Mark Wahlberg Afraid of getting Beat up by Justin Bieber? (Interview – The Late Show Craig Ferguson)


Mark Wahlberg tells Craig Ferguson what might happen if he gave advice to Justin Bieber. 

Mark Wahlberg was on The Late Late Show and Craig Ferguson asked him if he’d give someone like Justin Bieber advice since he too was rambunctious guy when he was at Justin’s age?

So Mark admitted to the CBS late night host that he has spoken to Justin, but said that no kid at that age is going to listen to an older person’s advice. In fact he went on to say that people ask him all the time what current day Mark Wahlberg would say to a teenage Marky Mark; and the kid with good vibrations would probably tell him to “Shut the F up” before punching him in the face.

He added:

It wouldn’t be a good look if I got beat up by Justin Bieber at this stage of my career.

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