Justin Bieber in 2013 That No One is Talking About

Justin Bieber & Pencil of Promise in Guatemala. Photo by Nick Onken

Justin Bieber helped Pencil of Promise build more school in Guatemala. Photo by Nick Onken

Between his on-and-off again relationship with Selena Gomez, constant battles with media outlets, and various scandals ranging from his meeting with a Brazilian escort to owning an illegal pet monkey, Justin’s faced a bad reputation this past year.

Some claim that Justin’s year has mainly been composed of mishaps, a false retirement, and craze. Throughout the wild behavior, Justin immersed himself in charitable acts, including granting his 200th wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The attention he has received, however, HAS NOT reflected the charitable acts he has completed, but more-so Justin’s received attention for the negative aspects of the controversy-filled year.

The top10 list below provides insight to the other side of Justin Bieber in 2013 – the side NOT OFTEN portrayed by the media.

1. Justin granted his 200th Wish for Make-A-Wish
2. Justin makes a surprise visits at Whitney Elementary School
3. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” made history when he received the Diamond Award, which reached 12x platinum, making it the #1 most certified song in US music history.
4. Working with Pencils of Promise, Justin helped build another school in Guatamala.
5. Justin performed over 150 shows and visited over 40 countries during his BELIEVE TOUR.
6. Justin raised over 1 million and visited the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the philippines.
7. surprise fans during Believe movie.
8. Justin Bieber surprised car-accident survivor Kate O’Neill.
9. The first artist, before the age of 19, to achieve five number one albums
10. He received the first ever Billboard Milestone Award.

  • Turkey2turkey

    Sad they don’t talk about the good things he does smh

    • nevaeh

      I agree that why that do not talk about

  • Belieber

    It’s sad that the media doesn’t show the real Justin. They make up stuff all the time about him to make him seem like a bad person, which he isn’t.

  • ivan

    Let me add that when the hurricane struck New York, New Jersey, and Conn, Justin donated from his concert receipts for disaster relief; the newspapers and radio and TV ignored it and praised Rihanna and Gaga for doing the same thing. They only mention him when he or his security or friends made mistakes.

  • ivan

    That’s why it’s a good idea to let the media and people who don’t like him to know these things by tweets, emails, comments on their sites when they post articles on him.

  • dchopsey

    Wonder if the media would show more of the GOOD Justin does and the smiles he brings to kids faces, there would be fewer haters. But since they only follow him and make up lies about him, that is the only side they see. THANK YOU Justin for all the GREAT WORK you do. GOD bless you Justin. I thank you JustinBieberZone for giving us the chance to see his good.

  • m l

    they get more coverage if they make him look like a bad boy. his career doesn’t matter if they can make a few bucks by lying about him. people in the music industry recognize him as a child prodigy so haters are just jealous because they can’t hope to come anywhere near his potential.
    good luck Justin. just ignore them.

  • ivan

    My hope for him in 2014:
    1] more acoustic performances and less dancing to show his vocal talent and stop people from saying he can’t sing without playback.
    2] Either his security become more professional or leave
    3] dress up more; he looks great dressed up without the baseball caps.
    4] great music
    5] his screen debut in a an action or comedy movie
    6] stop going to clubs that much-they have been trouble for him
    6] Don’t argue with or hide from photographers-it does not work.
    What do you guys think?

    • aliya123

      no i dont agree i agree a little i mean he taking a break let him do that if he goes to clubs he can but no strip clubs he can wear snapbacks thats his style his security is whack i do agree with that and he already has great music so…………………………..

    • Kalani

      Um for his security. No one can hire or fire his bodyguards but him. It’s not like anyone can say okay justin stop going to clubs your not even 21 yet. Um he can make his own decisions. Besides I don’t think his fans can tell him okay justin be a good guy and stop getting into trouble. Um he’s teenager what do you expect. The stalkerazzi are arrogant and should be literally shot in the head. Or just be shot.

