Justin Bieber New Year Party with Friends 2014

Justin Bieber New Year Party 2014

Here’s another pics of Justin celebrates new year’s eve with friends at the TIME nightclub in Toronto.

  • nevaeh

    He is so hot on pics and I hope you had fun

  • veronica

    i hope u had run babe i miss u

    • KALANI


  • i love justin……

    Hope you had fun with your friends love you I promise I will be here forever!!!!!! Have a great 2014 year!!!! By the way I think your starting to find yourself because that is the justin that I know and love this is kidrauhl I hope this year you can continue to show that through anything u do…… u will always be loved by us beliebers just the way you are we will NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE you can always count on our support no matter what…… beliebers I am no longer selena is my smile….. I LOVE SELENA but I love u justin unconditionally. I believe in u and I trust that u will be fine this year as long as u are true to yourself like you taught us to be everything is gonna be Alright. U Just hang in there. Your face is funny haha…. I don’t know why I keep changing my name but OK anyway, I feel great.

  • i love justin……


  • Monalisa

    Whhoow i wish we both have that fun together. Luv u cutie pie

  • Sinthia

    Website change for the new year yay but when I comment I don’t want it to show the time though that’s the only thing that I don’t like.

  • Belieber Girl #1

    Justin is TURNED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i love justin……

      @ belieber girl#1 what do you mean by turned up!?????

  • i love justin……

    Justin, listen there’s something I need to tell you…….. last year I know wasn’t a great year for you at all but,I have to be honest with you I would never lie to u I know that your human and you make mistakes but, I really feel like I’m upset about u not being in a good place and I’m worried about you because I don’t want to see you fall down into a deeper hole I felt like last year some things that u did I disagreed on and thought were wrong for the most part I didn’t think u were yourself. Please dont get offended by what I’m trying to say….. I know you are 19 and your going to do what you feel like doing I can’t stop u no matter what anyone says about you…… I love you for who u are but, I just didn’t think that you needed all that stuff in your life to try to fit in……. and be cool. I don’t want to ever judge you because u are my idol and inspiration you didn’t need to go to clubs or take your shirt off to be loved by your beliebers because you know that we will never stop being there for you when you need us I will always be a true belieber but,I just thought I had to address this to you. All we ask for is you to be the person that u are on the inside. You didn’t need to get into following your friends and doing what they do to try to fit in either……. I know that u said your a very impulsive person and sometimes you don’t even know what you do, and you were SORRY for hurting any of us and we accept your appology. I know that you said that you need to be perfect because we deserve for u to be. Even though you feel like your not an example for us anymore let me tell you that u still are…. because of you we are dreamers, believers, and achievers. You were the one that taught that nothing was impossible if we just follow our hearts. Because dreams do come true. You make us smile in every situation we go through. You are the reason that some of us are not speaking negative of ourselves, why some of us are here today. You are the light to our lives YOU make them brighter everyday. Your music has helped us through so much. You have no idea how much we thank you for that. So you are still an example to us even if you don’t see it. Like u said u didn’t change you just grew up. All I have left to say is please stop making bad decisions try to get back on the right track. Don’t let the negative media or overall negitivity bring you down. Please stay humble and know that God will always help you through all you have to do is # pray let God lead you out of your troubles. Btw your girl is watching over you every step of the way you have nothing to worry about. I miss avalanna as much as you do your little Angel will be missed greatly. Again PLEASE don’t get offended by what I have to say I’m being honest you mean the world to me I’m afraid of loosing you I need u. Will u always be there? Remember “your a leader” I love you so much justin xxx never say never believe. Sorry to bother you on your break I really hope you understand how I feel. # never leaving. # we are family never give up on family. We are unbreakable!!!!!!! Ps. Read your books really inspirational. Hope you have a great break exited for you to turn 20 this year. Your an amazing young man.

  • Mary

    I hope the Bieb finds who he is 2014! I can start to see it here. Stay humble Justin and don’t let anybody change you!

  • m l

    there is a good reason for Justin’s animal adventures and it’s not the one tmz is pumping out. he loves animals and is very kind to them. I hope his break lasts for a while and he has a chance to rest and settle down.

  • Hannah Bieber

    awwww im glad he had fun :) hopefully Justin will realize who he is now and maybe go back to the 15 year old we knew 4 years ago :)

  • rebecca k

    Someone should learn their grammar: “another pic” or ” some other/new pics” not “another pics” and New Year’s Eve should be written with capitals. Please, make amendments to show that beliebers are not a bunch of uneducated illiterates .

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥


  • nicki

    LOL! Have the best time Ever! Be safe too! Luv you! 2014