Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for DUI & Drag Racing (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami

Justin stopped by Cops in Miami

BAD news Beliebers :(, Justin was reportedly arrested and taken into police custody early Thursday for drag racing and being under the influence of an unknown substance, reports NBC Miami.

UPDATE: scroll down!

Justin Bieber Driving Lambo

Justin and a friend model (Chantel) in a rented yellow Lamborghini – Miami (Jan23). The pic was NOT taken at the time of the arrest.

According to Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez, the incident happened about 4 am. He told the Orlando Sun-Sentinel:

He was pulled over and failed a field sobriety test. He was then taken to the police station to be offered a breathalyzer.

TMZ reports that Justin is in custody and is at the police department where he is being tested — to measure his blood alcohol level. His next stop will likely be Miami-Dade County’s Main Jail, where he will be booked and processed and bail will be set.

Justin Bieber Lamborghini Miami

According to TMZ, Justin had just left a club and was driving a yellow Lamborghini at the time cops spotted him in a residential neighborhood. Sources say the person Justin was racing was also arrested — he was in a red Lamborghini.


Another video posted to Instagram allegedly shows Justin being pulled over in Miami Beach. He was arrested on Thursday, January 23, on suspicion of drag racing and DUI, police said.

The Opa-locka Police Department is also investigating. A police spokesman told NBC 6:

We know it was an unauthorized detail. We are trying to determine where the authorization for the officers to escort Mr. Bieber came from, where he was escorted and how many of our officers were involved.

Justin has been spotted in different places around Miami in the past few days.

UPDATE (Jan23) 10AM:


Justin Bieber Arrest report

Click to enlarge!

According to Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez, Justin will be charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired Georgia license.

He is expected to be booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail. :'( :( :( :(

Justin Bieber in Court via video

UPDATE: Justin released from Jail with $2500 bond. His friend Khalil Sharieff, was also arrested on a charge of driving under the influence. His bail was set at $1,000.

  • Maddi

    Do you notice TMZ reported….. Assholes… Everyones just trying so hard to knock him down, but we always pull him back up

    • X

      This blog likes to say “TMZ reported” I saw it on CNN. Underage drinking is so cool though right? What a great role model.

      • Leo

        he will bee going to Miami-Dace county jail.
        Automatic Suspended license, of course he won’t obey that, he will be driving his ass around. Which everything will go down from here.

    • Leo

      For a first DUI offense, there is no minimum sentence and a maximum of six months, a fine of $250 to $500, and 50 hours of community service. For anyone under 21, there is an automatic six-month license suspension.

    • Jackie

      Any Beliebers who aren’t totally disgusted with Justin right now? He is heading down a treacherous path and only he knows if there is any hope for him. I know it doesn’t help to have Beliebers offering support when he’s acting like a total spoiled, selfish, entitled jackass, who is now putting others lives at risk because of his bad behavior. Justin, this isn’t what “growing up” is! This isn’t making mistakes! You need to get your head out of your ass before you kill someone or yourself. You have money and think the world revolves around you. You need to check yourself because you sure don’t practice what you preach! You have surrounded yourself with people who are bringing you down. Go back to Canada and reflect for a while with family, because you seem to have a strong family behind you. It’s not too late, but it could be if you don’t do something to change now.

      • lauren

        i agree i think he needs to fix himself up and stop flipping out about selena and everything……. :(

      • MiaBieber

        I have never ever felt that a comment would say exactly what’s in my head. What sickens me though is that some beliebers are still supporting him with everything he is doing anfd saying that “oh it’s TMZ’s fault” where as there is actual proof in the videos. Justin, honestly what in the world happened to you? Just after his breakup he became a total jerk. Just forget about it! Gosh. I’m seriously at the verge of leaving the beliebers. And dont say ‘SHE’s NOT A REAL BELIEBER’ because i was one of his first and he’s no longer my role model. Smoking, speeding, strip clubs, fighting? What else? I’m so pissed right now.

