Justin Bieber’s Private Jet Held & Searched for Marijuana after landing in NJ for the Super Bowl

Justin Bieber Searched Pot Superbowl

Justin Bieber’s private plane was held and searched at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport Friday afternoon under suspicion it was carrying marijuana, law enforcement sources told NY Post Page Six.

The latest updates reported that Justin and all other passengers on the plane have been released from police custody after a search found NO DRUGS on the plane.

private searched by police after landing

Justin and his father Jeremy Bieber were headed to New Jersey today for the Super Bowl from Canada after hiring a private jet.

According to reports, Justin chartered jet with his dad and 10 other friends aboard – had just arrived at 2:53 p.m.  (Jan31) from Toronto when US Customs officials detected what was described as a strong odor of weed.

Justin Bieber Hop off the plane

An airport source said:

He came in, the jet smelled like weed, they were doing preliminary security checks that they don’t usually do as Teterboro is usually pretty relaxed, but because of the Super Bowl they are doing more security checks.

The plane has now been spotted at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport, which is commonly used for private flights, but Justin nor his father have been allowed off the aircraft.

  • Belieber

    I hope he enjoys his time at the super bowl, as well as his friends, and dad! I’m glad they didn’t find any drugs.

    • me

      i agree love you justin thats the best thing for himto spend time with some friends nd his dad:)

  • hannah bieber

    ugh why cant people just leave him alone already hes innocent!!!!!! he had no drugs !!!!!!!!!!


      why can’t they just leave justin alone and iam happy that he is with his firends

  • CupCake

    Am I the only one who thinks renting a private jet for such an occasion is absolutely ridiculous?

    • m l

      it likely is you are the only one. why is it ridiculous? he uses private planes to avoid the public scrutiny. I think he would likely have an unhappy time on a commercial jet.

  • Kalani

    Wow I’m sure Justin is innocent and it’s probably all lies and rumors

  • ivone

    Unfortunately for all of us we live in a cruel world in which everyone thrives on others demise and they will kick you while you are down, UNTIL it happens to them,,,,,,,,,,,

  • stringbiebs

    They found no drugs… so I don’t see the big deal. He can hire a jet if he wants too, the only reason they had to search it was because it was Justin Bieber.

  • amira

    Getting so annoyed by what the US police do to Justin. It sure looks like bullying to me.They are definitely prejudiced and try to make his life pure hell. Why? Because he’s Canadian and is bigger than any American star at the moment.

    • Marley

      Your so stupid, they were doing more security checks because of the Super Bowl, not because he’s Justin Bieber. I don’t know if you’re in the loop, but Justin hasn’t accomplished half of what some American artist have in the past like 4 years.

  • mia

    they found no drugs so I dont see what the big issue is here

  • poohbear

    Its very sad that there is so much Hate for one young man. This is bullying on a grand scale what the media is doing to to Justin.

  • ivan

    They are persecuting him over anything; I don’t think this country has been a good place for him. they are constantly bullying him. Next time there is a disaster in NYC or NJ like last time where he donated money, he should donate nothing. The hell with the U.S.

    • Evon

      Then why not leave the US since you are willing to betray your motherland for someome you dont even know? Pathetic

  • Shay bieber

    Hope have a good time and hope u don’t see any of your haters but plenty beliebers

  • Shay bieber

    you’ll need to leave him alone

  • Talia

    We live in a country with no jobs, a failing medical program, people have to live on FoodbStamps and the Beeb is the news of
    the day? and now the country is ready to deport
    him? No drugs, no speeding..see Perez-Hilton.com. All lies conjured up by Miami PD.
    Maybe Jusin would be better off in Canada away from everyone here out to punish him for

  • Kidjustinlove

    Why so much bullshit… They can just leave him alone for sometime tho! He had no drugs so just move away and let him go!


    I hope they didn’t stuff it in their asses

  • ivan

    People don’t realize he has contributed much to this country in many ways but the media rarely reports anythng unless it’s scandelous. So he has been portrayed as a bad guy. If this is how he is treated here, than the US does not deserve crap from him. The U.S. should take notes from much of Guatamala and Denmark where he does not get that disrespect he gets here.

  • justin

    what has actually made justin bieber and since when? o.0

  • X

    This is due to an international flight coming in and heightened security due to the Super Bowl. It would of happened with or without that twink there.

  • Hittler

    I think Miley is bigger than Beebs

  • nicki

    Have fun at the Super Bowl you guys. They didn’t find drugs so what’s the issue. Other than that Enjoy yourself Justin. Luv you.