Lil Twist Comments on Justin Bieber Home Raid & Za’s Arrest ‘Dont Ask About That Shi*t’

Justin Bieber Lil Za Twist

Lil Twist left the Tyga show at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night, which was just a few hours after his best friend Lil Za was released from jail following back to back arrests for drug possession and vandalism.

When X17online asked Lil Twist what he thought about Justin’s egg attack incident and Lil Za’s arrests, he said:

I want to let y’all know that I’m doing alright. So don’t come up asking me questions about all type of other sh*t.

Watch video via X17.

FYI: Lil Twist’s no longer Justin’s BFF since he attacked Scooter Braun via Twitter last September.

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