      • Sophie♥

        -.-Really is this what you think Im sorry but being Beliebers means staying by Justin side no MATTER what , Yas I still support him He made a Mistake ok and maybe he wouldn’t have to do stuff like that if people like you gave him a break
        just leave him alone cuz All Beliebers will pick him back up and give him the support he needs-.-

    • jessica

      everybody is always trying to drag him down all the time but we will always stick by him beliebers forever

    • Smilesometime

      The thing I don’t understand is….in the picture the girl is driving the car

    • Sarah

      Yeah I agree with you I hate when they do that

  • lauren

    I know, but I think this might be going too far! I really hope this isn’t true… It makes me cry :(

  • Belieber Forever

    WHAT?!?!? why aren’t any of his team member is clearing that what’s going on??

    • sara

      TMZ are assholes. but I think this time it’s true.
      I say this as a belieber and it really hurts me to see him going down. I mean he ‘s surrounded by bad people and set under a lot of pressure still I really admire him for kind of not going as crazy as I would in his case . but he’s been drinking a lot lately and smoking different things not all of it is true but you can’t proof that all of is fake either. so I think it’s time for justin to go to rehab. and his team members won’t say anything cuz either they are ashamed for his actions or they are mixed in this together. all we can do wait and see and still be here for them.

      • Bea

        Tmz are not assholes. Justin screwed up and they where there to just tell us the stories. It’s not any bodies fault that justin is ad douchbag who thinks he can get away with anything. It’s everybody around him that supports his decisions and lets him do whatever he wants.

      • KALANI


    • ST

      This IS THE TRUTH! Justin’s camp can’t clear it up this time cause they’ve got nothing. With Bloodshed eyes and such language Justin’s not giving an example for teenagers anymore. He needs to get his act together soon. Everyone needs to step in and say NO this time. He can’t be encouraged now. It is about the music but he can’t make music in jail. Think about it beliebers. We need to say no to justin this time because it’s for his own good.

      • KALANI


      • CupCake

        No, but he could have killed someone? Is that better then robbing a bank?

  • jdb

    It is true guys stop being in denial I love justin but we all know he has been doing things that the usual justin wouldn’t do all we can do is pray for him we love you justin

  • Jay

    Except TMZ aren’t the only ones reporting this, it’s all over official sources like CNN who don’t credit tabloid places like TMZ. This one’s real. So I guess the downhill trend is real. Not surprising. What’s surprising is he’s such an idiot to drive under the influence. Want to possibly harm yourself? That’s your business. Possibly harming others? You have to pay for the crime. There’s no excuse for that nonsense.

    • Kalani

      Tmz always lie about everything. There stupid and ignorant. They know nothing about Justin

      • Bea

        You are the ignorant one here if you’re blaming a celebrity need report for bieber going to jail. Idk if you havnt seen the mugshots honey but he’s in jail

  • HaylieDrewSwag

    There’s gotta be something wrong!
    TMZ always try to find something and turn all upside down for Justin!
    Please tell me its not true………..I’m crying already!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fangirl Tia

      Umm it is true. I live in Miami and it was on the news this morning.

    • Jazmyn Beadle

      i think its true, i mean, i usually dont believe TMZ, but it even came on CNN! i dont want to believe it! i cant even believe what is going on right now. The only thing we can do is pray <3 every belieber or fan should pray. <3 We will always love you Justin, and even THIS cant drag me away from you. But right now, we gotta wait till this is cleared out.

  • Honey

    My thing is why isn’t anyone with him like this better be A f-ng wake up call

    • Honey

      Dammit I just predicted the future

      • rb

        @Honey, good luck predicting most 19 year olds future!

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        Look up all the Celebs on persript drugs with DUIs who smoke weed and Drink! Haha…
        Reese Witberspoon and shes Damn near 40 with 3 kids….
        So everyones Hatin so bad…Hes 19 and being irresponsible….no shocker.

      • CupCake

        I was (and still am) engaged, took care of our household, worked part time and got straight a’s at uni. I got drunk too, did drugs sometimes but NEVER endangered other people just because I wanted to do whatever the hell I felt like.

        So it doesnt have a thing to do with age, just with a common sense and respect for other lives.

