Ex-Housekeeper Worries Drugs Turning Justin Bieber into Zombie, End up like Michael Jackson (interview)


Former maid/housekeeper Tatiana Voziouk speaks out about her concerns for Justin Bieber via Sunday People. Tatiana worked for Justin from August 2012- August 2013.

Justin Bieber‘s former housekeeper says Justin will “become the next Michael Jackson” if he isn’t careful.

Tatiana Voziouk has claimed Justin’s drug use is making him into a “zombie”, and she is constantly “terrified” he will end up dead, like Michael Jackson who overdosed and passed away in 2009.

Ex-housekeeper told the Sunday People newspaper:

The drugs and hangers-on are turning Justin into a zombie. I’m terrified he’ll become the next Michael Jackson. If he doesn’t act now I will hear one day that he has passed away.

It is heartbreaking. I have decided to speak out now as I care for him.

Usually celebs like their drinks thrown away if they leave them out as they are scared of being poisoned. I was told not to touch those bottles. And I wasn’t allowed to throw them away.

I never saw him drink from those bottles but Justin did ask me a couple of times where I had put them.

I didn’t see exactly if they were mixing them together and making cocktails but I thought it looked suspicious they were next to each other.

The medical marijuana company would regularly deliver.

They give users marijuana in the form of ­cookies, lollipops and candies. These products were always in the house.

I was always picking up joint butts and stubs from the ­kitchen, lounge and pool area where they had been thrown.

Justin was once a sweetheart, kind, ­considerate and a talented boy and I am concerned for him. He is now a lost boy.

We lost Elvis Presley ­ because he was over-working and taking pills. He was over 40 years old.

Michael Jackson began taking drugs when he was in his 20s. Justin Bieber is not even 20 and what is happening to him is so sad.

Tatiana claims to have witnessed astonishing scenes during her 12 months with Justin. She says that last spring she saw Justin stagger downstairs to meet friends on a waiting bus following a row with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Tatiana says:

It was midnight. When I saw him I was shocked, he was like a zombie. He had a glazed, vacant look and appeared to be totally oblivious.

He usually smiled at me but he was very pale, frail and looked sick.

He got on the bus and then Lil Za screamed at me, ‘Call him.’ Now I couldn’t just call my boss, so I walked to the bus to say that Za is asking for him. Justin staggered back to the house, and I watched as I was so worried.

He walked into the kitchen and there was Za who had a white pill in his hand which he pushed into Justin’s mouth.

Justin didn’t even react and then he and Za walked back on to the bus. I never asked him what it was, and I didn’t know what it was.

Tatiana says huge mansion had become a party den. Girls would surround him while he was in what Tatiana claims was his zombie state.

Once he had to be held up by a friend as he came down from his bedroom to go to his outside pool.

He could barely talk and appeared totally zoned out. Later, when I asked if he was OK, he tried to answer, but struggled. He replied “When they do drugs they act strange.”

He then blankly looked at me. I couldn’t control myself and stood there crying. I am terrified about what is ­happening to Justin.

I don’t know if they are putting stuff in his food or feeding him drugs. But he is in a dangerous place.

Last spring Lil Za and Lil Twist moved into Justin’s home without consulting anyone. They would be constantly joined by other large groups. Tatiana tried to ask Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette and manager Scooter Braun to help but failed to get through.

He seemed to be surrounded by friends but may not know who his true friends really are.

His credit card was often missing for days, and then would re-appear.

He never seemed to check the statements. His mail would often be thrown into the trash by other people.

One day I walked in and there was a huge bag of cash on a table, around $50,000. No one explained where it came from and it was soon gone. Justin is a victim of all these people who are around him. I feel sorry for him.

Tatiana no longer works for Justin. Represented by Beverly Hills lawyer Larry Ring, she says she was FIRED but Justin’s camp deny this.

Despite this, she has very fond memories of her 12 months working for Justin.

He was very friendly, very creative, always creating music and poetry. Justin should remember he was born with a special talent. He needs to learn ­lessons from what is ­going on in his life now before it is too late.

WATCH Tatiana video interview on The Mirror Online.

  • Sinthia

    My friend had said the same thing what she said that Justin will end up like Micheal Jackson.This story is a damn shame.

    • Kalani

      Yeah probably not true.

  • Sinthia

    Imagine Justin be died over drugs addiction and lil za will be still alive oh lord nobody don’t wanna hear JB died that will be sad and everybody going to be in big shock.

    • Kalani

      I highly doubt that’s its true. Lies and rumors

  • Shanaeluvsjustin

    Well why wouldn’t she say something then? Yes she was the housekeeper but still she could have been like ” hey you shouldn’t do that ,that’s bad for you, just saying” . Would he have listened? Idk. Why is she saying this now IF this is true? Why is she no longer working for him?

