Mayor Fred Gaines Comments on Justin Bieber Moving out of Calabasas

Justin BIeber Calabasas Home

The Calabasas Mayor Fred Gaines this week addressed rumblings that Justin may be considering moving out of his gated community amid a litany of charges he faces between Florida and Toronto.

Residents have accused Justin of speeding, spitting, holding loud parties and even egging neighbors.

The LA Times contacted Calabasas Mayor Fred Gaines on Tuesday. He said this:

I have no information about Mr. Bieber’s intentions to remain in Calabasas or to move.

The fact that a talented international musician like Mr. Bieber chooses to live in Calabasas is certainly a feather in our cap and a tribute to our safe and beautiful community.

But the peace and privacy of our residents is the city’s top priority. We have unfortunately had a number of breaches of the peace related to Mr. Bieber and his residence, and the sheriff has acted appropriately in addressing those incidents.

Moving to Hidden Valley

TMZ reports Justin is looking at new homes in an area not far from the Calabasas.

Justin has been looking at homes in an area called Hidden Valley — 20 miles from where he currently lives in Calabasas.

There are only 10 homes and each has around 20 acres. There are lots of horse ranches in the area, but Justin’s not specifically looking for horse property.

Justin wants between 10 and 20 acres, so both areas fit the bill.

Justin was particularly interested in one home on Potrero, but he waited and the house just sold for $9.5 million.

He wants space not only to rid himself of neighbors … he wants room to roam on ATVs. He also wants a skate park.

  • hannah bieber

    of course he wants to stay away from neighbors.he deserves to be free after all that drama.wherever hes moving hopefully it will be a good place and he wont get into more trouble

  • Sinthia

    Okey dokey.

  • Ria adhikari

    Ya doin right bieber as everyone needs peace u too do so go on change your house but be careful while movin in and out of your new house cuz if the media sees you they r gonna crowd at that place too so better watch out .


    Stop hunt ! Justin’ right !

  • Tanisha

    yasssss Thank god he’s moving…he doesn’t need no more crusty neighbors


    justin bibeber he the roll model to other relatives young generatio bcoz he have alot of fans at aroun the the world

  • jaspin

    Move closer to your fans and family!!!!!

  • nicki

    I agree with Jaspin but Justin said he want to move where he has peace and quiet?

  • Cyntah4life

    Yes niki right