Lil Za Arrested for Cocain Possession in Justin Bieber Home – Justin Not Connected to Cocain

Lil Za arrested at Justin Bieber house Cocain posession

Police now believe the powdered drug they confiscated at Justin’s house may NOT be cocaine … they think it’s probably Molly (MDMA) … a form of Ecstasy. In addition to Molly, they also found Xanax … which they believe belonged to Lil Za as well.

Law enforcement are testing the drug right now and should have results shortly.

Cocaine could land him in prison for 3 years, but punishment for Molly (MDMA) is about 1 year.

LIL ZA Arrested

Justin Bieber’s BFF, rapper Lil Za has been ‘arrested for cocaine possession’ after police raided Justin’s home in Calabasas on Tuesday morning.

Lil Za Arrested at Justin Bieber home

A representative for the LA County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrest for felony drug possession to TMZ, and said the cocaine was ‘in plain view’ during the raid.

Officials says Justin was ‘NOT connected’ to the cocaine.

Police were searching Justin’s mansion to investigate an egg throwing incident at his next door neighbor’s home.

According to TMZ, Cops were NOT looking for eggs in Justin’s house, but another law enforcement source said cops were searching for anything that was relevant to the egg incident, including eggs and possibly video.


Video: Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Za has just been arrested for drug possession at the singer’s home — during an early morning raid stemming from the egg attack on his neighbor.

  • Belieber

    Oh, hope he gets out soon. Anways, TMZ is such stalkers, like damn, they always be rocording Justin and his friends business & personal life. They needa back off.

    • Beliber forever

      yeah that is so true – TMZ are Justin intruders – like leave Justin and his friends alone :-/

  • Tanisha

    OMFG I was not expecting this

  • Tanisha

    but I don’t think they had a right to invade his home. They didn’t have enough evidence!

    • X

      They had a warrant from a judge. So they had all the right to do this

    • Ashley

      Obviously if they didn’t this wouldn’t of been the case.

    • Arman Kohli

      agree with Tanisha

  • Bizzlesasdfghjkl

    I’m in shock!!!! Sadly even though justi. Has nothing to do with it it stil ruins his reputation

  • honey

    NO! The actual report is that they THINK it was cocaine, but not confirmed! But not Za please don’t let it be true.

  • Lauren

    All I have to say is at least it wasn’t Justin….

  • LaLa

    Why does he hang out with these losers who pretty much are just leaching off him? It’s no wonder he’s gone off the rails.

    • Kalani

      Wonder how Justin feels about lil Za getting arrested.

    • Ashley

      Hallelujah!!!!!!! Someone else who sees it!

    • AppleMartini

      cause hes just as much as a loser as they are.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    LIL BADASS is doin WAy tpo much in Justins house….Justin better look at the company he keeps- so Disappointed!

  • Kalani

    Wonder how Justin feels about everything. And that he had cops at his house. Just hope everything isn’t true.

  • beliebernumber1

    People were telling Justin long time ago , those leeches and drug dealers he is hanging with will get him in jail one day. GET RID OF THEM NOW, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS !!!!

  • xoaraxx

    Hope Za is okay ….

  • Sinthia

    The police find cocain from lil za damn that is good for him though he probably got it from lil twist cause they friends.

  • Emily

    This egging incident is getting WAY out of hand. 11 police officers raid someones house for throwing eggs?. No wonder America is the way it is-sorry, but its the thruth. children get murdered, people are raped and tourtured, elderly are getting burned to death by teenagers,- and this is what you spend the money on?!!!.

    • Emily

      Btw- M. Ali said that Za did not get arrested for cocaine. Za was released and Justin was tested for any drugs, and they found nothing in his system-apparently. We will have to wait and see what will happen. Hope for the best for everyone involved.

    • Sinthia

      Guess Justin got money to waist because you know he have to much money that he don’t know what to do with it.

    • x

      When it causes $20,000 worth of damage it becomes a felony. Laws are laws, bitch.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Right 11-12 cops for eggs Vandalism…ummmm seems a lil Ridic…. our system is sooo wack Bet they aint lookin for no missing kids with that much force…its really Disgusting! Good point you made.

    • Marley

      Umm, if you’re throwing eggs at a house then you can be charged with vandalism and being on someone’s private property, just saying.
      And don’t get your panties bunched up there are many people who go to prison for the things you stated above.