    • adriana

      you cant just tell someone..dont do that. its bad for you. they aint gonna listen. thatsl ike saying dont touch fire caues you’ll get burned it seems like everyone takes a risk amongst themselves. Lets pray for justin guys.

  • Smilesometimes

    Justin needs to get rid of them, and I’m sorry but rehab is the best, and not being mean but did anyone else notice, a little bit after za got arrested justin did too, I think justin needs to get rid of him, it’d be the best

    • Kalani

      Don’t you people thinks it’s probably not true. It’s all lies

  • Belieber

    I don’t think he’ll kill himself by over dose.

    • Belieber

      But I think he needs to get rid of Lil za because he’s a bad influence and I believe justin needs to hang out with his better friends more, like ryan , usher, and all those.

      • Kalani

        Pls I bet it’s all lies and rumors. Not true. What’s next Justin was caught with a model in his bed.

    • CupCake

      Most overdoses happen by accident

  • Belieber for life

    Made me so sad reading this I don’t want Justin today. It would kill me if I woke up one morning, and it was on the news that Justin Bieber was dead. It was Cory Monteith just last summer it could be easily Justin next. I think fans should get it trending on twitter for Justin to go to rehab before its too late.

    • biebs talented

      Your so ryt justin nidz cory’s death rily hurt m i don’t want the same 2 happen to justin as caring fans justin nidz rehab ASAP TREND this

  • Samiiboobieber

    i love Lil za and twist as i have loved them even before they became friends wtih Justin but if Justin dies because of them i swear to everything good it will be the death of me. Yeah , he’s been getting into a lot of trouble lately but i cant lose him….

  • nicki

    Why would she bring anything about death up? Also Michael Jackson. She is just a negative person. :(

    • C blanchett

      Gosh, you are so out of touch. She did it because she is worried, and she can see things that you cannot, obviously. This positivity and negativity shit only deludes people from facing reality. You know, when things get tough, you have to deal with it.


    Reading what she had to say, I think it is best for him to stay away from lil za. He’s been getting into a lot of trouble lately…… but I don’t want to lose him……. I don’t even know what I would do if we lose him…..

  • Shanaeluvsjustin

    She looks sneaky as hell in that picture too.

  • Sinthia

    At first I didn’t know lil za was a rapper I never heard of him in my life till I know come from lil twist.

  • dchopsey

    #PrayForJustin I really believe that beliebers need to start praying for Justin. It appears that he is getting himself into a situation that is going to be difficult to get out of. When Justin used to talk about his faith, he seemed so content; but I have not heard any reference to his faith lately. It appears some other things are more important now. She was there for a year and her recall of what she remembered is very vivid. If true, that means Justin has been telling lies that he doesn’t smoke or take drugs. I really want him to get help; he such a special person; so talented and God blessed him with such an AWESOME CARING heart. Justin, please find your way back to GOD.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      You are so Right!

  • C blanchett

    I am actually worried that he becomes the next James Dean. He was only 24 when he died in a car accident in his Ferrari – racing. Justin definitely needs to slow down and forget the pills, joint, whatever. On the other hand, there is a similarity between him and MJ too. The media were cruel towards him, a s well, as he did not join whoever (the Illuminati?Dunno) They kept telling lies about him, and people made his life hell even though MJ was a great, caring and loving person, pure at heart. He couldn’t handle it, so he took to calming pills and stuff. Finally, he was killed by his own doctor. God bless Justin, I hope his family and Selena can help him to deal with it all. But the US justice system should also take things done to celebrities much more seriously : they should crack down on the paparazzi, the lying media who keep defaming Justin’s name, the bullies who keep saying terrible things to him and the like. These people are all responsible for what is happening to poor Justin. He stands there all alone and he doesn’t seem to make it. That breaks my heart.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    You know what I don’t get is why did this “housekeeper” just tell us all this now & why if this is true did she not say to Justin “Please stop doing these drugs, it’s affecting your health.”? So I just think maybe she’s all just in on this stuff & wants ppl to beliebe it too. I’m not saying that she’s a bad person or anything I do agree,I don’t want Justin to die but I don’t know what to beliebe anymore. Maybe one day he will finally give in & go to rehab or maybe none of this stuff is true & it’s all just made up. I hope it’s the second one.

    • Kalani

      Only know she talks. Why hadn’t she before. What a idiot she is.

      • Sinthia

        Maybe she was scared that she will get fired from him.

