Justin Bieber Criticized By PETA For Buying Pet Dog

Justin Bieber Bulldog Petey

Justin, bulldog Petey and Jeremy Bieber.

Justin Bieber has been criticized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activists for choosing to buy a puppy from a pet store instead of rescuing a dog from a shelter.

Justin added a new member to his family on Thursday (Dec26) after a Bulldog named Petey caught his eye while visiting a shop in Stratford, Canada, but his actions have raised eyebrows among animal rights activists, who have accused him of failing to set a good example to millions of fans.

Daphna Nachminovitch, Peta’s Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations, tells WENN:

Whether or not reports are true that Justin Bieber purchased a puppy from a pet store for $600, Peta wants to remind everyone that when you buy a dog or cat from a pet store or breeder, you sentence an animal in a shelter to death.

Six to eight million homeless animals enter shelters every year, and half of them must be euthanized for lack of a good home, so there is no excuse for buying an animal, no matter who you are.

Justin hasn’t had a great track record with pets – a hamster he previously gave away to a fan died, while his capuchin monkey, Mally, was confiscated by German border officials in March (13) after he didn’t get the proper permits to enter the country with his monkey. Mally was subsequently placed in a zoo after Justin decided not to reclaim the primate.

Renaming his new dog Petey.
On December 28, 2013, fans helped Justin renaming his new dog. His dad Jeremy Bieber tweeted:

so we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber. Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it “.Karma

  • LM Bieber

    now they critizice him for everything he does poor Justin they don’t leave him alone


      Justin Bieber’s victim of very well planed campain against him ;

      All Beliebers !!! Support Justin Bieber !!!

    • Justin’s babe

      omg i knowww :(

    • dave bottorf

      You cant please em all,, the naysayers are quite likely those jealous of justins talent and success…we are all human beings and not perfect..life is a matter of choices and justin like all of us maes good ones an bad one .. but hez quite talented easy to look at and has greamusic !! db

  • Amanda Marie

    I thought the dog’s name is Karma. No wonder Justin is taking a one year break, he’s tired of the paperazii and people like PETA that accuse & judge of every move he makes. :(

    • Monalisa

      I agree with u at evry point. Paparazi sucks. Anyways justin we all bliebers still luv u. No matter what stupids spead rumours. Luv u cutie pie.

  • Honey

    Not everyone is going to get a rescued pet. And not everyone can deal or want to deal with an animal that has medical issues. But all animals deserve love

    • sirli

      Well…I claim that PETA went too far with the criticism toward JB, my message to them would be that if Justin wouldn’t have bought that animal then maybe, that someone else would have bought and after some time, when puppy grows up it may lose the place in the home, thrown on the street and then, it would also be abandoned animal…Just to remind you that many dogs are on streets thanks to their owners who won’t or can’t carry the responsibility. So buying an animal is also a rescue..let’s just hope that JB has the life-long love and won’t abandon like HE did with that monkey which was totally childish and unresponsible..shame on you JB, it is time to grow up and not purchase animals only for marketing yourself. The same goes about that hamster. …animals are NOT MEANT FOR TRADE!!! And there’s aint nothing to do with the “human being”..it’s selfish, careless, childish, stubborn etc.

  • belieber4ever!!

    Let justin BE!!!!!!! The dog caught his eye he ddnt plan to buy the thing!!!

    • sirli

      Yeah…everything starts about planning, don’t you know? Because it will secure the long last and aren’t based on passing emotions, which quite ofter lead to tje things like abandoning, crimes and etc.

  • What the f-k

    WTF? He is a fucking human being! Justin can do what ever he wants! Now there really being retarded now! Always trying to bother Justin like stfu

  • Tatiana

    On TMZthey were talking about how he is a slut and he can’t take care of a animal. i think that was very rude and he has a enough stuff going on. I feel so bad for him about how people been treating him lately.
    Some fans getting creppy. He is a normal guy with a nonormal jo. he makes mistakes he is not perfect. ):

  • Crystal

    is that a joke are they really criticizing him for buying a puppy instead of adopting? man there’s other shit to worry about in this world, this is so dumb lmao

    • Justin’s babe

      exactly ! i was just like “wtf” the whole time through reading this

  • Cheerleader belieber

    They should be nice to justin

  • Bonnie

    The dog was purchased for his dad. Jeremy has young children at home, and a puppy he can train is a much better choice. This dog will be a good family dog, without previous issues. Maybe in Canada the breeders sell good dogs, not like the puppy farms in th e USA working to make a profit selling inbreeds. Great choice! Plus, Justin will enjoy the dog when he stays there. He needs a loyal friend who loves unconditionally.

