Justin Bieber’s Friend Selling Fake Penis Pics & Text Messages to Media Outlets

Justin Bieber Naked photo fake text message

One of Justin Bieber’s friends is reportedly selling FAKE text messages to various media outlets and claiming they’re from Justin.

The person claims he has texts and nak3d photos from Justin to Selena Gomez, but a source close to Justin says the texts are totally BOGUS.

One of the fabricated messages includes a fake picture of Justin’s penis aka “Jerry”, and the texts was something like this:

Justin: Come on, don’t tell me you don’t miss this.
[Penis pic attached].

Selena: Stop it. You need to listen to Scooter and go to rehab. u r sick.

Justin: Fu*k you. Fu*k scooter. Fu*k all y’all I AM DONE! Can’t hear you over my cash, babe! You’re only famous cuz of me.

According to GossipCop & TMZ, these texts are all FAKE and have reportedly been fabricated by a former pal of Justin who has now turned on him.

  • CupCake

    It could be just me, but calling it “Jerry” is seriously the most disturbing thing about this whole story.

    • Justin heart Bieber

      Um that is NOT a friend first of all second of all that person has no life is Selena even real responding to that

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        Aww I am sorry Justin that mike fucking Tyson bullied i know it sucks
        Ass just tell to leave you a lone. Ok
        Justin I still Love you boyfriend xxxx
        I am going out with community
        Living worker crystal she’s nice
        But I don’t go until 12:30. Until 4:00
        And I am leavening Mississauga to
        Grimby past Hamilton for the night
        With my brother David the one
        That looks like you Justin with dark
        Brown hair
        But I miss you&i believe in you& me&iLove you boyfriend xxxxx

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        When are you coming to Stratford
        And I Love youxxxx

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        You are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You are sexy!!!!!!!!
        Dreamy boy !!!!!!!! xxxxx

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        Justin how Is hockey andryan and
        Chaz how are they doing tell them
        That I said hi from Justin ‘s Canadian
        Girlfriend sexy Angel samantha w/
        Brown hair & baby blue eyes I am
        Going to be 21 soon on April19
        I was born in 1993
        I like football my team is Washington
        Red skins & my player is griffin
        Justin I know you the skins & I Love you xxxxx. :D :D

  • i love justin

    This is crazy I wonder who turned on justin?????

    • Justin

      What make you think that

  • jessica

    It´s Lil Twist. That loser.

  • hannah bieber

    lol wow It might’ve been lil twist . Justin needs to dumps all those bad friends -.-

    • Sinthia

      Justin is a idiot the TMZ said he still wants lil za to live with him so he don’t want to kick him out of his house this drama isn’t over if he act up again that’s it Bieber going to be band from coming to america.

      • Honey

        Why do you listen to tmz and furthermore maybe za is one of his true friends and he fcked himself over for having molly in plain sight “supposedly”.

  • i love justin

    @ Hannah Bieber how are u??? How was your holiday???????

  • HVBH


    • Alexa

      I don’t think lil twist or lil ZA are bad guys. The things they do is horrible. They seem like nice guys.

  • i love justin

    @ justin heart bieber yes it is…… selena never said she wanted justin to go to anger management that’s a rumor not everything on the internet is true….

    • Alexa

      That’s because they always make up stories. Tabloids are full of shit

    • Alexa

      They always make up shit. They might as well say Justin and Selena just got engaged

      • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

        Lier pants on fire Alexa they broke up

  • Alexa

    Who says that. I hope they end up together. There so cute together.

  • Bieber Gurl 3

    what the f*ck is this sh*t? who does sh*t like that? that’s not a friend friends would never to stupid sh*t like that so f*cking dumb

  • nandra

    This is why justin take an earliy retired ….
    his seems trying to avoiding all bad rumors about him .. I cant belive if his Pal did it..
    whatever people think that justin become more bad.. thats the way those people think not us #Belibers ..
    we have faiyh on Justin ..
    Love Ya …..

  • Belieber

    Da f*ck! Those are fake as hell! -_-

  • nicki

    Who will do something like this? Lil Twist might had did this. And Selena dump a** respond to it. All that stuff is fake. If it wasn’t Lil Twist I still want to know who. I hate rumors and drama. :(

  • i love justin

    @ Nicki hi sweetheart I happen to be a selenator and belieber please don’t be mean to Selena it hurts me……… I’m a little upset anyway because of the egg incident…………. justin and selena are my idol’s I care about them please don’t be mean….. thanks I love u.

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Justin were are you now? Oxoxoxo
    Kisses from me2u baby xxx:S :D

  • MellyBieber

    but if it was lil za or lil twist then we’re they ones who keeps selling TMZ the stuff from last year , the pot pics, mop bucket vid, :(

  • cookieface

    Finally tmz is telling the truth! !!!! It’s all fake or is it…. all bieber’s sexy songs are about her so…… get a grip relax this got me mad but he’s almost a man let him handle it himself and us believers get a grib and let go of all this b.s. we should support him but we should give a break silence is the key to getting haters even madder pt. is we protected him enough we should let him protect himself okay….

  • Ayshia

    Omg you tryin to make me die that six pack is sexy love you babe text me at payshia@yahoo.com

  • Zoey

    I hate rumors whoever did this to Justin must be really jealous

  • Justin

    Wow Bieber that is like weird

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