Justin Bieber Partying at SET Nightclub with Model Chantel Jeffires Before the Arrest


Before Justin was arrested for DUI on Thursday morning, he was photographed with this gorgeous model Chantel Jeffires. 

@justinbieber: @chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo ♛

@justinbieber: @chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo ♛

Justin even posted a photo of the  model in the driver’s seat of a yellow Lamborghini on his Instagram, before deleting the pic. He was seen in the car with her in another shot from friend Khalil’s Instagram page as well (below) — and was photographed by his side at SET nightclub.

Justin Bieber Driving Lambo

@khalil: U know bizzle brought that lambo out ♛

Justin Bieber in Set Night Club

Justin Bieber and Chantel in Set Night Club, MIAMI.

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