  • Ashley

    Am I the only one who hates Za? He’s freaking ruining his life. Ever since him and twist came into the picture it’s been a downward freaking spiral! Or am I just seeing things? Gosh. He cut off one he needs to cut off the other. Then he’ll get rid of the source of his problems. But I’m just a fan and an outsider looking in, so what do I know? And you honestly can’t be justifying coke being in Justin’s house in plain sight. Za must be a good friend if he’s keeping him around. Still think Justin needs to get rid of him.

    • Emily

      Apparently it was ” molly” and xanax, not cocaine. And people like Za because he is a funny, down to eart, funloving, loyal guy-who allways makes Justin smile/ laugh when he is around.

      • Emily

        Dont compare Za to Lil twist. They are NOT the same person, you know…

  • mdma

    You all must be 12 years old. I am sure Justin is also doing cocaine and mdma, both of which are illegal but widely used by celebrities. Justin probably had Lil Za take the fall when cops found the drugs. You all can love Justin but he is not innocent anymore. These are the facts!

    • belieber4life

      Wow! I’m a belieber but I’m sorry, I can’t support this downward spiral Justin seems to be in! His behavior this part year has just gotten out of hand. I’m aware of the stress and press and constant scrutiny he’s under, but it’s not an excuse for this kind of stuff. Am I the only one who is truly worried for him? He’s so talented but I’m afraid he’s going to continue down this path, and the outcome won’t be good for him :-(. His choice of ‘friends’ is really questionable. And ‘you’re only as good as the company you keep’. I really hope he wakes up and realizes he is better than all of this. And better than those ‘friends’ he thinks he has. He has so many ppl who love him and are rooting for him, myself included, but to just keep pretending that everything that has happened with him the last year is ok and acceptable?, well it’s just not. Anyone else miss him and selena? Seems like when he was with her he Never did anything questionable like this. His own mom even said that selena was good for him…

    • ivan

      The drug was found in Za’s bedroom in the open. Justin showed no evidence of drug use during the time he was held. He has used pot occasional, anything else is just rumors.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      You have a point…..But who knows who” it” (whatever Drug it was) really belonged too … I spent a couple yrs. around a Coke/ crack dealer and lived with one and I never touched it…Not once…
      So technically you Cannot assume it was Justins
      I know Justin is seen as a Piece of trash now to everyone that thinks Lil Dumbass is taking the wrap…SMH ; /
      Justin gonna learn the Hard way I guess!

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      January 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm

      You have a point…..But who knows who” it” (whatever Drug it was) really belonged too … I spent a couple yrs. around a Coke/ crack dealer and lived with one and I never touched it…Not once…
      So technically you Cannot assume it was Justins
      I know Justin is seen as a Piece of trash now to everyone that thinks Lil Dumbass is taking the wrap…SMH ; / Justins gonna learn the Hard way I guess

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      & why would he? Justin isn’t that type of person, I know that you think we are stupid & naive but why would Justin want one of his FRIENDS to go to jail?! That would be pretty stupid to me. Not every fan is 12 years old, even some adults like him. So why are you here if you’re a hater?

  • lambor500S

    I am confuse with the law why have a search warrant for the
    house and 14 cops according to Hollywood Life come out
    for just throwing eggs at a house. The warrant should have
    been just for Bieber. That’s if he really did it. seems like there is more to this story then we know. This should be a serious
    wakeup call for Justin.

    • x

      They were able to get a warrant, due to the $20,000 worth of damage to the neighbors house. A Federal Judge granted them one to gather more evidence.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Justin needs to dump all those bad friends.there making him a bad person. seriously before he was a innocent sweet loving caring boy but now hes not bcuzz he met those stupid guys.one day he will be in jail and there will be no more Justin bieber.im worried about Justin and u guys should to.im just happy and proud of him that he had nothing to deal with this and he had no drugs .Justin is not stupid enough to do that stuff

    • Kalani

      Um no one can tell Justin who to be friends with. That’s his decision. Unless they piss him off or they do something stupid like sleep with his ex girlfriends.

  • i love justin

    I don’t know what to do…….. I mean I can’t leave justin……. but , this is seriously getting to the point where I want to give up but am I no I’m not going to give up…….. justin needs to try and get himself together I’m really starting to get overwhelmed…….

