Justin Bieber’s model friend Carmen Ortega Blame it on Selena Gomez, Fear Bieber Death (Video)

Justin Bieber Carmen Ortega

Justin Bieber’s model friend Carmen Ortega claimed to have had a deep conversation with him.

The beauty, who was romantically linked to NBA superstar LeBron James last year – and friends with rapper Lil Za and Lil Twist, is one of the few people talking about Justin’s recent troubles.

Carmen says:

It was awful to see, I feel like he doesn’t have good people around him. I fear for him, of course, if he doesn’t make the right choices, it can lead to bad things.

Look at Britney, or Amanda Bynes, or even worse Michael Jackson. He could end up dead. He needs to be near his family or the consequences could be severe.

This episode is really messing him up, it’s so difficult right now to be Justin Bieber as he’s surrounded by people who are giving him bad advice and egging him on to do crazy things. He’s a sweet kid, but he’s alienating his whole family.

He’s getting involved above his head. Everybody says yes in Hollywood, and I’d be scared he’d get involved in harder drugs and just lose total control.

Where are all his friends when he needs them? Lady Gaga spoke out, but who else is stepping up to the plate to intervene?

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Fears: Carmen Ortega, pictured here in Orange County on Wednesday, fears her friend Justin Bieber may wind up dead. Photo: Splashnews

Carmen blames it on the break up of his romance to Selena Gomez.

When you have a broken heart at 19 years old, you think your world has fallen apart, that was his girlfriend for life so he thought, but she dumped him.

They’ve tried everything to get to him especially Scooter Braun, who’s been his mentor right from Day One. He’s made him the star he is, but nothing is stopping Justin.

His management has been giving TMZ stories in the hope to get him react, to make him wake up, but it’s not doing anything.

No one knows that he’s had doctors around him for the last year, as he’s getting into such states, he even passed out when he was overseas recently.

He thinks it’s cool to put himself next to Michael Jackson, but look what happened to him.

Look at Justin’s eyes, they are so dark, it’s not just from alcohol or weed, it’s more than that. There are so many bad influences in his life.

We need more people speaking out. What happened to Kim Kardashian? She’s meant to be one of his best friends, why doesn’t she put something on Twitter?

Carmen video piece interview via Mailonline.

Carmen agrees with the insider that Justin rapidly needs help and thinks rehab is the answer, but is fearful that he’d never agree to it.

When we spoke on Wednesday, he didn’t want to talk about all the drama, he just wants to forget it, live in the moment. He’s surrounded by bad influences.

He didn’t want to think about all it. He just told me: “I just want to be in the minute.”

I think there is someone influencing his behavior to be a bad ass. These people are pushing his family away.

I think rehab would be so good for him. He needs help. He needs therapy. As someone who knows Justin, I’m asking his management or mom to intervene now before it’s too late.

  • .

    this is obviously just a publicity stunt his own songs say he messed up the relationship smh

    • Glory

      Tbh I totally agree with her, and you must be blind if you didn’t notice the change in him! HE CHANGED AND DON’T SAY OTHERWISE!! Look at his eyes for crying out loud, they’re always sad. He is putting a fake smile all the freakin time, and the shit we tweet like #smilejustin aren’t doing him any shit. He is sad because of everything. He lives the moment and then haters say shit about him. He NEEDS rehab and he needs it NOW! I don’t give a shit about what you say people because the justin we all knew CHANGED because the people around him and because of that GOD DAMN BREAKUP

      • #1belieber

        I noticed the change in his eyes in the new Confident video. They’re just as this lady said dark and lifeless and sad. He hides so much pain inside. That pain is bringing him down. I kinda do blame Selena as part of this. I mean seriously if you love someone you should put that someone’s needs before yours. She broke up with him for HER own benifit. So her rep can still be protected. After that every one was like ‘poor Selena, poor Selena’ And Justin ended up lookin’ like the bad guy. It’s just not fair what she did to him. That made him feel even worse. He needs rehab and he needs it fast. We need to stop making excuses for him and start thinking about what’s best for him. Pray for him guys. It’s all we can do for him I know but somethin’s better than nothin’

  • Jada

    This is so sad what happen to the justin bieber I know

    • Tabitha Morales

      like what ?

    • Kalani

      Lies and rumors

  • Jada

    If this is true I want him to get help

    • Kalani

      Like Justin would ever go to rehab. It’s not like he’s going to say. Ok I’m going to rehab. And would like to think my mom and scooter sending me to rehab. Not likely that’s going to happen.