    • Vicki

      Totally agree with you Ivan seems like a good plan
      Hopefully Scooter or his family will convince Justin that this is the way forward

    • amira

      Agree, except for the very last one. He has a good reason to be upset with the paparazzi, they are horrible to him. He knows once they capture a photo of him, they will make up a stupid but interesting story to sell their shots. I would make harsher laws against people and photos taken of celebrities and punish paparazzi more severely. I would protect their right for privac y much more.

      My last point would be: Getting engaged to Selena Gomez and shut up all the haters’ faces:)

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Good goals! But a bit much for a 20 yr old…hopefully he can accomplish the music half….
      Love the way he dances and dresses…its cool!

    • Bieber’s gal

      What about adding to the list- ‘kicking selena’s ass off nd get rid of dat b**ch who alwz seeks for popularity!!’

  • Kalani

    They always make up stories. Yet they always seem to focus on the bad things and not the good things. Yet they never ever say anything about Taylor or Selena. Boo hoo who freaking cares who they hang out with. Taylor is a bitch. And Selena is well miss goody goody two shoes.

  • megha

    He is our hero .. he desreves all love .. i love u justin so mch :-*

  • TrueBieber Babe

    I wish all the best for Justin. I still believe in him and his music. I believe he was put here for a reason and that his impact on the world is still more to come. He just has to follow his heart and God. He has to continue to let God use him for good works. He is here to bring a positive light into the world. His music is a gift from God that is a healing force. Is it possible for Justin to go out to night clubs and not get into trouble? I hope he can navigate his way to having fun without getting in trouble, but it seems like people target him. I don’t believe he goes out with the hopes of causing trouble. I am looking forward to a great 2014 for Justin. #Belieber forever. All around the world at his concert Beliebers said they would never leave him. I hope they keep their promise.

  • Monalisa

    I love my Justin a lot. No matters what others talks about him. He is a very very kind hearted human for all. This is what, bieber makes a different place in uncountable of hearts.


    The haters’re scoundrels , and scoundrels’ll be scoundrels forever !

  • batoolbeliebes

    i just wanna say thank u to whoever wrote this article, cuz u just showed the real Justin, the one that we love and respect, i love this site

  • Monalisa

    Same here. I love this site. We all beliebers loves u a lot JUSTIN.

  • essie j

    he’s the best but some people focus on the negative stuff its sad but we’ll always be there for him :)

  • tabitha.morales

    Don’t Talk bout him b/c he will talk bad bout u ………………. Plz

  • TrueBieber Babe

    I believe people are expecting Justin to apologize for: being over 2 hours late to his concerts, going to strip bars and going to gentlemen clubs. If Justin didn’t have a problem with going to the gentlemen’s club in Brazil (Argentina..not sure which it was), why did he try to cover up with a sheet? I think he would have less problems if he would just let the papz take the picture (not pose) just run in quickly to where he is going and it would be over. Hiding and wearing masks on his face just makes it worse.

  • tangmo

    I love Justin every time.

  • belieber

    Love u soooooo much jb I dnt knw y sme people hates u bt it doesn’t matter much fu*****k the haters v all trust u nd ur music nd never stop singing <3<3

  • Cindy

    Justin is an amazing artist and a true good hearted person. If there were only more artist like him. I truely believe the media is so jealous of him they cant stand to see him suceed but he will he is too much of a talented performer they will never stop him and he will always continue to make the world a better place.

  • Kaylyn

    To be honest I didn’t like Justin too much at first but then I heard about the charity work and things that he does and he’s actually not a bad guy. I feel as if people only talk about him when he does things bad or wrong. Some of the mistakes he made during last year were rather unacceptable but forgivable. If only people took the same time that they use to hate to see what Justin’s really like, I’m sure the amount of disrespect coming from people would be less.

  • Bieber’s gal

    He even said this thing in believe 3d’s trailer-‘when u see it from my perspective, ma gud person..’ aww… Luv u sooooo much baby..

  • omaryesid

    pues bn bn lo que a se con los niños que aya