  • honey

    The whole situation has been completely blown out of proportion into a huge spectacle, that should’ve never been. The media works to build you up and take as many punches to bring you down. I think what JB really needs after all this a parental figure whether it be his mom, dad, usher, scooter whomever to keep him grounded. This whole thing there was never any evidence ever released that this neighbor was telling the truth that it was specially Justin, the video didn’t have reliable audio or image to say Justin was mainly involved in anyway. It disappoints me that people blindly believe these reports just because “Justin Bieber’s” name is printed there. The media they will do anything in their power to leech of celebs to make money off of them as long as they can tie their name to it and that’s how it is. Yes Justin does not get a pass, because he is not totally innocent, but he needs to know that he has to get his priorities straight. I don’t think it’s right to hate Za right off the back and compare him to twist because Za has always been a loyal friend to Justin. Just like that guy Milk you don’t hear anything from him while all this is happening when he’s been on a Justin loving spree for the past months. But think before you start judging Justin and think he’s this and that.

  • i love justin

    @ honey I am not sure if your talking to me but, I will never judge justin, justin is human He makes mistakes and I accept that…… I love justin a lot…

    • honey

      Nothing is directed to you or mentioned about you, I mean everyone.

  • JayleenBelieber

    No offense, but Lil Za deserves it. I hope Justin will notice what an awful influence is Za for him.

  • Miss G

    To me…there is WAY more than just a raid of his house on the fact of looking for evidence to support the “egg attack”…Yes there is 20k worth of damage to this person’s house, but what evidence are u going to find to link you to the attack on the house? Sticky egg fingers?lol dirty clothes with egg on it?lol…why didn’t they check their phones for videos or their cameras…why raid the entire house and the “look like” cocaine was found in plain sight? I’m sorry something SERIOUSLY don’t add up here! I’m sure justin and his friends could see the cops were coming in from the gate before they entered the house, if there was drugs laying around I’m sure they would’ve gotten rid of it before the cops could get to it!…honestly something really don’t seem right, to me the cops were waiting for any opportunity to nail him! And STOP saying Za is a this and that ok! Justin chose to be his friend and justin obviously knows what he does especially when its in his house….this is unfortunate what has happened, these American Cops need to spend more time and more men on rape and gangersterism cases than egg thrower cases (yes I know its a felony, but 11 MEN? Lol that’s crazy!!!)

  • belieber4life

    I honestly think Justin could seriously commit murder, and some fans would still be ‘well it’s not his fault, he’s sooooo innocent’. He’s Not. He is becoming the next ‘train wreck’. Do you really think he hangs out with ppl who do drugs, and doesn’t use them himself? Like really!?. It’s not like this is the First thing he’s ever done, the last yr he’s been out of control. Sorry. It’s the truth. Someone needs to step in and do some kind of intervention. I’m pretty sure scooter isn’t going to. Why bite the hand that feeds you? I’m tired of hearing how he’s a kid, and he’s just trying to be normal! Really? Like seriously, if I did some of the things he’s done, I’d be in jail!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i dont want lil za in jail for 3 years :(

  • Azaria

    Justin is hanging out with all the wrong people. He’s seriously going to end up fucked up and jailed before he’s 21. It’s no wonder so many people hate him, he’s being such a dumbass lately. Justin, I love you, but smarten the hell up. Pot is fine, whatever, it’s a plant, it’s natural, but hanging around people that are doing c0caine or molly? No, time to find some better friends.

  • Brianna Bieber

    TBH-I think Justin really needs to stop being around Za and Twist…especially after what just happened with Za..They are druggies..and Justin needs to realize that and stop being around them..Maybe Chaz and Ryan and Christian and Caitlin should be with him more..#MyOpinion..
    I will always love Justin..and whatever he decides and chooses to do…..

  • Filippa

    how bad this even sounds, im glad he’s arrested and hope that he gets in jail. uhm ehehhe

  • #1belieber

    I’m just glad it wasn’t Justin

  • Bbb

    Justin needs to get arrested . The neighboor doesn’t have any justice at all because they didn’t put Justin in jail . They only got za for the drugs .. But they need to do more searching in Justin’s house . He has done a bad thing to his neighboors house but the person who did it is still walking around freely? *Cough cough* (justin). It’s like justin is a person who can never be arrested. He’s has done more than one crime but yet still gets away with it .

  • i love justin

    @Bbb are you even a belieber? You believe this stuff that justin do? I don’t get u…….. beliebers are supposed to be there for JUSTIN AND help him through THINK and thin……. u seriously want justin to be put in jail over a egg really???? Do you really want justin to be taken away from his beliebers?????? We don’t even know who did it until we check the facts……. plus justin doesn’t get away with everything his mom gets him when she gets him…… I am very angry with you……. come on @Bbb don’t u love justin???????