  • ivan

    He did something stupid, no excuses. But he is basically a good person who is making too many mistakes lately and should go to a rehab clinic as other celebrities have done; jail will accomplish nothing. He is making it harder for himself with all those charges he and his bodyguards are facing. Let’s hope he finally stops being stubborn and seeks help for us his fans and himself.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Whats Ironic is that he keeps actin out of control….and he keeps gettin caught up…Everytime
      Youd think hed CHILL!!
      Hes being so nonchalaunt like he can whatever whenever…Like the dont want to get him caught up.
      Thats exactly what everyone wants….so many media outlets are saying they are soooo tired of him.
      : (((( Makes me sad…he probably feels so crazy and overwhelmed inside and hes acting those feelings outward. I remember being 19/20 and doing wrong things…I just didnt get caught.

    • Honey

      I’m wondering why his bodyguards let this happen, why Khalil let it happened, and whoever else let this happen. Justin I love him but he’s needs to stay in jail for a few days and let this sink in that he can’t keep acting like a dumbass. Granted ok he doesn’t care what the media or people think of him but he’s acting out about it in the wrong way. He needs to realize this shit is not funny, it’s not fast and furious, and what if he didn’t get pulled over what then. People don’t take him serious bcuz he chooses to do shit like this. The only worse then this is death and I never want that to happen.

      • Honey

        Especially why did his dad let this happen. Stop acting like his friend and be his dad!

  • Sara

    What an absolute idiot. All that money and opportunity, yet he’s nothing but a drug addict and a thug.

    • Leo

      Sara I agree with you.

    • KALANI


  • hannah bieber

    ugh why is it always tmz.hes all over my news ugh JUSTIN BE GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! -.- ugh why is everything justin -.-

    • Leo

      hannah bieber your in denial.

    • KALANI


  • Tmz didn’t report

    I saw this In Miami police department records. He was there. He got a DUI and he is facing charges. He’s not perfect. He’s 19 with a lot of money going through the “I’m invincible phase” and it’s worse bc he can be since he’s so rich. But reality will hit and hopefully he will straighten out instead of ending up like Lohan. Atleast he has a team that cares..or atleast it looks like it. He needs scooter around him more

  • This is true

    I live in Miami it was on the news. He’s selfish. I have had a friend killed by a drunk driver. What makes me mad is the fact that he has OPTIONS. You have a DRIVER! If you’re under the influence have you’re driver drive you. If you want I race rent a Racetrack! You can blow money on clothes and cars but not safe escapes for your immature antics? Not only is he risking his own safety but he could have killed an innocent person going to work for the early shift or a nurse going home. Who knows. What a selfish choice. I hope they treat this like an everyday crime and doesn’t get off cause he’s a superstar. He needs real discipline.

    • CupCake

      I completely agree, by doing drugs/smoking/drinking whatever he “only” harms himself so wether those reports are true or not, that’s his owm buisness.
      A bad example, yes, but no harm is done to others dirctly.
      This however puts other lives in danger and is extremly stupid and shows a complete lack of care about anyone but himself.

      Drunk driving is one of the worst things you can do. He should be glad he just gets a fine/needs to spend a few days im jail and gets his licence suspended. He could easily have killed someone.

    • Sophie♥

      He made a mistake-.- Just leave him alone he has nothing to prove to people like you, instead of talking about Justin tl fix himself you fix yourself instead by judging a person by their mistake..

  • Jenn

    I saw this on the news this morning. If you’re a role model. You are the last person i want to be like.

  • byb

    thats it. thats enough for me. youre being an asshole and a little junkie
    this is the end for me. in youre fkn movie youre saying that you will not end like every young artist. this is bullshit! ill stop buying youre shit so im sure youll not use it in drug! bye justin im not a belieber anymore

    • Sophie♥

      Aorry you were never a beilever anyway -.- Just by a mistake you leave his head Yeah sure some Belieber u are -.-

  • rb

    Under age DUI is not a felony, it’s a misdemeanor. He gets his license temporally revoked. Also this is not the first time he has gotten a ticket for speeding, or him speeding in a foreign country; May 6, 2013 Justin Bieber Gets Six Speeding Fines Driving an Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai, UAE. He will be processed, released, and one day write a #1 hit song about the DUI. No excuses, but I’m glad he is getting whatever it is out of his system before he reaches the age of 21.

