Justin Bieber Recording Music with Douglas Romanow in Toronto, Not Retiring

Justin Bieber Douglas Romanow

Music producer Douglas Romanow of Noble Street Studios posted a photo of him (right) with Justin on January 1, as proof that Justin is still working.

Justin has said that he is retiring from music twice, most recently on Christmas Eve and just one day after he released his album Journals, because of negative media attention.

The Toronto producer explained twice on Twitter and once on his official website that also lists Justin under “Current Projects.”

Mr. Douglas says in his official site:

I can confirm that rumors of Justin Bieber’s retirement are greatly exaggerated. I have spent much of this holiday season recording this talented artist.

  1. Well he is retiring for just a year,Justin Bieber is not really retiring he focusing on his music so leave him alone he needs a break for a while.

  2. I knew it he would not quit. Luv u cutie pie. He is an angle. And angle never quits.they jst bring smile to everyone’s face.

  3. That’s great because he is a real professional in the business; looks like Justin is ready for a great album in 2014!
    By the way, Selena was seen with Justin today in L.A.

  4. I just heard ur single. That matters, it gave pleasure to me. I was listening to this again and again. And can’t stop myself from smiling. Felt so great. Luv u cutie pie.

  5. I knew it lol !!!!!!!! but I still agree that he should take a break for 1 year I mean bcuzz hes been through a lot with the haters and rumors and hes worked very hard last year but yea lol im glad hes not retiring.and its funny bcuzz when haters find out hes not really retiring they will be torn lol we won again !!!!!

  6. is he not doing music no more he cant stop doing music i love him so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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