  • zari

    What the actual f-ck?! He bought a freakin dog for himself and his family and People are critizing him .This probably why he’s taking fucking one year break.I can’t believe they are judging him for buying a dog.Like really..WTF?! These people get me so mad..SMFH(shaking my f-ckin head)…Those fuckin di-ktards and bu-tfarts..



  • Sarah bieber

    PETA has nothing better to do, seriously.

    • dave bottorf

      I think this is a case of a political group trying to use celebs names to gain attn and support.. as long as the pet is taken care of and provided with a loving home where it was born isnt relevant.. db

  • BieberBabe811

    so now he cant even buy a dog??? people really have no lives! they wanted so badly to criticize him that they talk about him buying a dog??! grow da f up!!!!!!! but its ok Justin, you’re beliebers r here and always will be here for u!!!! looooooooove u Justin!!!!

  • ivan

    Why does not Peta go after the thousands of people who buy dogs from stores like that? This store is legit; the dogs are in great shape; and Justin is giving a dog a home. That is all there is to it; Peta is a deranged organization that has been caught doing bad things-read the article on Justin’s purchase in the inquisitr site which shows the history of how Justin has treated his pets-very well.
    Peta is full of crap!

    • Sydney

      Lolololol. The answer is obvious. El Biebo is much more famous than your neighbor or any average person. Because of all the obsessed love he gets from his psycho fans it’s inevitable that he’d get hate too.

  • BelieberDude96

    What the hell!? Well, where are the dogs in pets stores supposed to go? To people that want them, of course! It’s not like he planned to get a dog from the store; it’s the same as with buying a car, sure, you can find a perfectly good used car, but if you’re browsing the new car lot and see the one that speaks to you most, you buy that one. It’s called impulse buying because you don’t intend to purchase it until you see it, then you can’t help but act on buying it; you hardly ever think about it.

    They’re just looking to criticise him for something else to try ruining what was supposed to be a nice, peaceful break from the spotlight. Give him a break already!

  • stringbiebs

    Hamsters die, you can blame Justin for that, they don’t live very long. With the monkey they told him it was BEST to leave it. The dog is for Jeremy and Justin still has his cat, Tuts, and in good condition. PETA find excuses for everything they think is best for animals.

    • Marley

      Because PETA DOES know whats best for animals you twat. Its the least recommended to get a pet from a pet store so that’s why he’s being criticized.

  • Marley

    Getting a pet from a breeder would have been better. Animals from a pet store come from puppy mills. Those places are a dog and cats’ hell. Even if a pet store denies it, they’re lying. And someone above who said animals from animal shelters have medical issues, you are one ignorant little shit.

    • dave bottorf

      If those places are as bad as you say, you shud be happy the stores are getting em out of hell and into good homes…. and why do they only citicize celebs wat about the family next door that bought a cat or dog for the family.. adopting from shelter is also a good choice but as long as pet goes to good home whats the big stink !!…..db

  • lexi lobaina

    obviously they are just searching for something to accuse justin with… let him be, all he wanted to do was buy himself little company while he is on break. there are soooo many people that buy pets from a store is a lot more than getting from a shelter its sad but true. LEAVE HIM ALONE PETA!!!!!

  • Nova

    Why can’t they just let him be? They don’t need to make such a big deal about it. It’s all because he is Justin bieber. And did he change the dogs name to petey? Or was his original name petey and they changed it to karma? Cuz I liked the name karma!

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      It’s original name was Petey & Justin asked fans for a new name & they chose Karma.