    • rb

      Correction; He failed a field sobriety test. At this time it’s unknown why he failed.

      • rb

        [TMZ released the POLICE REPORT DOC] WTH no mug shot?

    • CupCake

      It indeed isnt a felony, but what if he killed someone while driving drunk? This is something that shouldnt have been im his system to begin with anyway. He should know better. Everyone should know better then doing such a thing.

    • rb

      I’m wrong again, TBD!

  • Former JB fan

    Looks like this time his team won’t be able to cover up for him and make up some lies that none of it is true. This time you can’t say TMZ is lying because it has been reported on different news outlet. Maybe some of the stuff he has done is a bit exaggerated by TMZ but even i know that he is no saint!.

    Telling lies after lies to cover up his stupid mistakes and say TMZ is all lies. Remember there have been some things that have been reported by TMZ about other celebrities that turned out to be true. Even I know that Justin’s team has to cover up his mistakes and say it’s all lies just to protect his “clean image” really? how stupid do they think we are? even i could see he has changed from when he first started his music career then he turned into a wanna me bad boy thug. Who do they think they are fooling? what a douche bag. Justin can’t tweet ” it’s about the music ” anymore because it is NOT about the music it’s about him acting stupid and a spoiled brat. Time for him to grow up if this was about music then he wouldn’t be doing all these stupid things. He is just like every other celebrity out there and i’m not surprised.

    • KC

      I agree Justin has an EGO and needs to be kicked down a few notches. He needs to start being a MAN!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    this is some what khalil fault

    • KC

      don’t be blamin’ on khalil. Justin is the one that decided to make these stupid decisions. What is it with you people blaming the black man? seriously this is getting old. Justin is at fault for his OWN actions no body else!!!

      • Bea

        It’s not even about blaming the Blackman it’s about blaming anyone that’s not bieber. Bieber is a big boy and whatever decisions he makes is on him. Other people are gonna be a long for the ride because they know that if hey have bieber as an alliance they get the same benefits as him

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    OhhhmyBieber…..Wow….I knew he speeds in them fast cars but drinking/drug use and driving he is definitley acting like an idiot…I hope Usher Scooter and Will S. Try and intervene and keep him grounded…I dont think he needs rehab because I dont think hes a addict…But hes actin out and makong some dumb desicions ….

    • KC

      all drug addcits say they aren’t an addict.

  • oops i did it again.

    what a waste of talent LMAO

  • skeptical

    Justin is falling off the bandwagon and disgracing his fans in the process. If he’s not going to be a good role model for his fans, then he should at least keep in mind his little brother and sister. Stop acting like a punk, Justin. There are no excuses for how far you’ve dug this hole.

  • Zari .aka. (Believer 101)

    wow….i never thought that it would come to this
    i hope this is a wake up call for him that he needs to get his act together
    “people who are saying this is not true its all lies”
    SHUT UP!!!Its pretty obvious its true if TMZ is not the only source it came from i live in New York and its all over CNN and every news channel i change it to its there talking about how Justin Bieber screwed up big time.
    To all of you “beliebers” saying how you are not a belieber anymore FUCK YOU!! As a belieber you promised to stay by his side no matter how hard things get and by you leaving him when he needs our love and support the most you can go ahead
    But i promised as a Belieber to stand by him no matter what happens I LOVE YOUJUSTIN AND WILL FOREVER BE BY YUOR SIDE THROUGH THE HAPPIEST ,BADDEST ,AND SADDEST TIMES.
    I love you Justin.
    Forever and Always <3

  • skeptical

    This makes me so sad and upset. He thinks it’s all just for fun, but innocent people actually die from people driving under the influence. His sense of entitlement is starting to disgust me. I don’t recognize him anymore. He can’t ask for respect if he doesn’t do anything to deserve it.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    And All this right after Believe movie coming out
    and Selena giving
    him another chance…
    I know his mom is mad…
    I am disappointed Bieby… we love you and want you to be Better!

