LA Cops Searching Justin Bieber’s house Over Egging Attack Incident [Video]

COps at Justin Bieber home

Cops on scene at Justin Bieber’s Calabasas house over egg attack

The LA County Sheriff’s Department carried out a search Tuesday at Justin Bieber’s mansion in a vandalism probe. The felony search warrant served on Justin’s home from allegations of an egg attack on a neighbor’s house last week, a sheriff’s department spokesman said.



Eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars parked in front of Justin’s home

A sheriff’s department statement said Tuesday:

The purpose of the search warrant is to seek video surveillance or other possible evidence in the vandalism that occurred on January 9, 2014.

Investigators called a news conference Tuesday to discuss the search.

LA County Sheriff’s Sgt. Don Prince told CNN on Monday:

A neighbor accused him of throwing eggs at the house, and we are investigating.

OmG.. lets pray Justin’s stay out of trouble! :(

UPDATE: Cops found Cocain, Lil Za arrested.

According to TMZ, Cops were NOT looking for eggs in Justin’s house, but another law enforcement source said cops were searching for anything that was relevant to the egg incident, including eggs and possibly video.

Sheriff’s deputies have looked at TMZ’s video of the incident and believe Justin has surveillance video that might have captured the egging. Deputies dismantled Justin’s security system and took it during the search.


  • Tanisha

    They are searching for no reason smh I bet it wasn’t even him who did it.

  • i love justin

    I hope the police don’t find anything I’m freaking out…….

  • Belieber

    Forreal? Wow, it prolly wasn’t Justin.

  • honey

    First of all that shitty neighbor I hope he gets questioned and sued. He probably constantly provokes Justin and his people to sell it to the media especially tmz. This egg throwing BS has been thrown way out of proportion and the police I feel are trying to do more than just look for evidence on the hap.

    • Kalani

      I highly doubt that Justin would ever move because of his neighbors. They can’t kick him out of the neighborhood. They don’t own it.

    • Kalani

      Besides tmz always lie about everything and they might as well get shot in the head.

  • Sarah Bieber

    you know what? I’m a belieber, but that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to ignore whenever he f*cks up. He’s 19 now, an adult, if he really did egg that house and there are solid proof, he has to face the consequences.

  • Repha

    Get real now people. Person was arrested cos of cocaine! He was in Justin’s own house! Im not saying Justin uses it but he is probably being aware of it since the cocaine was in plain sight as report says. These are stuff that police hav e stated. Dont blame the freaking neighbor, he didnt put cocaine in his home. Maybe it was that little za throwing eggs on cocaine, maybe Justin or maybe someone else. But this have happened. People rarely go using cocaine on someones house alone either. I just hope JB doesnt use real drugs. Cannabis is harmless compared to this, I dont mind him smoking that.

    • Kalani

      Wonder how Justin feels about this

    • Kalani

      Curious to know how does Justin feel

  • Ashley

    Oh my gosh you seriously can’t be justifying him for this shit! He was in the wrong! Egging someone’s house immature much? And with this cocaine thing, he’s still in the wrong he knew it was in his house he should of told Za to get the hell out! Let’s not be dumb, if they best friends Justin should of known he was on that powder! Welcome to the dark side of fame, Justin. This right here is his make or break period. Anyways back to the egging.

    The neighbor is in the wrong. Attention seeker much? He’s freaking egging him on, and why the hell are you recording and sending to TMZ? You live in freaking Calabasas, California! Are you really that desperate for attention. Still doesn’t put Justin in the all clear. We have new clue what happened before since the video doesn’t say if Justin randomly egged the house or if the man did something to cause this. He’s still wrong though.

    • Kalani

      Apparently the cops found nothing and justin didn’t even do it. He’s in the clear

  • Hannah Bieber

    I know Justin would never have drugs.i mean yea he can be a jerk sometimes but I know my Justin.he would never do that stuff.hes smart enough not to do that stuff.i just really hope that they wont find anything but he really needs new friends.and the cops are sooo lucky bcuzz they get to spy on Justin and go into his house lol sounds like fun !!!!! I wish I was a cop lol but yea Justin is not a little kid anymore.he knows whats good and whats not.he needs to take responsibilities for his actions . pattie isn’t even doing anything.its like she doesn’t care about him anymore bcuzz shes to busy focusing on jazzy and jaxon :/

    • AppleMartini

      No you dont KNOW Justin, you only know about him. The perfect picture you have created in your head about him does not by any means mean that you know him.

  • i love justin

    @ Hannah Bieber mama pattie does care about justin………. she’s there for him whenever he needs him…… pattie just is giving justin space to figure out who he is as a person pattie wants justin to be the best young man he wants to be. I mean really pattie talks to justin sometimes when he calls her about situations Pattie ALWAYS trust justin to know that there are things she disagrees and agrees on honey SHE cares.

    • Kalani

      Um hello, they found nothing on justin. And he’s in the clear

  • Marion

    It was definitively Justin’s voice yelling back in the video but it is light evidence to prosecute him on throwing the eggs. He may have done it because he has good reasons. Maybe the neighbour called the fan to see him and Selena together on their segways as I remember Justin not being happy being caught by that fan . Who knows Justin’s reasons ? Plenty of neighbours on earth have bad relationships between them …

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I deffinetly think that L’il Za was the one throwing the eggs, I’m not saying that I want it to be him so that Justin doesn’t get in trouble but I just don’t think Justin would do such a thing & maybe Justin really didn’t know about L’il Za’s drug possesion & they’re just making it up to make Justin seem like he did something wrong.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    first of all what are they looking for ( eggs shells, or empty egg cartons) what the hell man

  • #1belieber

    OMG! I really that Justin doesn’t get thrown in jail over some shitty made up video
    I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it
    Damn you to hell TMZ

  • adriana

    they need to leave justin alone already, they were after him like all year lasst year. give it a rest.

  • ivone

    Wow 12 cops? Seriously,,,,,,,, The stupid neighbor is claiming the damage was $20,000? Is his house made of ginger bread? WTF no way!!!!!!! Justin needs to move out of there and sell his house to a big time thug. Let’s see how many times they call the cops on him and for how long?!?!

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