    • me

      i agree so mucho please just go justin is the best thing for you we all love you so much and thats y we think u should go… we all want the best for you

  • Smile sometimes

    I agree with her all the way, but I wouldn’t put complete blame on Selena, I mean she could still try to help him instead of keep saying I’m not taking him back until he changes, but I agree with her but just not to blame Selena Gomes all the way

    • CupCake

      Se doesnt blame Selena per se, she just says it could have a lot to do with the brak up, which is hard on anyone, he just happened to break up with Selena.


        i really feel bad for justin because he is going though a beakup and i went though it to and i hop justin feels beater

  • hannah bieber

    I agree with her 100% but why is selena the blame if she tries helping him ????

  • Sinthia

    Okay this girl is thinking is Selena Gomez fault I don’t think so it’s her fault from Justin doing drugs and getting into trouble.But the rest that she said I agree about he will end up being like and did his house keeper said all those stuff already I think this Model just wants attention.

  • RJ

    I think she 100% percent right. selena is partially the one to blame to bc she keeps confusing him. why keep coming back into his life just to let him down and get his hopes up. its like shes using him for comfort bc she knows justin will always be there with open arms.

  • Lindsay

    I love you so much Justin, but I also dont want to see you hurting anymore… it hurts us so badly

    If going to rehab would really help you, I will be here every step of the way like every other Beliebers will

  • julie

    When I was in 18 my guy friends got us girls to start drink. One of the boy’s mothers thought we were bad influences. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for yourself. The guys he is hanging out with are no different and no less than him. They make there own choices. A lot of people cant handle life…oh and every 19 year old through early 20’s keeps family at a distance. Hopefully he gets his real smile back.

    • Kalani

      Why the hell would she comment on her personally feelings about Justin. Showing concerns is one thing. Dissing Selena is another.

  • Kalani

    Wait why would she blame Selena. Seriously. What does she know. She knows nothing. Why the hell would his team talk to the press,

  • lambor500S

    If this is true from this lady
    I disagree on it being Selena Gomez fault. It takes two to make or break a relationship. But, I do agree with someone is influencing him to become a bad ass. Hopefully one day he will be strong enough to pull his self away from all the negative influence that surrounds him.

    • Kalani

      Seriously justin is amazing and just a cutie.

  • Jay

    I think this lady’s telling the truth. She’s obviously not out for publicity because she’s not selling ‘secrets’ to the media or saying ‘Hey! I know things you don’t! Give some some $ and I’ll tell.’ She’s publicly pleading for Justin’s health and rehabilitation. She said she talked to him and he didn’t want to hear any of it, so this is her last line of defense. A public plea for all of Justin’s friends and family to give him a friendly shove in the right direction. All of us fans should be doing this instead of being his constant personal ‘yes, i love you.’ team. We want him to be happy, but this behavior only gives him temporary happiness until the rug is pulled out from beneath his feet and he has to own up to the consequences. We need to put our feet down and demand he seek attention before he does something even more stupid or even dangerous. I’m not a hardcore fan, I’m not even a fan from the beginning but I like his tunes and I appreciate his charitable work and I’d hate to see this kid crash and burn like the other 98% of child stars in Hollywood. Justin has a lot of potential but right now he’s just flushing bits and pieces of his future down the toilet with every mistake he makes. It’s easy for a normal kid to make mistakes but when you’re a celebrity and it gets printed, it’s in the public eye for life. Justin’s not a normal kid, nor will he ever be and he needs to accept that reality. This is what he wanted, to make music and to be famous. He has it, now he has to accept that responsibility or else the weight of it is going to crush him like it does to everyone else. We need to give him strength and the only way he’s going to get that is support and treatment, not one or the other.

  • CupCake

    Please read carefully and not just the headline, she put a lot of it on the break up with Selena, not just on Selena ;)

  • Turkey2turkey

    i jst wish he would jst go to rehab and get some help because i really don’t wont him to wind dead or tht would jst hurt me justin plz get some help i really luv u and i don’t want u to wind up dead so plz get some help for me and your fans. #get help plz

  • Sup

    I agree with her

  • Belieber

    I agree with her 100%

  • Karolyn Bieber

    Is anyone else really scared for Justin?!?!?!

