Justin Bieber: ‘I Have the Greatest Dad in the World, He’s my Superhero #Batman’


Justin praised his much criticized father, Jeremy Bieber in an Instagram late Thursday, posted next to a shot of Jeremy smiling it up in a Batman beanie.

I have the greatest Dad in the world. He’s taught me how to love, learn, and stay true to myself. I will forever be grateful because he was my superehero #batman.

Extending the familial high-five in an earlier tweet, Justin expressed delight in spending time with his four-year-old brother and five-year-old sister.

Lovin on @JaxonBieber and @JazmynBieber, #FAMILY

6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: ‘I Have the Greatest Dad in the World, He’s my Superhero #Batman’

  1. hannah bieber

    awwww that’s so sweet but I do believe pattie deserves credit bcuzz she raised him and shes always been there for him

  2. Sarah Bieber

    I wish his mom would travel with him more often instead of his dad. I have a feeling that his dad had justin when he was pretty young and didn’t get to enjoy life, so now he’s leeching off of justin and taking advantage of all the things that justin has.


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