Justin Bieber Leaving PANAMA – Jan 28

Justin Bieber Leaving Panama Airport

Justin Bieber’s leaving the Central American country, PANAMA with friends and manager Scooter Braun.

Justin was also snapped rushing through the Panama International Airport surrounded by his entourage. He flashed a smirk while being snapped by photogs and fans in the terminal.

Justin Bieber at the Airport in Panama 1Justin Bieber at the Airport in Panama 4Justin Bieber at the Airport in Panama 3Justin Bieber at the Airport in Panama 2

In addition to the travel news, Justin isn’t letting all the negative media attention get him down:

Justin is doing OK right now. He’s with friends and family. That’s what is most important now, being surrounded by family and his closest friends.

Another source tells E! News that mom, Pattie Mallette, is coping the best she can given the recent circumstances.

Pattie is being a mom, putting her son’s best interests first, whatever that means at any time. There are things being said all over, but she is with him when he needs her and will always be there for him. She would never do anything to bring harm to him.

  1. im glad Justin is ok.he just needs to stay away from bad people and make better decisions.im glad hes alright :) don’t let the negativity bring u down Justin <3 hope your having fun :)

  2. I hope Scooter, Usher and his mother Pattie help him get rid of all the LEECHES in his life. They need to clean house. Pattie take over like Britney Spears dad did.

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