the time..
    God Bless you guys ..

  • S.R

    I guess you like to jump in on the band wagon there… But if you pay attention notice Im addressing the crazy- obsessed half diluded fans- the ones who are defending the bad behaviour, your comment didn’t qualify crazy, you’ve got your shit together and that’s refreshing.
    You understand what he did was wrong which is important but you’ll support him, hoping he too will get his shit together.

    That there is common sense.
    However other comments such as “Leave him alone! He’s innocent! He’s done nothing wrong – it’s all lies!” When there’s hard photographic proof of his arrest, THEY are the crazy ones.

    Hope this has clarified things.
    And thanks, I will =) hope you have the same!


      Sorry, I get kind of defensive sometimes. One of the things I don’t like is that whenever I see someone calling out this fan base (which believe me, I know can be crazy and way over defensive of everything he does), it reminds me I’m with this fan base and might get confused with the majority. (The only reason I jumped on this bandwagon was if I’m in a bad mood, sometimes stupid poppy song pick me up. Not my major type of music, my dad gave me my rock influence.) So I attempt to set myself apart, so I don’t get stereotyped. But before, I would do that kind of rudely because I’d get mad for being stereotyped. I’ve fixed that now. Thank you for clarifying that. And thanks!
      Hopefully today is better than yesterday. Justin getting arrested was the least of my problems.
      pefully today will be


        Ah, this thing screwed my comment up. *songs*… And just ignore whatever’s at the bottom.

  • ivan

    Let me make this clear as a big fan: What Justin did was stupid and could have endangered his life or that of others-we should all agree on this. However, he does not deserve the hate and ridicule he is getting from some; he needs love, understanding , and help. If you mix pot, beer, and anti depression pills you could die if you are not careful. Our hope is he gets rehab as other celebrities have done like Zef Efron and Robert Downy than return to music and become even greater than ever. Don’t you think so?

  • nandra

    Actually some comments is right..but
    I mean by suport him is not like I support the bad things he does, its not like that. I know lately justin being out of control, but its only because his under pressure. Everything he does is only looking for fun and a pleasure, evonthough most of are bad things..
    but I support him, and hoping he didnt get down.. so he will comeback doing good things again.. I hope everything will be good by the time…
    Belibers are the one who will always live justin..

  • c.c

    im sorry but do yall not see that justin could have killed someone or even killed himself. What he did was very dangerous and illegal. He just walked out of there with a smile and left not even sorry for what he did because he knows he can get out of it. I understand yall support him and thats great but thats not being a teen thats being stupid and dangerous and he could really hurt/kill someone or himself one day.

  • Honey

    He’s not getting deported. And will stupid people stop saying beliebers are defending him on this becuz I haven’t seen one belieber on here or tumblr defening him now please shut up with that. We love him and will stay to support him but we don’t defend his action.

    • Honey

      And you know I believe he wouldn’t get deported is becuz the US love money and he makes it a lot of money