Justin Bieber Drops $75k @King of Diamonds strip club Miami, Report Says

Justin Bieber drops 75k King Diamond Miami

Justin Bieber reportedly dropped $75,000 in just a few hours in a Miami strip club, according to reports.

According to TMZ, Justin headed to strip club King of Diamonds on Monday night, which was celebrating Martin Luther King Day and rapper Lil Scrappy’s 30th birthday.

A rep for the club told TMZ that Justin, “got $75k in 1 dollar bills and went wild.”

The club, located in Miami Gardens, throws a series of wild themed nights including “Rodeo Wednesdays” and “Monday Night Fight Night”.

VIDEO: Justin hitting up a famous nightclub in MIAMI.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    I dont see him wasting 75 Gs….

    • Kidrauhl

      I would be doing it for free if i HAD THE CHANCE LMFAO

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

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      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

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        Just come home to Canada please
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        Did you get your Christmas card&
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      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

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      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

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      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        Justin can you buy a engagement
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    • Turkey2turkey

      M e ethier tht was a waste of my time

  • Belieber

    I don’t think he would drop 75k like that.

  • ivan

    Here is a question: How do they know it was 75,000? Did they count every single bill in the club; notice it’s a round number.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover


    • Black Panther

      the club owner probably reported it they do count you know and i’m sure many celebrities shell out cash when out in strip clubs. Justin ain’t no saint.

  • ivan

    For 75,000, I would strip.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Lol Ummmmmm No!

  • lokita jerkin :)

    This is all fake tmz lies and twist the stories so they can make more money of it

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    He better not be…That would be a Dumbass move.
    Who does that?
    The things they Post…
    All BAD!
    I could see 10Gs…but 75…hope he aint being a Dumbass MF!
    All the lies and outlandish behavior thats being reported is Taking away from the Music and Talent he posseses….
    Cut the BS and lets get Back to the Music…Love you Bieby!

    • Harshveen Khanduja

      Very very true.
      This media and all are just not leaving the bieb alone as if he is disturbed and exaggerate the news only for TRP and spoiling someones life for this.
      I totally agree with u!
      And i’m a boy belieber.

  • nicki

    How the hell did that happen? That is a lot of money to be losing or spending. I don’t know why men go to the strip club anyway. What do you get out of it? Nothing. How do they know it was 75 GS? Did they count it by bill. :|

  • nicki

    How the hell did that happen? One thing “How do they know it was exactly 75 Gs”? Did they count it by bill one at a time. I can’t see how men like to go to the strip club. :|

  • Kalani

    Is that even true. Seriously for all we know it Could be $10 grand. I highly doubt Justin gave that much to strippers.

  • Kalani

    Can’t believe justin smokes a cigar.

  • hollie

    Really? His net worth is 350 million and rising, whats 75,000, pennies. He can blow his money. Who cares how much as long as he is having fun.

  • stringbiebs

    I thought it meant he LOST that much, I was like holy crap lol. But $75 G sounds like a crazy amount for a strip club when you get that free online. Lol. All seriousness, I don’t like when he clubs…. think he forgot what being a Christian means. Usually the media blows it up into something it’s not but this is getting ridiculous.

  • rb

    $75,000 worth of 1 dollar bills would weight approximately 165 Lb’s.

    • Kalani

      Can’t believe justin smokes a cigar.

  • AmyheArt

    The pic was a test he’s not even in cuba

    • lokita jerkin :)

      Yea it was a test and sadly i failed when i saw it i just cried and my heart was hurting literary :( i failed but im still a belieber :)

  • Success changes pple

    Success rily does change pple lyk hw sad does this boy nt know God would hv chosen anybody

  • Success changes pple

    Atleast b a beta person 4 e sake of ur siblings 75g spent in a strip does he even hv any idea of hw pple are suffering 4 example in africa SMH

  • selena is my smile

    Where is our kidrauhl justin??????? Can’t believe you smoke a cigar that’s not who you are at all……. who are you becoming????????? I’m still here but you better watch out because this is just getting out of hand. Feel like I’m losing you everyday you can’t be like this please justin before it’s too late or maybe this happened because you are missing selena ??????? I need you, your my everything……… the honest truth…………

  • Kidjustinlove

    I dont get this…. He gives 100000 on charity and 75k on strip clubs! LOL! Did he evn srsly do that?

