Lil Twist Comments on Justin Bieber Home Raid & Za’s Arrest ‘Dont Ask About That Shi*t’

Justin Bieber Lil Za Twist

Lil Twist left the Tyga show at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night, which was just a few hours after his best friend Lil Za was released from jail following back to back arrests for drug possession and vandalism.

When X17online asked Lil Twist what he thought about Justin’s egg attack incident and Lil Za’s arrests, he said:

I want to let y’all know that I’m doing alright. So don’t come up asking me questions about all type of other sh*t.

Watch video via X17.

FYI: Lil Twist’s no longer Justin’s BFF since he attacked Scooter Braun via Twitter last September.

  1. Im not trying to be racist but it’s true Justin need to stay away from those trouble makers they are no good to hang out with.

      • It is true that since Justin started hanging out more with Lil Za and some other people he changed his attitude and started getting in trouble more and more.
        he needs to realize that. He’s making mistakes and yes he’s human but that’s not an excuse for all of them. He’s human, he has the ability to make good choices too. I’m hoping he stops this whole bad-boy thing and gets back on track.

      • I was trying to say is not like I don’t want him to hang with black people is just that they are trouble makers and he should know how to stay away from them Because it could mess up his career.

    • I’m sure justin is friends with lil ZA. I highly doubt justin will bring up the egg incident. Which he’ll probably wants to keep private.

  2. The media makes his friends look bad don’t believe all that shit you read he has good friends go read lil za recent tweets

  3. most of you are such fake beliebers! stop bashing Justin and stop believing what the media says about him..He’s done more good than bad! focus on that!

  4. Its not about “good” or “bad” but about whats right. And I personally believe that, with his audience in mind, hanging out with people who do (hard) drugs is the right choice. Not saying that doing drugs makes someone a bad person, because it isnt that simple, but with his fame comes a certain kind of responsebility that, no matter how young he is, he needs to be (more) aware off.

  5. This is why a black person should not hang with a white person. When a white person does something wrong black people always get the blame!.

      • So a white person hangout with a black person. There considered black. You people need to build a bridge. People need to gtfo

      • B*tch shut up and sit down you little white trash devil! open your Motha freakin’ eyes and look around, every crime that is commited by a white person the nearest black person gets the blame that’s the truth white devil girl

      • Wow, not all white people behave them selves. Its not about the color it’s the way a person carries their selves.

  6. @unknown. STFU. What’s your point. Don’t you think it’s there right who there friends are. It’s not like there going to say okay. I think I’ll hangout with a white person. So I won’t get in trouble . No. Nobody can pick your friends for you but you

  7. Not always. It depends on what you do. Not all white people get Blame for everything. It’s what you do. Besides what is this 1960.

  8. Maybe justin is the trouble maker and all you tweens think he is so innocent, maybe justin supplies them the drugs. Its a two-sided situation and people need to stop protecting justin because he has money power over them or his stupid agreements he makes them sign. That would be something if justin makes them sign an agreement to take the wrap for him if anything goes down in his house.

    • Oh shut up. No he’s not. He does make mistakes it’s envitable. He’s young but not stupid or arrogant. He has every right to be in the US.

  9. When your a celebrity its the price they pay, their privacy. Everyone will eventually put you under a microscope. The price of fame, but they also should be doing stupid crap especially when the majority of your fans are teenagers because justin is the farthest thing from a role model.

    • Well said. I very well get that you cant think about being a rolemodel every second of everyday, but in these cases he really should have.

      • I’m sure no celeb wanted to be a role model. But they are. There human. It’s not like there going to say okay. Let’s see what can I do so my fans will like it. They can’t always please there fans. A lot of them have a family of there own to take care of

    • True, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun with your friends. And of course your family. I’m sure Justin enjoys seeing his fans. But he does also enjoy having quality time with his boys

      • Yes, i completely agree with you, the responsibilty isnt fair. And it isnt something he should have been bale to thi about when he was younger, and of course amistake here and there, no matter how old he gets, is okay. It just seems a bit too much these days? Even if on,y half the stories are true. I mean, everyone knows who he is and not even half of those people have ever heard one song.. Thats just not how its supposed to be, or if he should want it to be I believe, but thats my opnion ;)

        And fun woth friends is something I wish he will have forever, with real friends and a good laugh (which you can have without peeing in a bucket hihihi)

        Although… I have some mates that pissed in way worse places hahahahha

  10. What are parents teaching their kids nowadays, all people of all ethnic backgrounds are equal. How did the race card get thrown in, all you people need to learn how to respect everyone and stop being racist. This world is full of so much hate and if parents are encouraging their kids to hate someone for their color those parents need to learn how to parent because thats sick. Parents nowadays are friends with their kiss instead of being parents. Everyone needs to get over the whole race card cause its getting old. Stop hating

    • Obviously you lived under a rock. Racism does exist, it happens every single day against my brothas and sistas. Little Za also took to twitter believing it was because of skin color and i believe him!. I agree with unknown, brothas and sistas needs to watch their backs when around those white devils because if shit goes down we are the ones that are gonna be arrested.

      wake up and smell the coffee because if you haven’t lived it then you don’t know jack shitz.

      • Yes he can, of course, just some friends are a better choice then others. And having friend who use drugs in your house living in your house is NEVER a smart move (especially not when you have younger siblings)

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