Justin Bieber Smoking a Huge Cuban Cigar

Justin Bieber Smoking Cigar

Justin took to his Instagram account and posted a photo of himself smoking a huge Cuban cigar – after surrounded by constant speculation surrounding his private life.

Along with the shot, Justin added the caption, “I’m in Cuba. I love Cubans.” in light of the fact that Cuban cigars have been embargoed here in the United States for decades.

      • It is fucking true. Stop defending him. He smoked it, he put it on instagram, he has his life you have yours. Could you stop commenting so much it’s getting annoying.

    • I agree cuz God put you here for fans not drugs I love you and you do what u want but it hurts me to see my idol turning into a crackjack head. ♥ U justin u really do we beliebers is to trill 4 these drugs.Why dont you,? ♥♥♥♥♥,DeNaya Biebz

  1. Everyone just needs to leave him alone, it’s his life! If he is happy then it’s up to him what he does. Also cigar are not even that bad in compared to other things he has been accused of.

  2. I know it’s his life and all but I’m disappointed in him I don’t want him to be a druggie, he’s a good kid but just making really bad decisions, but I still love him! Forever a belieber!!<3

      • @Honey I know he’s not a druggie I said I don’t want him to be, he means a lot to me and a lot of other beliebers and we want him to do something that could harm him but him smoking doesn’t really bother me

    • you molly listen carefully it’s his life his choices and he does whatever he wants. He isn’t a durgist, even if it would be we (beiebers)will love him however he is and support him in every way we can. Ans he’s not a kid he’ll be 20 on 1st march. Please just leave him alone
      ForeverBelieber ♥♥

      • @Anesa for the 10th time I never said he was a druggie I said I hope he doesn’t make that mistake like many childhood stars do, he is an amazing singer and person in general, I’m so proud of him I’ve been a belieber since the beginning and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him that he could have prevented I love him SOOOO much! It’s his life he’s a grown man!


    • Dont cry you are not gonna loose him he just needs to have some fun because he is alredy feeling the pressure its not easy but just remember that justin is with us and he will never leave us or we should never leave him eather, please dont leave , and by the way its just a cigar is not a drug in this world allot of people smoke that but is not healthy but is normal, BELIEBER OR DIE 4EVER♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Smoking a cigar can’t kill you! lol y’all are dumb! He’s fine. He knew what he was doing when he uploaded the picture. Leave him alone. If you were a real belieber then you would let him live his life. and he looks hot while doing it soooooo shut up

    • @Tanisha we are letting him live his life. You don’t understand we grew up with him by our side and we are just concerned about him making all the wrong decisions. He’s our favorite person in the whole world and we would never forgive ourselves if we had to sit there and watch him leave. You haven’t been a Belieber so you don’t know anything about Justin other than the little bitty bullsh*t that just got posted on the internet. You haven’t been there for him since the beginning. You’re just in it for his looks evidently. The fucking assholes known as the paparazzi capture the tiniest detail and post it on the internet to make it look like he’s a bad person. And you’re one of the bltches to believe it.

  5. People calm down and stop. It may not be good for him, but he could’ve just done it for the pic. I don’t want him to get lung cancer of anything but people act this is such a huge deal. Leave him be and just love him for his personality and music. He’s not a bad person and I have to admit this pic of him is just yummy!

  6. @ biebergirl you made me feel a lot better thank you sweetheart smiling already because of you……… I know justin will always be with us and that he loves us I also know that for him it’s not healthy but I was just worried that justin was gonna harm himself justin and selena both mean the world to me and I would hate to see anything bad happen to justin he’s lost and I know he needs our support because he’s going through a lot being a celeb isn’t easy because people are following u everywhere which I’m sure selena and justin don’t like and get tired of it but you know what justin is human HE MAKES MISTAKES we all do don’t we????? By the way @ biebergirl did you happen to read patties book nowhere but up??????? I’m writing a song for her but I’m not sure what it’s called yet…… Pattie story inspired me………
    Justin and selena both make me smile and inspire me in so many different ways……. they are so cute ……… Justin used to make me blush every time I’d talk about him…….. hahaha Justin’s so funny no wonder he’s a prankster loves to prank he hits me so hard I can never stop laughing……. gotta love him……..


  7. He’s a good kid but he needs to remember that he’s also a role model. He’s smoking, doing drugs (repeatedly), egging people’s houses, driving recklessly, and going to strip clubs….when does it stop? Didn’t he prove his point? PLEASE Justin, respect your fans enough to stop acting like a “misunderstood, ungrateful rich kid.” We DON’T need another Kanye West in the music industry.

