Justin Bieber Reveals A Musical Note Tattoo Behind his Ear

Justin Bieber Music Notes Tattoo

Justin unveiled a musical note tattoo behind his ear, just one day after revealing an inking of a joker wildcard on his forearm and a compass on his tricep.

The new musical note tatt photo was published on Instagram by his friend Milk Tyson.

@milktyson: 2 new tattoos tonight, trying to catch up, I’m getting one now to keep ahead lol #FAM

  1. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt
    But it’s really cute though and I’m trying to keep count on how many he has till now.
    Love you Justin <3 <3 <3

  2. He’s not even going to have a patch of clear skin if he keeps going…. I want to be able to see his skin! :( his tats are cute but it’s getting out of hand.

  3. i am so sad at what he does to himself!!!!!!!!!!
    he needs to stop getting tattos and clean up!!!!
    he got 3 tattos in 2 dayss!!!!!!!!!!

    justin!!! i am crying please stop!!!! :(

  4. don’t get my wrong but this is just to much. I was hoping he would get a sleeve on his left arm but now he is going to the other and on his beautiful head

  5. Terrible hair cut. She cut into his hair line. Wish he’d stop with the ink. He has such nice skin. Tatoos look dirty and unkept to me.

  6. that must’ve hurt a loot lol honestly he needs to stop getting tattoos .his body is going to be filled everywhere that u wont even get to see his skin.lol although I like that one .it shows that he loves music :) nice one ;)

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