Justin Bieber Joins Stallone in Expendables 4 Movie – Released in 2016

Justin Bieber- expandables 4

Justin Bieber is set to star in the 4th installment of action star-packed series The Expendables.

According to cast member Terry Crews, Justin would be joining the pack for the 2016 movie – alongside Sylvester Stallone, Statham, Van Damme and more big actors.

Terry Crews told Confidenti@l:

The next one, I am telling you, Justin Bieber is coming for The Expendables 4.

That is for real, Bieber in ‘Expendables 4. We are going to shoot him all at the same time. It will be wonderful.

The Expendables 4 is expected to film scenes in Bulgaria and will most likely be released by the summer of 2016.

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