Justin Bieber to Open High-End Tattoo Parlor with his Dad, Jeremy

Justin Bieber and Jeremy Beiber Miami

Justin and his dad Jeremy Bieber vacay in Miami (January 2014)

Justin Bieber reportedly is planning on opening up his own tattoo parlor with his dad, Jeremy Bieber.

A source explained to RadarOnline that Justin’s planning to step back from the spotlight and try something he’s fancied doing for ages:

He complained that he toured for most of last year and he hasn’t had a chance to catch his breath.

His short term plans include opening a tattoo parlor with his dad. They have talked about it for a very long time. It’s his dream for it to be a very high-end parlor, unlike anything currently out there.

The source added that although it might seem a bit random to us, his team are keen for Justin to spend time doing something productive:

Justin team is concerned that he’ll just sit around and do nothing. Continue to party with his buddies. Everyone respects Justin’s desire for some down time, but too much idle time is when he typically gets in trouble. He needs structure and a routine to keep him out of trouble.

Do you think that opening a tattoo parlor could be a good plan for Justin?

  • wenderly loves justin bieber

    yes justin needs to take a brack form the satge and do it and ,just stay out of truble but i love you soooooooooooo much

    • Nhi

      I think a tattoo parlor will help him, because he just draws on arm’s guest and enjoy his art. HE will decrease his trouble . Finally, I still love him

      • Kris fondnazio

        Are u kiddie me tat parlor this is the worst thing he could that means more trouble for him and him gettin more tats his dad is a very bad influence on him

  • hannah bieber

    well if that’s what he wants then he could do it as long as he doesn’t get into any more trouble then im ok with it. but he still needs to know that he still has beliebers out there like me who are looking after him and he cant just leave us for a tattoo parlor just saying

    • Kris fondnazio

      Yeah I agree I am a belieber also

      • lovely

        DEFINATLY agree

  • Kalani

    That would be good for him. He just needs to getaway from it all.

    • wenderly BELIEVER FOREVER

      thankyou Kalani

  • wenderly loves justin bieber

    listin hannah bieber i was just saying that he can do it and i support justin alot

  • Azaria

    The fact that his team feels the need to treat him like a five year old to “keep him out of trouble” is a bit sad. Justin seriously needs some help.


    i agree with you Azaria but with that Tattoo Parlor justin is going to say out of truble

  • Sinthia

    Well is all up to Justin to open up his own tattoo job with his dad.

  • Sinthia

    Is good trying out different things instead of one like he do is singing.

  • bieberfever#1

    woah if he does, and if i get a tattoo i’m going there :D

  • bieberfever#1

    why tattoo though? he could teach little kids how to play piano/guitar or even dancing and singing or he could teach kids ice hockey lol

    • Kris fondnazio

      Yeah kids don’t need to be ecposed to tats

  • Belieber

    If that’s what he wants to do for now, then he can.

  • Elvis

    Opening a tattoo parlor wouldn’t be a bad idea. Obviously he could never be there because there would be thousands of Beliebers blocking the entrance 24/7. After all these bogus charges get dropped, Justin should go on a few talk shows, continue being charitable, maybe do some small acoustic shows. Basically just show the world what a great human being he is.

  • Tanisha

    yea this will be good for him….he will stay out of trouble hopefully and work on the parlor

  • nicki


  • suckit6996

    learn proper gramer and seriously hes teaching little kids bad habits seriously when little kids look at him they get inspired you dont want them to get inspired to the wrong thing! seriously grow the hell up mkay bye xoxo