Justin Bieber Shouldn’t Worry Nakéd Photo Leaked As Cops Seized his iPhone 5 for Investigation

Justin Bieber iphone5

Justin Bieber‘s iPhone 5 is being searched for clues about his alleged involvement in an egg attack on his neighbor’s house, reports CNN.

Sheriff’s deputies took Justin’s personal smart phone when they used a felony search warrant to raid his mansion Tuesday morning,

The LA County Sheriff’s Lt. David Thompson told CNN:

Bieber should not worry about any nude photos or “drug talk” that may be among his text messages. It’s just the egg matter.

We’re looking for anything that has to do with this particular incident [egg attack].

The sheriff’s technical crew is also examining security video seized in the search. They are looking for any evidence of Justin “bragging or making fun of” the incident. The security video system in Justin’s mansion could be the best witness to alleged egg attack.

The detective said:

It was extensive. I believe it was installed very well and covered all areas of Mr. Bieber’s house. His security system was well operated.

The deputies seized the computer that recorded the video.

According to CNN, if detectives find evidence that Justin attacked his neighbor with eggs, they will present their findings to the district attorney for possible prosecution. This could happen in a few days or weeks.

Justin is under investigation for allegedly hurling more than a dozen raw eggs at his neighbor’s house last Thursday and causing an estimated $20,000 in damage.

  • Briah

    Nude pics? Ummmm okay? Are they just assuming that it on his phone or they know it’s on there?

    • CupCake

      It said the following on a Dutch news-site: “The LA police confiscated Justin Biebers phone one which, according to sources, are nude pictures. The sources told the American Entertainment website TMZ.”

    • boo


  • Alexa

    Who cares if there were nude photos on his phone

  • Alexa

    He probably doesn’t want any of his numbers to get out

  • AmyheArt

    How do they know this the media assumes to much anybody could just made this story up and pretend the sheriff said that

  • Alexa

    I’m sure his photos or other things on his phone will keep private

    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      Yeah for. Sure I Love Justin & his sexy
      Six. Pack abs & the believe movie
      Becuz it made 6.20 million dollars in
      The boxoffice thanks Justin xxxxx

  • Alexa

    They always make up stories about him.

  • Alexa

    What are they going to do search his car to for egg yolks

  • AmyheArt

    Let him enjoy his break the media always assume and make up stories leave him alone

  • Belieber

    What? Why’d there be nude pics

  • Honey

    Why does it have to been called nude photos and not just photos? Oh! That’s right because it wouldn’t be interesting that way. Duh.

    • Sinthia

      They mean naked photo’s.

      • JB

        Duh they mean naked it the same word ad nude

  • Isabel

    Lol it is clear that there are people out to destroy Justin and it’s not gonna work because for every person that wants to destroy him there’s millions that are behind him one hundred percent

  • Bieber Gurl 3

    smh i didn’t know throwing eggs was a crime wtf -_-

  • Alexa

    Seriously I hope his pictures are kept private.

  • kalani

    Justin must have done things in the past to piss off the police. Justin seems out of control. You can tell by how he talks in interviews. Power and money corrupts without exception.
    I think his neighbour is at least half the problem. The police might be trying to scare him straight before he kills a hooker or something. The only poster i respect is alexa and elvis.

    • stringbiebs

      “Before he kills a hooker” Justin isn’t going to kill anyone, don’t be so absurd.

  • nicki

    They might not find anything on the phone because he might didn’t record it or take pictures. (that’s my opinion)

  • Sinthia

    What did his neighbor do or say that make him throw egg’s at his neighbor anyway? smh

  • Amy heart

    JB didn’t do anything it was in the clear

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Hi Justin I Love you like my boyfriend
    Angel sexy hottie & at school we learned about fire safety. & sex

  • i love justin

    I don’t understand why justin is out of control now……. I know he can do better but I’m worried that justin won’t make it out ok in the future call me fake if you want but this is getting out of hand I’m not gonna judge but justin better watch out before I change my mind about him……. I still love justin but he needs to control himself……..

  • Imamu Yusuf Liman

    We all love you justin

  • CupCake

    Wether there are any photos of such kind on his phone, or wether they will come out or not should be another reminder not to make any with/save them on a mobile device (or computer).

