Justin Bieber Partying at SET Nightclub with Model Chantel Jeffires Before the Arrest


Before Justin was arrested for DUI on Thursday morning, he was photographed with this gorgeous model Chantel Jeffires. 

@justinbieber: @chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo ♛

@justinbieber: @chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo ♛

Justin even posted a photo of the  model in the driver’s seat of a yellow Lamborghini on his Instagram, before deleting the pic. He was seen in the car with her in another shot from friend Khalil’s Instagram page as well (below) — and was photographed by his side at SET nightclub.

Justin Bieber Driving Lambo

@khalil: U know bizzle brought that lambo out ♛

Justin Bieber in Set Night Club

Justin Bieber and Chantel in Set Night Club, MIAMI.

    • Hey good point. You could be right too. I’m still praying that he’ll pick the right people to hang out with. They’re the assholes who keep getting Justin into all sorts of shit. He means so much to me I really don’t want him to be this careless with himself. Right now I think he SHOULD take a break and figure himself out before something worse happens.

  1. Justin Is responsible for his own actions! people need to quit laying the blame on others and act like he can’t do no wrong!. His mistake, his responsibility of his own made him do stupid things like this!. He is 19 years old and if you’re 19 you’d have a brain to know what is right or wrong and now he’s gonna have to pay for his own actions.

  2. another celebrity loser. Wish these young talents would use Justin Timberlake as their role model. He’s the one who got it right!

    • I so agree with you, All people wanna do these days is catch the bad stuff and make someone seem like a crack head or anything else, he made a MISTAKE, everyone does and if your gonna judge someone from a mistake go screw yourself ..

  3. Get out soon Justin honey and I am
    Crying for what happened to you
    And come home to Stratford becuz
    I miss you so much baby and I was
    Thinking to make money to donate
    Sketches of you to the beliebers for
    $60 and shirts for $50 and passes for
    $90 and wristbands for$70 and hair ties that says swagg for$100
    I Love you oxoxoxo :D xx

    • sooo…speeding when you could kill someone, smoking weed/alcohol/and xanax, then cursing out a police officer after he arrested you because YOU were in the wrong is a mistake? Sorry, but no one who’s sane I know does that. That is a brat you dumbass.

    • actually other pop stars have been arrested too. Donnie Wahlberg from 80′s boyband New kids on the block was arrested in 1991 and he has had some run ins with the law. Nick Carter from The backstreet Boys was arrested for DUI and few other things. Justin isn’t the only one. There’s been many others.

      • The majority of people his age to not get into pathetic situations like Justin does. Grow the f*ck up. I don’t know what kind of environment your living in, but if you see a bunch of 19-year olds getting into stupid shit like this than it sucks for you.

  4. I feel sorry for him actually. People just need to give this kid a break. I don’t know if there’s any former Backstreet boys fans on here or what not. If there is, Remember how AJ Mclean came forward and he said he was going into rehab and that the BSB was going through all the bull sh!it? remember all the stuff that was said by them on MTV when they had a meeting with the fans? Remember how much Support AJ got for when he admitted to drugs and alcohol? i think that is what needed for Justin, for fans to be supportive. I bet no one knew that he’s been on anti depressant for 5 months. It’s a cruel world out there and Justin will need all the support he can get as so many did for AJ mclean from the Backstreet Boys!. So don’t give up on Justin and drown out the hate.

  5. Justin become again yourself we want not to lose you :( . I think that it is has cause of the people that he frequented (bad friends) :’(

  6. Who did you grow up with ? Where are you now ? Did you get an education ? Did you go to college ? All these factors have an impact on how you use your intelligence , your judgment to make decisions in your life. If you are an artist and a boy and the most successful today you are impacted by all these factors. Going to night-clubs during the week when intelligent students are at home instead of during the week-end where you might meet some college students means you’ll meet all these wannabes … That’s the way it is… And that does not mean these girls or boys in clubs are bad. But that means they are who they are. And remember Justin is not going to college so far… Unless he is doing it online which I doubt but I hope ;-)

  7. I’ve followed you since you was a little tike, and I remember you saying that you know all the pit-falls and that you were going to be too smart for all of that stuff. I believed you had it all together but, you are showing us all how you are no different than the rest of our past dead heroes, Justin. Have a nice life LOOSER!!!

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