Lil Za Arrested for Cocain Possession in Justin Bieber Home – Justin Not Connected to Cocain

Lil Za arrested at Justin Bieber house Cocain posession

Police now believe the powdered drug they confiscated at Justin’s house may NOT be cocaine … they think it’s probably Molly (MDMA) … a form of Ecstasy. In addition to Molly, they also found Xanax … which they believe belonged to Lil Za as well.

Law enforcement are testing the drug right now and should have results shortly.

Cocaine could land him in prison for 3 years, but punishment for Molly (MDMA) is about 1 year.

LIL ZA Arrested

Justin Bieber’s BFF, rapper Lil Za has been ‘arrested for cocaine possession’ after police raided Justin’s home in Calabasas on Tuesday morning.

Lil Za Arrested at Justin Bieber home

A representative for the LA County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrest for felony drug possession to TMZ, and said the cocaine was ‘in plain view’ during the raid.

Officials says Justin was ‘NOT connected’ to the cocaine.

Police were searching Justin’s mansion to investigate an egg throwing incident at his next door neighbor’s home.

According to TMZ, Cops were NOT looking for eggs in Justin’s house, but another law enforcement source said cops were searching for anything that was relevant to the egg incident, including eggs and possibly video.


Video: Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Za has just been arrested for drug possession at the singer’s home — during an early morning raid stemming from the egg attack on his neighbor.

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