    And ladies, please, I know you would all be seriously upset/mad with the police/feel sorry for Justin if such a thing might come out… But lets be honest, if there will be reports of such pics turning up, you will all snoop around on the internet to find them ;) Cant blame you for it, but the money that that generates is why people might be inclined to steal personal photos in the first place (which, yes, they shouldnt do to begin with).

  • Maddi

    I’m just saying, like, my brother threw eggs at the neighbours house a couple of years ago, had one cop and a warning, and then Justin supposedly threw eggs and there is like over 10 cops, hes getting charged 20000 dollars and its all over the news, they dont even no it’s him and they make a big deal out of it, that’s fuked up!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww just y has went through a lot can we please cut he some slack he is 19 he makes mistakes

  • Tanisha

    They still have no hard evidence. and I doubt he has nude pics on his phone lol the rumors these days

  • Gardener 57

    According to CBS news the neighbor’s name is Jeffrey or Geoffery Swartz and he is the same person who accused JB of spitting on him last year There is no excuse for defacing someone’s property, but sometimes I think the neighbor gets JB riled up just so he can sell the footage to TMZ. And maybe it is time for JB to move He needs a more private place where he cam make as much noise as he wants and be away from the public He needs his own version of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch I am a Belieber but I am very disappointed in JB at this moment

    • CupCake

      I think you could be right about the whole neighbour thing, or at least I hope so because otherwise he’a really acting like a douche …
      I do get that at some point you just get pissed off, unfortunately for him when you do it gets in the media, which is a bit sad but he should know that by now. Perhaps buying a punchingbag would have been a better idea then egging (dont get me started on spitting, that is just plain rude),

      I dont think a ncerland would be such a brill idea,the more isolated you get the less “normal” you can grow up… Sometimes the things he does are very typical teenage behaviour but most people would have grown out of it by nineteen. Its not his fault he grew up differently, and that he still has to find a his way but he could put a little bit more thought in his actions before he does something.

      • CupCake

        *Neverland (still cant get used to typing on a touchscreen haha)

  • kalani

    Id like to see the pics . If juju has a small sex organ thst could make him angry

    • CupCake

      If he has a small one, he has to hope its a “grower” (since it aint a “shower” then hahaha) and get loads of practice ;)

  • Ragan

    Before y’all make accusations at me, I want to say that I love Justin to death. Lately I have been questioning whether I want to stay in this belieber family but then I stop questioning it and just remember that I made a commitment to stay a belieber forever.. What I was gonna say is that, I have been noticing that Justin has been making really bad choices. You guys say, “He’s only 19! Everybody makes mistakes!” Well yes, that is true. Nobody’s perfect. Call me “not a true belieber” or whatever else. I don’t care. I’m just saying that I’m worried about him. He’s going off his path. I think he realizes his choices and all but I don’t think he notices that it’s hurting fans and beliebers. Some beliebers don’t give a crap what he does and that’s fine. Some do care and I’m one of those ones who care I’m not judging him at all! Please believe me on that! I’m just noticing that his choices are getting a little out of hand.. Not to mention, he hangs out with people that aren’t the greatest influences on him.

  • hannah bieber

    wait so first they search his house then his iphone ???? give the poor guy a rest already dam.i know my Justin wouldn’t have nude pics and he wouldn’t have drugs and all that stuff .they really need to leave him alone.poor Justin :(

    • CupCake

      Well, he did take friend who used drugs into hiw house.. Which doesnt imply that he used it too but still, not a very clever move

  • Azaria

    I’m sure there are nude pictures on his phone, but the phone is in police hands, so if a photo were to leak out it would be their fault if any were to leak. Therefore there would be a case against the legal department. This whole situation is getting out of hand though, this is way too much to be doing for such a petty crime. Justin should just fess up to it, pay for the damages and smarten up. If he needs to go to rehab he should just go. He’s hanging around all the wrong people and really screwing up his image. I hate seeing him like this and it really upsets me that he’s making himself out to look like a bad guy.

  • Claire

    how can they search his house to find out about a prank…I have never heard of a police department getting a warrant for something this dumb, they have no proof and they aren’t gonna get any from searching his house, what is there gonna be a piece of paper in his house saying he egged his neighbors house, like what the heck, leave the kid alone to figure out his issues. We all need to keep believing in him and ask him to not let us down. We love u Justin!! <3