Justin Bieber’s Smiling Mug Shots Released following DUI Arrest in Miami

Justin Bieber Smiling Mug Shot

Authorities on Thursday released two mug shots of Justin Bieber wearing red jail scrubs, with one photo of him smiling big and the other showing him looking somber. 

The jail photographs were taken following his arrest before dawn in a street-racing case, for which he was detained on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence and having an expired driver’s license from the state of Georgia, officials said.

Justin was booked into a jail at 10:36 a.m., Miami-Dade County jail records show.

UPDATE: Justin released from Jail with $2500 bond

Justin Bieber Mug SHot 2

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

  • believer101

    and why the hell is tucking smiling this is not funny!

    • ZebraLife

      He has the money to get himself out. “HE” aint worried bout nothin’ lol


    Smiling… for getting arrested? Now I’m confused.

    • Bonnie

      He’s stoned, drunk, and high on Rx uppers (for antidepression). He looked like he felt really hungover earlier today. Everyone is focused in him smiling like he’s mocking the police – but I don’t think he is.


        I think I got the point now. But thanks for clarifying.

    • Jennifer

      he is proving to his fans that he can stay strong so they will not worry even thought he is battling depression


        That’s how I’d rather look at it. Thanks for the positive note. :)

      • rationalbob

        Well that’s a load of BS. None of this is about ‘showing how good he is to his fans’. He’s smiling because clearly he does not know what he should be doing – this is an awkward situation for him and I think the smile is a trained reaction in front of any camera. Those are eyes of sadness and regret, and from the watery look I’d say he’s been doing a lot of crying. I hope this makes him look at him self and really think about getting help. He needs it!


        I understand why. Let’s not go into yesterday, because a heck of a lot more happened yesterday that Justin getting arrested. That was the least of my problems. Yeah, not a good day for me. And because of all the negative that’s happened in my life, I learned to look for the positive. I know why, I just needed something positive for that day. Thank you.

    • Jaqui Biebz

      He wasnt high or anything his hiding the pain by putting on a smile you fuking haters leave him the fuk alone go bother someone else leave us alone!!

      • katherine

        to rationalbob and jaqui biebz: his eyes have the watery and glossy-kind-of-look because he IS high! that’s also why they are a little bit red. you can clearly see that he is high because that is the eyes of someone who have taken drugs. Justin himself admitted to drinking alcohol, smoking weed and taking antidepressants.

        and before you start, I’m not a “hater”. but this is not an acceptable behavior. fame is tearing him apart inside, he needs to stay away from the light for a while. it’s for the best, both for himself and the people around him.

    • kiarra

      “You always got to keep a smile on your face”justin bieber said in his believer movie thats y

    • belieber

      he is hiding his saddness luk at the side pic ist he luking sad

  • lovely

    You have just been arrested for speeding,DUI and other stuff, your being charged for it, now your really busted, your probably going to jail for a while… And your smiling in your mug shot because???

    • X

      He’s smiling because he’s loaded. Look at those glazed eyes.

      • dustin

        I would have too chuckle and agree….you can tell he thought alittle about it after he was done smiling..

  • jadzia

    Hes cute even when hes being booked ! I support him no matter what happeneds <3

    • Tigger

      you support him no matter what? how about if he had killed someone while he was driving drunk? would you still support him ‘no matter what?’

  • Justin heart Bieber

    I am so speechless why is he smiling and is he really in jail I am so sad…………. :(

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Welcome back Justin I Love you
    And Imiss you I ‘m crying & scared:(
    I want to have sex with you :D
    Love Samantha xx:( love me tell you
    Love me kiss. Me :D xx
    You want me boyfriend right:Dxxx

  • ew

    i suppose that’s what he looks like with no makeup and all. Doing drugs will give you pimples i suppose, and yup he’s high as f!uck. Look at those glassy eyes. 2500 bail is 3$ to Justin, so not much.

    • Jaqui Biebz

      You fuking haters dont know whats going thru his mind either he could prob be stoned or maybe he was crying!

  • upset me a #belieber )':

    Seems like I don’t know him anymore:(((((((((((( u don’t have to be like this…why r u actin like …this is so not cool. #upset

  • Mahogany

    Is it weird to think his mug shot is cute

  • Sarah Bieber

    smiling? I hope he takes this seriously and get his shjt together. I thought he was taking a break? why is he hanging out with f*cking lil za and khalil? His dad was with him at the scene, why the f*ck didn’t he tell justin to not do stupid shjts? what kind of father is that?

