Justin Bieber Released from Miami Jail after Paying $2500 Bail Bond

Justin Bieber Released from Jail

Justin released from Miami jail and waving to fans.

Justin Bieber was released from a Miami area jail on Thursday hours after he was arrested on a drunken driving charge while caught drag racing on a main thoroughfare in a rented yellow Lamborghini.

Justin emerged from jail escorted by correctional officers and his personal entourage, before climbing on the roof of an SUV to wave to fans.

Amanda Perez, a 19-year-old fan said:

He’s everything to me. This came out to be a disaster but I still love him from the bottom of my heart.

Justin Bieber in Court via video

Justin Bieber was arraigned in a Miami courtroom on Thursday, just hours after his arrest on charges of drag-racing, DUI and resisting arrest without violent.

Justin appeared at his bail hearing Thursday afternoon via video from the jail where he was being held. He made no comment during the brief proceedings. A judge set his bail at $2,500.

His friend Khalil Sharieff, was also arrested on a charge of driving under the influence. His bail was set at $1,000.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber and Friend in Miami Court.

Let’s hope this never happens again :( .

  1. Hope he gets better and corrects himself. I love him, but he needs some type of help. That’s the only way he’ll get better. You have to support him, but you can’t just defend everything he does either. Then he’ll only get worse. Hate the action, not the person.

  2. I am Sooo glad that justin is ok i dont want nothing bad to happen to him i love him so much. Stay strong justin we Belieber love you <3333

  3. Aww I heard he was crying he shouldn’t of done that stupidness I had a feeling something will happen when he post himself smoking cigar and went to strip club I was like something about to go down cause you know how he is.If I was his older sister I would give him a nice slap on his behind til he pull himself together and act like a gentleman instead of acting like a maniac .

  4. I am glad that Justin is out on bail. I pray that this experience may finally make him realize that he needs some help and Beliebers he needs “OUR PRAYERS”. We need to keep supporting him but we cannot turn a blind eye to his wrong doings. We always love the sinner but “cannot love their sin or wrong doings”. I pray that Justin will come to his senses before; God forbid; he does accidentally kill someone or himself. Beliebers love you Justin; Can’t that Belieber love be your drug and happiness.

  5. Nice u got ur money and that just make sense how money can buy the punishment… No hate guys. I’m feeling upset but still love him pls don’t do this again>< #hurts

  6. Ugh he really fucked up…disappointed in him yanno…I hope he learned from this and lets just hope this doesn’t happen again, he really ruining his career :/ this also had to do something with his friends, he hangs out with all gangsters that’s why he tries to act black, I’m just worried about him I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him

  7. Hope Justin get some help. Also, I hope Scooter step in again

    And get rid of biebers negative friends not all of his friends

    Are bad but some are.

    Much Love!

  8. Thank God. I’m so glad he’s okay! I heard he was crying when talking to Ryan butler because he was afraid that he left us down :’(

  9. I really hope he has learned his lesson and this kind of thing will never happened again. He needs to get himself together and we just give him our love.

  10. I honestly believe that it would have been better if he would have stayed a couple of days… If only to realize how incredibly priviliged he is by having a career like that at such an age.

    For most people that is a LOT of monney!

  11. Guys, I know how the legal thing works. He is not out of harms way; out on bail means he doesn’t have to wait in jail until the hearing. He still has to appear in court and face the charges that are going to be held against him. Don’t think that out on bail means that he is out of prison and this is blown away in the past.

    • Very true! But I personally think that the more he gets confronted with the effects of what he has done the better it will be for him :)

      Notheless, a very good point!

    • Isnt that the worst? For most people that is a shitload of money… I know it is for me…

      Cant blaim him for getting out on bail though but still…

  12. I am really happy that they released you,and since you experience something you wish that didn’t happen think about the things you do before you do it. We don’t want nothing else bad happening to you. :|

  13. He’s not in the clear; he just gets to be out of jail before he has to go to court and get his charges. I hope he gets some jail time to really teach him that it’s wrong to do these things.

  14. Do you guys realize that we couldve woke up this morning and heard that he crashed and died God is giving him another opportunity to correct his mistakes be thankful and thanks Jesus

  15. This isn’t gonna end anything. Judging from the way he talked to a friggin’ cop of all people, his ego is out of control and it doesn’t help that his camp and millions of Beliebers would literally let him get away with murder and still scream “You’re amazing, you’re sexy, we love you Justin baby!” at the top of their lungs like some sort of cult. Justin needs tough love. He needs to see his actions have consequences. That just because he’s famous and makes hit records doesn’t make him a God and completely untouchable. If he had crashed his car under the influence and killed someone, would you still be so loving and supportive of someone so selfish and egotistical that he drove irresponsibly and wrecklessly and took an innocent person’s life? Or how are you going to feel if the unimaginable happens and he somehow dies from doing something insanely stupid like another stunt like this or an overdose? Or you then going to regret supporting him through literally everything instead of doing the right thing and giving him the truth instead of candy-coated lies just to make him feel better even though he’s clearly in the wrong? I’m sick and tired of celebrities getting away with stuff that normal people would never have a chance at getting away with. It’s unfair and it ends up costing peoples lives whether its their own or others in most cases. Justin is acting like a spoiled little punk and its a shame because he wasn’t always like this but the constant ego inflating from fans and his camp isn’t helping anything, it’s costing him his image and it’s making him out to look like a selfish, lying idiot.

  16. The fame is getting to his head sadly. Bad mouthing a cop and resisting arrest, he was drunk and should have just accepted that. If he would of killed someone would anyone still support him. He needs to check into rehab or something. He can’t keep spining out of control. I love him but i dont think the media is all to blame for this. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  17. Justin im so mad with u but that doesent mean ill stop being a belieber hope this never happpens again and u learn a lesson please dont do it again i was in shock when i heard that new but i will always love u real beliebers dont leave u for any reason please please i hope it doesent happens again :(

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