  • PinkDiamonds

    Justin Justin Justin, when will you ever learn.? you are not above the law, stop being a hoodrat!

  • sara

    you’re all right, most dui first offenders only get fines and stuff, but along with all the other charges, he most likely will get jail time

  • Joey

    and he wonder why people don’t take him seriously? doing stupid sh*t like this is a wonder why the world think he’s a talentless douche bag.

  • gord

    Drag racing? That should be 5 yrs in jail. Singing is not a talent. He got lucky. Being a surgeon is talent.

  • Rose

    According to immigration laws having a dui can get you deported

  • Kalani

    I bet older selena supplied the drugs. She may even have dawned a wig to look like justin to get justin in trouble. For s girl who promised to die of lupus she sure is active.

    • M

      He was arrested while driving the car at the scene, if it was really Selena wearing a wig the police would obviously know it wasn’t him. Stop trying to excuse him. Also he was drunk he prob got one of his friends to get him the drink. You shouldn’t accuse Selena of giving him drugs when you don’t know anything about this.

      • Evon

        Excuse Kalani she’s retarded

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Hes not a Thug…you dont even know what a thug is…
    Hes a celebrity with millions and fame and idea that he can do whatever whenever…weve all been wrong made terrible choices and idiot decisions. I still love him but he needs to do Better and Be Better…

    • Honey

      He’s not a thug? seriously? look at his saggy pants and the way he walks! he’s tryna be a freakin’ “rapper” gangsta wanna be and causing trouble!. If he’s not a thug those pants would be pulled up and he’d have a brain or two to have common freakin’ sense and act like a freakin’ grown ass man not a little boy running around like a hoodlum!.

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        Believe me honey he is not a Thug and Gangster! you have never met one…and JB is not The definition…Gangsters do illegal jobs and hits to make money They belong
        To gangs and fight and kill people for money and power. THUGS Steal and sell drugs for a living..So STF up you are ignorant…Having black friends and wearing saggy pants DOES NOT MAKE YOU A THUG…
        IDIOT! Getting a Dui smoking weed and racing cars does not make you a thug…niether does Drinking. All that makes you a Dumbass not a Gangstar.

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        Btw….he can Rap… do po p and R&b..and whatever he wants he plays many instrumdnts and has Real Talent. And he is gorgeous stop being Jealous…ohh and hes great at sports..
        Hatin people need to leave this zone…

      • JJ

        me jealous? HA that’s a laugh. If me being jealous of him being in trouble with the law and having a criminal record ? O—Kay is that all you can come up little 12 year old child?. He can have that, i have a cushy job as is and don’t want his life because he is a f*cked up human being that the world doesn’t give two sh^ts about. For the record, Justin TImberlake has more talent that that F*aggorty douchebag~!


        @JJ- I hope you know there’s no such thing as a cushy job. Like anything, you can lose it in a second. And while I don’t agree with his moronic action, I look for the good in a FELLOW HUMAN. I love him as a fellow human, just like I love people who have always hated my guts. So is he’s not your cup of tea, whatever, but he is a human.

      • Justinisanidiot

        First off, yes there is such thing as a cushy job. Most likely, your job is safe. With unions and all, it’s near impossible to fire someone, especially in the north. If you don’t know what a union is, look it up. They’re creating so much job security that it makes it near impossible for a union member to get fired. And in the north, you have to join the union. It is not a choice. And to all you beliebers saying you will always be with him no matter what he does, I bet you’ll all still be with him when he ends up killing someone. When he’s out drunk driving and crashes into a car, killing an entire family, I bet you’ll defend him saying “it wasn’t his fault the car shouldn’t have been driving on that road! Justin didn’t do anything it was all their fault!” I bet you’d still be with him even if the victims were beliebers too. Oh and sagging pants in jail means you’re open and ready for anal sex with other prisoners, which is how the saggy pants trend started. So I hope you all know now that your idol is open for gay sex.