    • Jess

      What the fuk have him being on a break and hanging out with lil za or khalil have to do with anything?!
      Stop trying to blame other people for JUSTIN’S mistakes!!
      are you trying to blame his friends just because they are black? Justin is grown and does what he wants, accept it

      • Sarah Bieber

        Who the fuk said anythig about anyone being black? It’s the fuking 21st century honey. Why the hell is everyone whipping out these race cards? Bad influences are bad influences, his dad is white and he’s an irresponsible ahole that egged justin on to drag race. Lilza and khalil could be white as shit and my opinion would still stay the same. And i never said that it wasnt his fault. Of course it is his goddamn fault for makig those decision. If he really wanted to be a better person, he needs to cut these people out of his life.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Thats the best Mug Shot Ive ever seen…but that red/hot orange is Not your color boo boo…lol

  • jadzia

    lots of bieber haters on here. We don’t no the full story so stop hating. You don’t like bieber than join a bieber hate site. this is the place of the true beliebers

    • KALANI


  • Honey

    People are reading too much into why he’s smiling. It’s not a real smile he feels awkward and that’s the only thing thought to do. You can clearly see the pain in his eyes and how bad he feels.

    • Honey

      Haters just stop we all know he fucked up now shut up until we find out all of what’s going on

    • CupCake

      People always see what they want to see, one way or the other.

  • CupCake

    Well, I thought that the whole drug-stories might have been blown out of proportion… But honestly, those eyes, that skin…
    Anyone who has ever been around drugs can tell, that boy has been trippin’. (And im not just talking pot here, though that too is hell for your skin haha)

    • rationalbob

      He’s been smoking ganja for a while now. And been suffering from depression for at least 5 months for which he’s been prescribed anti-depressants. The combination of weed and the anti-depressants is not good. They are two opposing emotional chemicals which create confusion and only further the depression.

  • Tiffanie

    He is definitely on drugs. He has pimples all over his face now, his eyes are extremely glossy, and he’s smiling both because he can’t take anything seriously while being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but he is still scared because he knows he fucked up this time. Now he’s paying the price for it. All of you little 10 year old fan girls, grow up. Justin is not perfect; granted, not all the stories in the media are true. However, that doesn’t mean that NONE of them are true. This factual story proves that Justin has lost his way and that he is in need of a serious break and some serious help. He won’t get better if his fans tell him that he is doing no wrong; he needs people to tell him that what he is doing is illegal and harmful to himself and potentially harmful to others around. I will stand by him; however, I will NOT condemn ANY of these type of actions. They are childish, and destructive, no where near mature. I pity him, and I pray that he can wake up from this nightmare he is having.
    rant over.

  • !00% Belieber

    this kills me to see this this :(

  • Ayshia

    Well i think that he was not being a good role model but i can quickly change that if he gives us all his number…..and justin you need to get it together even thou your hot its not except able !!!!!!

    • CupCake

      Hahahahahahah, giving you his number doesnt change a thing in the whole rolemodel-stuff, but i can see why its easier to forgive him that way ;) hormones ey :p

  • Braveheartxoxd

    This is f- up. This is the real story and it’s fucked up. Plus, I don’t see pain when I look at him. I just see a stoned Canadian guy who feels awkward as hell. That is f- up. HE’S SMILING!??!

  • nicki

    People always see what they wanna see and hear what they wanna see one way or another. Justin this is not funny. But I know inside that you are scared and upset. :(

  • hannah bieber

    he needs proactiv lol

    • Kalani

      Seriously he’s probably scared.

  • ***

    He just like any other teen the thing that most shock me about this is the zits and that he’s 5’9 LOL


    Justin’s always good- humored !

  • Azaria

    Okay seriously, it’s time he takes a break from the spotlight, re-evaluates the people he keeps around him and checks himself into rehab. Pot is one thing, but it sounds like he’s doing harder drugs now. We lost Cory Monteith last year to an overdose, Justin does not need to join the many other people who have died young from drugs. He’s being so reckless and he’s getting so much backlash and causing himself so much trouble. I don’t think he realizes that he can get kicked out of the country since he’s not a citizen. Please Justin, get help and smarten up. You used to be a great guy but lately you’re messing up over and over and there’s no excuses for it.

  • mira bieber

    1-dear haters , LEAVE HIM ALOOOOOOOOOONE
    2- he is smilling to show he is strong no matter what
    3- look carefully in his eyes , u can see the pain

  • Adrian

    Mann the cops were just waiting to arrest him! that sucks tho! Hope he’s alright. #PRAY4JUSTIN


    i would support him even if he killed a person

    • sandra

      Justin would never kill a person though he probably drives in citizen-free places ha!

      • voice of reason

        He was arrested for drag racing in a RESIDENTIAL area, this means he was drunk, on pills, on weed, speeding in an area where families live and children play but the fan base still take up for him. Honestly if he killed someones child in this incident you’d still be here saying its not his fault, the child should have been inside or something. Im done this fan base has become sick you dont help the people you love like this you get them professional help.

    • idontlikejustinanymore

      Really you would Support him even if he killed your mom, pet, or friend?

      • kelly

        my mom’s dead, i dont have a pet and i hate my friend now

  • Louisse

    I’m a Belieber and in my opinion, he could use some time in jail… He really needs to reflect on what he’s been doing lately. :/

    • #1belieber

      Yeah I agree with that

  • diana

    im trying really hard to keep being a belieber… but its getting harder for me, seriously. just hoping i wont become a bieberhater…


    he has baggy eyes and smiling i don’t get it

  • Melina

    He’s high. It’s so obvious. Just look at his eyes.