Justin Bieber’s Private Jet Held & Searched for Marijuana after landing in NJ for the Super Bowl

Justin Bieber Searched Pot Superbowl

Justin Bieber’s private plane was held and searched at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport Friday afternoon under suspicion it was carrying marijuana, law enforcement sources told NY Post Page Six.

The latest updates reported that Justin and all other passengers on the plane have been released from police custody after a search found NO DRUGS on the plane.

private searched by police after landing

Justin and his father Jeremy Bieber were headed to New Jersey today for the Super Bowl from Canada after hiring a private jet.

According to reports, Justin chartered jet with his dad and 10 other friends aboard – had just arrived at 2:53 p.m.  (Jan31) from Toronto when US Customs officials detected what was described as a strong odor of weed.

Justin Bieber Hop off the plane

An airport source said:

He came in, the jet smelled like weed, they were doing preliminary security checks that they don’t usually do as Teterboro is usually pretty relaxed, but because of the Super Bowl they are doing more security checks.

The plane has now been spotted at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport, which is commonly used for private flights, but Justin nor his father have been allowed off the aircraft.

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