Justin Bieber Hold On Tight with his Beliebers [VIDEO]

Justin pays tribute to the beliebers in the ‘HOLD TIGHT’ video.

  1. I will always love you justin no one can ever break us apart YOU are so sweet makes me cry seeing the amazing memories we had together on this journey thanks for growing up with me and letting me experience the best 6 years of my life being a belieber you make my life brighter everyday and I couldn’t be more thankful they say that nothing last forever but I believe that we do I wish u the best 2014 year I will always support you because when u smile I smile even when u are married I will continue supporting you till the end…… you are absolutely the most amazing and talented young man that I have ever seen u are my idol and the best inspiration I have ever had I love u……

  2. iloveyou justin and iam sooo porund of you and i will always love you very much and iam glad that its 2014 and its a new start and happy new year justin iam happy that we won that award

  3. Wbere was this? !?!!?! I love Justin so much and i wud giva anything for him to sing to me and to feel like he loves me

  4. This video is indescribable. It’s such an amazing thing he does for his fans. People see him as a villain, but he’s nothing close to it. The things he does for people are unbelievable. He’s an awesome person, even though some people don’t see it. They don’t have to because his beliebers know who he is. Absolutely, a true blessing.

  5. i will give anything to be the OLLG it will be the bestest thing in the world never forgetting that night when justin puts me down…….wait thats yesterdays dream i dident want to wake up!!!!!
    well OLLG are lucky even meeting him one day and taking a picture could be enough…nah really and he needs to PYD me or am i exaggerating oh my bieber i love u!!!

  6. OMG they are sooo lucky but i am happy for them and the video was Soooo Cute/Sweet and i love hold tight that my jam i love it!!!!!! :D

  7. Didn’t heard yet. But i’ll be soon listen to it my cutie pie. Don’t know where to write thnx 4 u. On fb i saw a page, there was monalisa painting behind u. And jst before seeing that i wrote the gurl in the pic in fortunated, and u don’t even notice me. Whatever it was, i felt special, atleast u know my name. Thnx my cutie pie angle.

  8. Yeah, i heard that song. It was so amazing. Loved it a lot. U always bring the music so perfectly, which straightly goes through the heart. Luv u cutie pie. After every sad moment of my life, the smile which comes to my is only becuj of u, ur music. Thnx to be here for ur bliebers

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