    • jessica

      Yes I am

  • Doreen

    I neva thought a day wd come where i wd loose hope in justin bt after the arrest h went 2 panama with that gal chantel who stubbed someone no hate bt just google her name and read the article daily mail hs written about her and the images of the gal she stubbed is heart breaking

  • lambor500S

    This lady story might be true. Go to
    Hollywood Gossip and pull the story
    Justin Bieber was told to stay away
    From Bad Influence Selena Gomez and it is saying alot. Like she was at his house the night of the egging and every time they get together they fight then Justin start acting out by doing something crazy etc;

  • Tanisha


    • CupCake

      She’s pretty hot though hahaha

  • bessie bieber

    i agree on sum of da stuff da model is sayin but not all …its not selena’s fought !!! maybe justin is doin sum crazy stuff becuz he is tired of all da drama dat is goin on in his life.SO JUS LEAVE HIM ALONE HATERZ!!!!
    but plzz plzz make da right choices from now on PLZZ!!!<3<3<3<3

  • nicki


    • RJ

      thank you !!!!!!!!!!!finally somebody’s realizing the truth.

  • Sinthia

    I will have to blame on Carmen ortega friends they are the ones that be hanging out with Justin and does be giving him drugs and She blaming on Selena like what that gotta do with Justin Behavior over some break up what that gotta do with her for him to be on drugs and make him out of control im a fan of Selena Gomez but you can’t just blame on somebody when is those boys that like to cost him trouble.

    • Sinthia

      I mean im not a fan of Selena every since justin wasn’t around and Carmen needs to stfu because of course she is going to blame on Selena Gomez over a break up like that have nothing to do with her that make Justin get into Drugs and Speeding Because she is friens with Lil Za and Lil Twist.


    This girl, I like her

  • ivone

    This is the time his true friends should step up not only to support him but to lash against anyone trying to trash him. I totally agree, he needs his mom to get rid of all the “leeches”!!

  • RJ

    for those of you who haven’t read my part need to and realize that what i’m saying is partuially true. think about it. its a pattern. as much as you want to believe she is so sweet you don’t now her and she takes advantage of people. of course she wouldn’t be rude in the media she doesnt want to mess of the image she thinks she has. why do you think she has friendship problems now?

  • Justin’s babe

    i think he needs it guys. i really want the old Justin back, he’s going through such a tough time and the drugs r just making everything worse day by day, as he gets more n more haters n critisism.

  • tatianna s bieber

    if he dies i dont know what ill do with my life……………………ima cry for like a month………:(

  • biebersgirl

    Come on Justin ur smarter then this I know u are please get some help I will be here every step of the way I’m not leaving ur side get some help please Justin it’ll mean so much to me nd besides don’t do it for me do it for YOU u control what u do not anyone else ur covered by bad influences nd their not helping any make some new friends that won’t get u into trouble listen to scooter nd ur mom they think u need the help to nd ur family is the most important thing in life don’t let them down don’t let ur fans down were all here for u nd I don’t know about them but I’m not leaving ur side YOU are the one that says to believe nd follow ur heart nd I know this isn’t what ur heart says so listen to it Justin u will always be my #1 inspiration nd it won’t change I promise but please get some help its the best option you’ve changed nd I don’t like it but I’m still here what happen to the boy with that big smile (that was real) get some help not just for ur fans/beliebers but do it for YOU nd YOUR FAMILY no matter what happens you WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO nd #1 INSPIRATION <3 please

  • biebersgirl

    I have a bf who hates u nd he won’t let me look at ur pics or listen to ur music nd I love him nd don’t wanna loose him but I still do this stuff it may not be 24/7 like it use to be but I’m still up to date on everything my bf almost had a party when he heard about u going to be deported nd we have a fight everytime he mentions one bad thing about u nd it hurts me but I stick up for u BC I LOVE YOU nd I have FAITH in u to turn this around ignore the haterz ignore tmz their nothing but liers who are most likely jealous of you! U deserve better then this nd I wanna see u succeed but u can’t if ur in jail nd I’m sorry to say this but that’s where ur gonna end of if u don’t get help nd make some better choices lay off the drugs nd drinking nd grafiti I don’t wanna see u end up in jail/prison nd I sure as hell don’t wanna see u deported back to Canada where ur not aloud back in the united states nd I know u love ur fans nd family nd I know u want to change but since ur around bad influences it won’t happen! Drop the friends u have nd make new friends ones that push u to make good choices go to rehab nd get the right help I’m just like u I’m a follower I listen to what other ppl tell me to do nd I can tell that u do to nd I’m in counseling for it nd that’s what u need ur better then this Justin U ARE UR OWN PERSON don’t listen to other ppl listen to yourself!!!!!!!!! Its the best thing for u right now :(