  • anna

    I am disappointed Justin got a puppy from a puppy store instead of a shelter – remember too that he did an PSA for PETA asking people to get from a shelter instead of a pet store. Justin is a role model and he needs to keep in mind what he does will be copied so setting a good example is important. I’m also disappointed he is wearing fur in his videos because the fur industry causes a lot of suffering to animals killed for their fur.

    I think Justin is a good kind person but he needs to learn to be more responsible in his choices. I hope as he gets older his good heart will be expressed in all he does.

    • dave bottorf

      Hey,, justin is a teenager and a real busy one at that.. quick lets see the hands of all tens that have not mad a questionable choice within the last week !

  • anna

    I would also like to add something positive Justin has done – leave mally the monkey so she could live her life in a sanctuary with other monkeys. Although the press said he “abandoned’ mally, he actually did what was best for her and he deserves credit for that.

  • i love justin……

    Why is justin getting accused for everything that he does I blame tmz for the stories that they put out on our justin I may be a selenator but I love justin as it says up top…….. leave justin alone u freaks….. sorry for being on here today…….

  • Hannah Bieber

    wait so hes being critized just bcuzz he brought a dog ???? lol wow

  • belieber

    Y the people r troubling my bieber wht they. Wnt whtever bt v all beliebers r with u justin nd I love the karma name its really cute love u soooooo much justin b <3

  • Azaria

    So tired of PETA. Anything for attention. So just because he chose a puppy over an older dog he’s an awful person? A lot of shelter pets take a lot of time and dedication to get over their issues they have, both emotional and health problems. They need to stop trying to gain from other people.

    • amira

      You can adopt puppies from shelters too, but I see your point.
      I think it is a good idea on PETA’s side to criticize him though because Justin’s name will draw attention no matter what and at least people will think about adopting versus buying pets. I really don’t like these dog breeders, it is all business for them and animals should be treated differently in my mind.

      • karma

        true i guess but you know still they should find someone else

      • k

        It doesn’t matter if Peta said it or not, or who they said it about. Justin bought a dog from a pet shop, the worst place you can buy a dog, as most of the pups come from puppy farms and the mother dogs are over bred untill they die having litter after litter. The 600 dollars that went to them, makes sure they can keep churning out puppies for a profit. Thats why there are so many stray and unwated dogs. People overbreed dogs, and there arent enough homes. And when people want a dog, they ignore all the pups and dogs that are in desperate need of homes in shelters, and buy from breeders. If breeders didnt have all the customers they had, they would breed less. Justin could have saved a life.

  • TrueBieber Babe

    PETA is full of crap on this one. Justin did rescue a dog from a shelter before. His dog, Sammie is a rescue dog and he has had him for years. The dog stays on the farm with his grandparents. Justin got him just before he left Canada to live in Atlanta. Buying a dog from a pet store is not a sin or illegal. I am sure the dog will stay on the farm Justin just bought for his father, Jaxon and Jazmine. He will get good care and I am sure the kids will enjoy having a dog. People should just stop trying to BASH Justin. They BASH Justin because they know that using Justin’s name will bring them the most press and notice for their cause. They will stretch the truth and do anything for the publicity,

  • anna

    To be fair in their comment PETA did not single out Justin but spoke generally on the need for people to choose shelter dogs.

  • amira

    Well, I ‘m a belieber but also support PETA, and I’m sorry to say but on this one I have to agree with them. Yet I love Justin nonetheless. I hope later on he will realise it was a bad decision and at least adopts another animal.

  • Marion

    Justin rescued Karma from the pet shop as he saw the dog in a cage. How about that PETA ?????

    • k

      Are you dumb? By buying that puppy he is just supporting puppy farms – where the puppy was before the store. With that money they can just breed more unwanted pups. He could have rescued one of the 1000s of dogs dying in shelters everyday. But maybe an animals life isn’t as important to you. And of course you don’t care because you aren’t out everyday cleaning up the mess of greedy dog breeders.

  • Cindy

    How come they never criticize anyone else who buys from pet store? He had a connection with karma or he probably wouldnt have got it. It is none of anyones business where he got it. Just something else to pick on justin about, justin you just love karma the way I know u will and dont worry about what anyone thinks.