Merchandise Company Sued after Calling Justin Bieber an ‘Idiot’

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Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, the marketing company behind Justin Bieber, have taken Wall Celebrity to court after it allegedly called Justin an “idiot”, report

Bieber’s team claim that a merchandiser company Wall Celebrity, took to the internet to call Justin Bieber an “idiot” and breached an agreement to sell his merchandise.

The lawsuit doesn’t mention the source of where Wall Celebrity allegedly threw Justin under the bus, but five months ago someone identifying themselves from the company talked about the deal while discussing bankruptcy options with a Wall Street lawyer via

Referring to why the company couldn’t make its $100,000 payment in April, the user (Giannulli) claimed “retailers no longer [want] to carry Justin’s merchandise because he is an idiot.”

However, Giannulli (22) told the Post he never called Justin Bieber an idiot, adding his company’s website was “hacked” in explaining the posting.

Giannulli said:

This is just crazy. The company never even got off the ground … I never called Justin Bieber an idiot.

Here’s what we’ve found!

User: If my company is going to be filed for a $100,000 lawsuit, and we are in no standing whatsoever to even settle for half that amount, would the best option be to file a corporate bankruptcy to discharge the debt and dissolve the company?

lawyer: This is a common situation, if the potential judgment will only be on the corporation, you can file a corporate bankruptcy, or just leave corporation, and close all accounts, and start a new corp to run your business, a bankruptcy would not even be needed, if you plan on closing the current corp.

User: We did a licensing deal with Justin Biebers merchandise group out of New York, paid $100,000 upfront and we had a 2nd installment of $100,000. But due to the retailers no longer wanting to carry Justins merchandise because he is an idiot we could not secure sufficient PO’s, and could not pay 2nd installment.

lawyer: If you are personally liable you would be named in the suit.

User: I havent received the law suit yet, I received a letter from their attorney today.

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