Justin Bieber Cross Tattoo on his Chest – New Ink

Justin Bieber New Cross Chest Tattoo

Justin has added new cross tattoo on his chest. He was seen early this week..

Justin Bieber to open a high-end tattoo parlor.

@blakekelly posted pic of Justin getting new tatt on instagram, January 30, 2014.

Justin Bieber Getting new Tattoo

  1. I worry that he thinks covering himself in crosses and jesus tattoos will make up for the fact that he’s losing himself. I hope he wakes up.

  2. i don’t mind his tattoos but i’m getting worried guys haven’t you seen that picture where it says that getting a tattoo is almost like self harming yourself ? it says that “it gives off the same endorphins as self harming. For people who are broken inside or suffering from some sort of pain or depression a tattoo helps them like self harm would.” guys i’m really worried i’m not sure if its true or not but i’m still worried

  3. @bieberfever#1 .
    Ya.. I also agree with you. But what can we do , we’re just worried about him like crazy but we cant do nothing except to pray for him.

  4. Tanisha don’t be so naive. You now I do agree with Bieberfever#1. I have thought of the same thing a couple of times myself. I mean think about it, ever since he started to go down hill he’s been getting tatt after tatt. Though he says that non of the media shit is bothering him he might be holding in alotta pain inside. And the only way that he thinks would get him out of that pain is by harming himself outwardly. He could have cut himself but he would’ve thought that people would get worried. So he get’s tattoos instead.

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