Justin Bieber ‘Confident’ Music Video | Coming soon!

Justin bIeber Confident

“Confident” music video’s COMING SOON! Stay tuned! The video is directed by Colin Tilley.


  1. I will call you tomrrow after school
    I want to talk to you because I miss you
    Justin. Baby boy means boyfriend
    Xxx baby girl means girlfriend
    That’s what you are & that’s what I am
    Ok I Love you boyfriend xxx

  2. @ justin New sexy girlfriend Samantha, hi my name is I love justin, I just wanted to say to u that I think ur baby boy and selena Gomez are seeing about getting back together but I’m not sure it’s nice that u think that justin is hot WE BELIEBERS all do I love justin but I don’t think I love him that much like obsessive like u. Samantha u must be a really big fan of justin’s I think u have bieber FEVER OH no call the doctor lol…… call Dr. Bieber or shell faint lol…..

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