Justin Bieber Joins Stallone in Expendables 4 Movie – Released in 2016

Justin Bieber- expandables 4

Justin Bieber is set to star in the 4th installment of action star-packed series The Expendables.

According to cast member Terry Crews, Justin would be joining the pack for the 2016 movie – alongside Sylvester Stallone, Statham, Van Damme and more big actors.

Terry Crews told Confidenti@l:

The next one, I am telling you, Justin Bieber is coming for The Expendables 4.

That is for real, Bieber in ‘Expendables 4. We are going to shoot him all at the same time. It will be wonderful.

The Expendables 4 is expected to film scenes in Bulgaria and will most likely be released by the summer of 2016.

  • dexter

    oh …. Now I can’t wait till 2016……. I’m a boy and this news will suprise the boy beliebers…!!! Awesome…….

  • amyheart

    they said the same thing when he was going to be in that basketball movie

  • honey

    Oh wow I really hope he’s serious about it. Love to see him in a movie. :)

  • amyheart

    what happened to the other movie

  • beth

    I can’t wait until 2016 summer. Justin in the ‘Expendables’! I’m so happy. :) I’m a belieber too. <3 I seriously am very excited for him to be part of it. I love Justin so much.

  • Sinthia

    You gotta be kidding me that like 2016 and they want him to be in the movie with all those guys to shoot JB at the same time.

  • Sinthia

    That Is not going to happen he not going to be in no movie unless is just himslef bringing out his own movie for his fans.

  • Hannah Bieber

    omg yay I cant wait.this will be the first time he will actually act in a real movie.omg im so proud of him:) take that haters !!!!!!!!and @ sinthia if they want him to be in the movie then he can stop judging

    • Sinthia

      It’s not going to happen I think they just making it up.

  • ivan

    Justin has little acting experience but he’s a quick learner and a lot of action stars are not really good actors; this movie would be great for him since he’s in great shape and he can use what he knows of fighting.

    • Evon

      Another stupid comment from a smart person making himself stupid for the love of an idiot

  • rb

    Damn, I don’t go to the movies, but I’ll make an exception. Sylvester, where can I preorder my ticket?

  • lambor500S

    That will be so cool. Ready to see Justin in some
    type of action flick.

  • belieber 4ever

    im sooo…. excited


    YAAYYY i love you jb xxx

  • Belieber

    That’s cool ! Hope its not another rumor like the only movies people say he was gonna be in.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    damn he hes gotten a lot of movie invitation


    Yes, Sylvester Stallone, Statham came to Bulgaria but they left. I hope Justin will come to shot his scenes in the movie too. :)

  • nandra

    OMG ,, Its gonna be huge ,. If Justin really playing at the movie.. I cant wait to see ..

  • Allena

    I’m a belieber & a huge Stallone fan! I just saw the movie Lone Survivor & it made me wonder if that basketball movie was ever gonna happen. It’ll be awesome to see Bieber in a movie with one of my all time favorite movie actors!

    • Daffy Duck

      Will There Be Mark Walhberg Basketball Movie Staring Justin Bieber In 2016?