Justin Bieber Shouldn’t Worry Nakéd Photo Leaked As Cops Seized his iPhone 5 for Investigation

Justin Bieber iphone5

Justin Bieber‘s iPhone 5 is being searched for clues about his alleged involvement in an egg attack on his neighbor’s house, reports CNN.

Sheriff’s deputies took Justin’s personal smart phone when they used a felony search warrant to raid his mansion Tuesday morning,

The LA County Sheriff’s Lt. David Thompson told CNN:

Bieber should not worry about any nude photos or “drug talk” that may be among his text messages. It’s just the egg matter.

We’re looking for anything that has to do with this particular incident [egg attack].

The sheriff’s technical crew is also examining security video seized in the search. They are looking for any evidence of Justin “bragging or making fun of” the incident. The security video system in Justin’s mansion could be the best witness to alleged egg attack.

The detective said:

It was extensive. I believe it was installed very well and covered all areas of Mr. Bieber’s house. His security system was well operated.

The deputies seized the computer that recorded the video.

According to CNN, if detectives find evidence that Justin attacked his neighbor with eggs, they will present their findings to the district attorney for possible prosecution. This could happen in a few days or weeks.

Justin is under investigation for allegedly hurling more than a dozen raw eggs at his neighbor’s house last Thursday and causing an estimated $20,000 in damage.

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