  • LM Bieber

    no Justin i dont want you to end like maichael jackson plase hear all the advices that peoples gives they are just trying to help i know who did this lil za and lil twist made u this they made prove it and now u cant leave it they arent ur friends and shouldent have never been they are just destroying your life he should hear themand take their advices he is taking the very wrong way to end up like michael jackson and no one of us likes that weshould pry for him God can help us in everything especially in this Justin needs to change into the cute boy he has always been he already has it but doesent show it we dont now his feelings we dont know him only his mom his friends and his family we dont know he really is how he acts behind camera but we know taht when he was a little kid he always did good and never got in trouble and the only tragedy was when they cut his hair and he reallyneeds to go rehab is obviously for the good of him and transform him intothe cute kid he has alwas been <3 :D

  • bbb

    Thats crazy he was like a zombie walking down the stairs, its almost like you are drunk your body is loose . Like a rag doll. and stuffing a pill in his mouth .. Wow thats all I gotta say .

  • hannah bieber

    while i was reading this i literally got in tears ;( i care about way too much.he means everything to me and i hate to see on the news one day that justin died bcuzz of a drug over dose :( to be honest i really think rehab is the best for him right now :( :( :( :( :( im so sorry :( :( :( :( i just cant live like this ..seeing justin struggle :( :(

  • amyheart

    you guys actually believe this woman haha where did she come from for attention maybe jsutin is fine

  • biebs talented

    Justin needs rehab i hate to say this bt he seems nt 2 care where wz that chantel gal, khalil, and those pple years ago i nw believe the him and selena didn’t work out z because h wz pressuring 2 stop drugs

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      You may have a Valid point!! On those “fake” texts she said to go to Rehab….he wa supposed to be taking timd off anyway to focus on his life & family and career…

  • Naomi

    I’m so scared for him. I am praying that he finds better friends, or anyone to surround himself that will better his judgment on things. The friends he used to have. His “crew” is such a bad influence. Why does he do this to himself? He needs to go to a rehabilitation center, or do anything that can help him at this point. If anything happens to him, I don’t know what I’ll do.

  • Cassie

    What really shook me is mostly about how his credit card would go missing..his friends live off him and that isnt cool..i totally get the house-keeper it must be scary..im scared..i don’t want justin to die like elvis or mj…pray 4 justin i am praying for him i love him to bits..support justin..hopefully his stay in panama will able him to make decisions about his friends…keep beliebing


    Tatiana ! You’re mendacious scoundrel dreaming in order to come intou being ! Shut up your scurvy muzzle !

  • Birk1

    She sounds like she actually cares about him. I hope that he can realize what these horrible influences that have latched on to him are really doing to his life. As a Belieber I find it so frustrating that he can’t seem to see what others can, that these people are dragging him down, and are only care about his money and furthering their own careers. He is only 19 years old, there is still time for him to turn his life around, and I pray that he does so. I support him getting the help he needs, and will continue to support his career.

  • Birk1

    If what she said is true about the people in his house feeding him pills, and his zombie like state then it is truly terrifying! Money missing, credit cards missing for days at a time. Large groups of people in and out of his house all the time, while he is medicated. This sounds like he is being controlled by these vultures like Za & Twist, and the rest of that Young Money crew he is always around. Why can’t someone get in there and stop this?

  • Justin’s belieber

    Aww justin I really can’t stand anything happening to him like OMGG , hope this bitch is lying & if not we need to start more trends on twitter to convince Justin to get help . I just wanna see him happy again guys, like he was so happy 2 years ago, just watch his videos , there’s a huge diff. , I love justin so much and just thinking about him makes my day, but knowing he’s going thru all this now is really depressing . I love this guy so much & I’d kill to give him a hug right now & some kind words of support . He can’t do this to himself & to US “Don’t do this to me (x2) :p

  • ivan

    It’s very easy to exaggerate one’s alleged drug use; some of her details sound hard to believe. Keep in mind there are plenty of pics and videos of him during that period and he does not look at all like the Zombie-like drug addict she is making him out to be. We do know he has smoked pot so has his friends among other things. Finally, a lot of those parties with drug use were when he was away-in a concert tour.

    • Kalani

      Get a clue ivan. Juju is a stupid drug addict

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        So Jaden and Usher are Bad Friends to him…lol Kalani you are extremely Ignorant! You go off the character\personality of a person not their Color!

  • ivan

    Let me add that she relates information about things that she would not know about unless he told her or she was in those parties watching everything. Housekeepers are usually elsewhere at those times.

  • alexis

    ya its probably true if he keeps acting like a jerk and things hes cool

  • Kalani

    Chantel is black. Oh justin, these negroes are so bad.

  • Bbb

    Why can’t you people believe in something that is true??Housekeepers are there sometimes 24/7 so I actually do believe in this . None of you know how Justin is when he’s off cameras and not around his fans . Acting like he does not do these things because he does . It’s a fact that he does drugs. Even his mom gives him drugs. He ratted on her when he was in jail. If u dot believe me look it up.

    • Sinthia

      I also thought this story is true they even going to talk about it on t.v.I really don’t think his own mom gives him drugs she was saying his mom used to be on drugs and he probably got it from her from when she was a teenager around that time.