Justin Bieber in San Francisco!

Justin Bieber Jeremy San Francisco

Justin,  his dad, Lil Za and the founder of Shot of Me @Johnny  in San Francisco.

@johnny: Showing @justinbieber, @jeremybieber and @lilza a little bit of San Francisco today

    • I Miss you Justin. I am crying because
      I miss you & I Love you boyfriend xxx
      I am single & I am almost 21
      I need you here at my house in
      Mississauga Ontario
      Plz come see me on my birthday April19 is my birthday I want a ring
      & pink flowers
      And take me out ok. I Love you& I miss
      You. So much baby xxxx20<<<<

  1. I need you Justin I need your love
    Tell me that you love me Justin
    I want you to be. In my arms plz baby
    I am Canadian too baby
    xxxxxx Justin &sexy Angelsamantha
    Forever&always oxoxoxo
    I miss you & I Love you boyfriend xxxx

  2. @ justin New sexy girlfriend Samantha…… I think justin might have selena as his girlfriend because I believe kalani said that they confirmed on Twitter that they were together at a restaurant earlier………. sorry I like Canadian boys……. but not justin like u like him I’m a teen and I think I would want to wait for that…….. or if this tweet means together to justin he tweeted this “LOVE” I am not sure…..

  3. selena wants the old Justin back. she doesn’t mean 15 year old Justin. she and a lot of people want the fun nice guy he used to be. I for one am happy to see them back and hope they both do the right thing this time and enjoy life together.

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