Justin Bieber Dancing in ‘Confident’ Video Teaser

Justin Bieber Confident Music Video Teaser


Justin’s set to drop the video today, Jan 29. Check out “Confident” music video teaser below:

      • The president wouldn’t send him back, i have a article saying that he would never do it because he’s young will make mistakes and he’s very talented

  1. Perfect………….. should be I will be his partner to both sing at the top the stage to make the beliebers smile…….

  2. Love JB soooooo much even tho I’m 30, I must say tho he’s not as poppy shaggy and makes me wanna get up and scream like Believe did. It’s really laid back. I loved it because I could just sing and dance and be muse of, Anyways he’s still handsome talented and gives me butterfly’s.

  3. They tweeted its going to be out at 7/8c because thats when believe acoustic came out on this day! love you with all my heart justin! i can already tell its going to be perfect!

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