  8. @ sinthia yeah I get it sometimes I think about that too I don’t even know who miley Cyrus is anymore as an artist too I grew up with her and now I’ve moved on from miley…….. sometimes I think that I might not know who justin is because of his bad boy image but I still love him sometimes I even have doubts about justin too because I’m so worried about him you know????? I had more doubts this morning about justin when he went to the club for scrappys birthday……. it’s like justin never used to be like that we know that he used to be kind and sweet but in my OPPINION justin still is kind and sweet it’s just that justin never smoked or went to clubs when he was younger because he knew better and still knows right from wrong but thinks of doing it backwards like a jigsaw puzzle game I still think justin is trying to figure out who he is but is trying to learn from his mistakes like Pattie learned from hers……it can be hard but I think eventually justin will get through it……. are you still a belieber????? If you are I love u…… please don’t give up on justin yet give him some time I believe that things will get better…….

  9. @sinthia stfu smoking a cigar isnt that bad like smoking marijuana or whatever.hes an adult now and he could do whatever he wants .hes not a little kid anymore.hes making his own decisions and smoking doesnt kill u.people do it all the time ! its not a big deal so calm down and if your gonna hate and judge him then get the hell off this page and @ selena is my smile its his life he could do whatever he wants and if ur thinking about leaving then be my guest.it doesnt bother me that hes smoking.its doesnt kill u and its not a crime.people these days need to stop making a big deal out of everything he does

    • Oh tsss what do you know about cigar it is bad like smoking weed,marijuana and other things your in healing it where do it go’s in your system for in healing it you not going to know where it been than going to end up having sickness,it give short living and you going to say cigar is not bad well for you think is not bad but it is an you SYAU.

  10. Don’t get me wrong or anything..but yeah I know it’s his life..he can do what he wants..I get that but I dont want him to turn out to be a druggie or anything..and yeah I know he’s going thru a lot right now..but I just want him to be a healthy..Yes I love him and FOREVER I WILL no matter what..FOREVER a BELIEBER! ♥

  11. Justin’s going through a phase like all guys his age and a lot do worse than what he does. I mean be thankful he doesn’t do parade around with guns, or in jail, or has a baby momma. He’s not a druggie and hopefully never becomes one, and when it comes to weed, PLEASE build a bridge and get over it!!!! He smokes it! Oh well, as long as it’s not laced with something bad then it’s fine. He’s not a bad boy, he’s a good one and sweet one going through a phase. And most of this stuff people accuse him of are proven wrong about the crap the media says about him. Like this egging thing it hasn’t even been proven that he’s at fault and the way it looks he wont be. So basically I think Justin’s tree on how many fucks he gives about what people think about him has burned down to the ground officially .

  12. @ Hannah Bieber I’m not thinking about leaving……..
    I know it’s his life and I accept that justin is not perfect were all human beings it doesn’t matter how old or young we are….. we all make mistakes……. I changed my name to Selena is my smile from brieana which u have already talked to me a lot on here……. I love justin a lot I’m staying to support him no matter what happens I am not gonna judge justin for whatever reason I was just worried like I was last time I talked to you about justin when he was making the lolly music video…….. I’m not trying to make a big deal out of justin smoking I just said I was hurt……. and believe it or not I don’t really know why I seemed to u like I was making a big deal out of the actions and DECITIONS justin is choosing to make by the way we are here for the music loving and supporting justin through everything…….

  13. Smoking doesnt make him a worse person nor a worse artist and you all are here because you liked his music in the first place (i mean, you dont become a fan just because of the way somebody looks, that would be just a celeb-crush). Of course, you came to care about the artist behind the music after that and theres nothing wrong with that!
    But you all keep saying that the papparazzi should leave him alone and shouldnt judge, and yet, now you judge.
    Of course, smoking isnt such a smart move, we all know what that can do to your health.
    In am about to get my Masters degree at University so you could say that I’m not that dumb, yet, i do enjoy smoking on occasion too. I know it isnt good but hell, it tastes damn fine and its a nice way to relax after a very long week, as a treat for continuing to get straight A’s.

    The point is, everyone does things that arent good for them, being obsese is bad, smoking is bad, drinking is bad, doing drugs is bad. But we all want to have some fun and relax.

    Smoking doesnt change who he is nor will it change his music. And even if, if he will only sing about smoking from now on? What then? It is his life and there is a lot more brilliant arists out there who also look damn fine and are really nice people. If you dont like it, move on.
    There is more to your live then Justin, he doesnt define who you are, you do. And if he really is all you care about… The the problem isnt in him smoking, it is about you needong to find your own way.

  14. I think what ever decision justin make, what ever he does, whatever he want, that his own will.. So Iam just gonna be there for him.
    I will always love him, being his beliber, trust him with all I have. Cuz his not a kids anymore..

  15. Justin please don’t make the wrong decisions and shorten your life. You mean alot to me and I don’t want you to harm yourself. Please think before you do something like that Justin.
    I love you sooooo much!!!

  16. Justin you need to think whats best for your lungs and your fans you need to get your act together and dont get mad … i still luv you no matter what call me thou

  17. I agree. Justin I don’t want you to make these bad decisions. You mean a lot to all of us. We don’t want nothing to happen to you. Me and Rebecca luv you.

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