Justin Bieber Quad biking in Panama Beach (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Panama Biking

Justin Bieber quad biking at the beach in Panama. Video below:

Image: SplashNews

14 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Quad biking in Panama Beach (VIDEO)

  1. bieberfever#1

    awww he looks so happy :) did anyone see how he yelled at the body guard when they tried to push the beliebers back?


    So sweet!! He really is a nice guy, he as the talent too, all he needs to do is get is head back on straight…… LOVE HIM!!! Did you see how he yelled at the body guard when they were pushing the belieber??:)) LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!

  3. hannah bieber

    awwwww hes so sweet.did anyone see when he yelled at the bodyguard when he was pushing the beliebers back ??? <3 I love him so much <3 hopefully he gets back on track and know what hes doing

  4. Nicole

    Awwww Justin is so Sweet i am Sooo glad that Justin is having fun and being happy Justin is an amazing guy and i love him So much!!!!! <333333


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