Justin Bieber Getting Two Tatts: Compass & Wildcard Tattoo

Justin Bieber Wildcard Tattoo arm

Justin Bieber debuts a new Wildcard tattoo on his right arm and posts a picture of himself on instagram.

Few hours later, he posted yet another tattoo – a Compass. Justin already has a full sleeve on his left arm, which features a rose, and countless other designs across his body.

Justin BIeber Compass tattoo

See another pic: Justin getting a tattoo below:
Justin Bieber Getting Tattoo

@milktyson: Lil bro trying to catch up on this tattoo game. #FAM

33 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Getting Two Tatts: Compass & Wildcard Tattoo

    1. SamanthaLuvsJustin

      That tattoo isn’t a toaster, it’s the Japanese kanji symbol for music. Don’t be so disrespectful. I’m not mad but just remember that it’s not a toaster.

  1. Johan Justin Bieber Fan

    Please Justin stop now. You have such a beautiful body stop covering it up with tattoos. Why dont you keep your left arm clean?
    Anyway looking forward to your next album. Belieber for life!

  2. i love justin

    Our kidrauhl 7 years on Wednesday January 15, 2007 I think that’s the correct date I can’t believe it…… justin is growing up…….. beliebers……

  3. #1belieber

    Justin your body looks sexy without anymore tatts. Please just stop now. :'( If you cover your whole self up then we won’t see your gorgeous body anymore. Oh please ma baby?

  4. ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    OMG HE FINALLY GOT ONE ON HIS RIGHT ARM IM SO HAPPY .. now only if he could make a full sleeve on that arm :0

    1. Sinthia

      I want him to stop putting tattoo’s all over his arms it’s just too much but theirs noway Justin is going to stop he still will put on more tattoo’s even though some of his fans liked it or not.

      1. Kalani

        No he’s not. No one can tell him what to do. After all he’s over 18. Besides his parents. Or scooter. It’s not like he’s going to say ok. I’ll stop getting tats.

  5. BelieberDude96

    They both look awesome! I can’t wait to see what he’ll add to his other arm now. I can see him smiling in the second pic; I’m happy he’s enjoying his time off.

  6. dchopsey

    Idolatry. Putting other things above God. That is what we do when we tattoo our bodies. We are telling God that we know better than He does. God gives us everything we need when we are born and I have never seen a baby born with tattoos. Read Leviticus Chapter 19 verses 26 – 31. God gave us our bodies; it is His Gift. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. Then we deface our bodies with tattoos, piercings and other hideous things. I think we should find our way to God, soon.

  7. alden bieber

    Justin you look hot with or without tatto!! And its ypur life do what ypu want and if you like tats go ahead and get more i am wirh you ether way♥♡


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