  • ivan

    Justin was just posing with a cigar; it does not mean he’s going to take up the habit; supposedly he told Milk Tyson the other day before { according to some} he broke up with him that he should quit smoking. Also, some say he was NOT in Cuba. He has a deposition today in connection with the assault charge by a photographer against his bodyguard and him.

  • ivan

    As for 75,000, why should it be that exact number; a few tweeters say it’s not true. It could have been much less if true.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    did that just say lil Scrappy omg scrappy is a rapper lol but i dont care cuz he will grow out of it one day, its just a teenage wave so yeah I LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  • belieber4life

    To those asking if the money was counted, Yes, the strip club would have counted the money. It’s a place of business so them are going to monitor every cent. More than likely Justin gave them his credit card or whatever, then they charge it but give him the one’s in cash. And I agree about the media who tend to blow certain things up, but the reality is that Justin is Not the same anymore. I think fame has went to his head a little. His behavior is just out of control I feel. And well childish. Really, who throws eggs at someone’s home??It’s not like Justin is living in a normal neighborhood. Those are multi million dollar homes! Oh, and that 75 k or however much he did spend, he could at least say thanks to his fans, since it’s the Fans who got him where he is. It’s the Fans who make it to where he can live in a million dollar home, and it’s the Fans who make it where he’s able to travel, etc. . . I know for me anyways his actions and behavior have just gotten too out of hand. I’m not spending any more of my money to support those things. I am however going to continue to pray for him. I really hope he can see that he’s going down the wrong road, before it’s too late :-(

    • Success changes pple

      Your so ryt honey bt hw cld h let fame get to his head lyk this and he knowz some of his fanz are kids hw cd he post a picture of a cigar lyk hw sad

      • Sinthia

        I just saw it on Instagram I was like so you see he does smoke he is messing up his life when he get’s older he will probably look ugly or look like a crack head and smoking is yucky,bad for your health I just can’t believe he smoking those things when it could give you disease.

      • Sinthia

        This is so sad from looking at him smoking a cigar and you be like remember him when he first became famous now look at him now smoking going to clubs,having bad angry problems.

  • Honey

    I’m just wondering how they got exact number of how much money he’s spent there. It is TMZ and they say anything about Justin to stay relevant. But really who cares if he did go to a strip club I wish I could go to one

  • selena is my smile

    I’m soooooooooooo SORRY to beliebers and justin for posting what I did this morning I am praying for justin……. my comment I felt was a wrong move…….. again I’m soooooooooooo SORRY here with you and justin never leaving………. I shouldn’t have said that…… I know a lot of u say that a true belieber should accept Justin for who he is and I felt like I wasn’t doing that this morning when I posted I’ve had my doubts but I PROMISE YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL STILL BE THERE………

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    I Love you Justin sexy: I Love you:D

  • hannah bieber

    yea who cares if he smokes ??? its not againist the law is it ???? damm with u people u make a big deal out of everything.u see alot of people out there smoking and it doesnt kill u.hes not a little kid anymore.he grew up now and hes an adult he can do whatever he wants. and im talking to u @ sinthia and @ selena is my smile man and besides alot of other celebrities smoke.hes not the only one.seriously u guys need to chill…….. also this is tmz so this might not be true.how did they know it was $75,00 anyway??? and besides who cares if he looses that much.hes rich anyways.and as far as i know i didnt see him drop anything.the only thing i saw was people waiting in line and girls taking pictures with him.i didnt see him with no money ……..

  • elisa

    justin bieber why was justin at strip club anyway i don’t would spend much money

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