Milk Tyson to Drake Bell: ‘Stop Bullying Justin Bieber!’

Milktyson Justin Bieber graffiti

As previously reported, Drake Bell humiliated Justin for reportedly egging his neighbor’s house last week.

Justin himself did not respond to Drake’s tweets but his best buddy Milk Tyson took his side and defended him via his own Twitter account and also instagram.

@milktyson: And sorry about tonight’s nonsense with Fake Bell I don’t do “twitter tough talk” so if he wants to own up to the nonsense and internet bullying he did I’m not hard to find. I got my little brother @justinbieber back till the death of me so don’t expect me to ever be quiet when you attack him. #FAM

  • Justin heart Bieber

    Now THAT is a good friend right there Drake Bell needs to sit down and write a song that goes number one everywhere before he tries to insult somebody a amazing singer at that

  • 1belieber4ever

    Thank you and exactly!

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    I heard that…love Right there!!

    • Alexa

      Wonder what his boy milk Tyson had to say when Justin told him about the egg incident

      • Chachi

        Is this you little Cape Cod man? Get some hair plugs, drop the fat, stop being a drug dealer, stop getting teenage boys tattooed on your body.

  • ivan

    Justin should challenge him to a boxing match in which he would beat the hell out of him without getting into trouble for charity.

  • Alexa

    I’m glad that Justin has his friends to defend him. He’s a good guy

  • Alexa

    Hes a good guy I love Justin. He’s so adorable and such a hottie

  • Honey

    Thanks Milk. Him and everybody knows drake bell is one of those who talk shit over the internet like tomorrow but is a punkass in real life

    • Alexa

      Pls he hasn’t had a job in years. Drake a hater

      • Chachi

        Milk Tyson’s job include….working at a hotel, working for Speed Weed who fired him for not being able to delivery on time, or at all. Couldn’t deliver a pizza. Now he works for another legal weed sales company. He provides Justin with his drugs….that’s all he does.

    • Alexa

      Him and Justin must be very close friends. Justin is amazing and such a hottie

      • Chachi

        Nope just provides drugs. Has never succeeded at anything else. And he is a grown man with a teenage boy tattooed on his.

  • Alexa

    Justin is Amazing guy, hes a hottie

  • hannah bieber

    haha u go mike !!!!!!!!!

  • hannah bieber

    I mean milk lol sorry

  • Alexa

    Justin is amazing to have friends to defend him

  • Alexa

    Wonder what his mom think of everything


    Milk Tyson is a super suck up in Hollywood. He moved here thinking he was going to be a famous rapper. Years later, he only sells weed..legally…like delivering a pizza. He was fired from Speed Weed because he was incompetent at that mindless job. He started stalking Justin Bieber, and hooking him up with weed so he would be his friend. He is an old, half bald, fat man…..who recently tattooed Justin Bieber on his arm.


    Tyson’s right ! bravo !

  • Chachi

    That grown man sells weed. That is he has accomplished in life. People always hang around the person who gives them free weed, and Xanax.
    And who gets a tattoo of a teenager when you first meet the kid?!?!….and you are A GROWN MAN!

  • Abberbieberldh

    This shit boy wanna jb to say something, but jb he does’nt care about what he is doing, cos this son of the duck is nothing to jb, drake bell is the most foolish boy

  • Belieber

    Exactly. Drake needs to stop bullying Justin. Its not funny, and I’m sick of all the shit he’s been saying bout him.

  • nicki

    Now that is a good friend. Drake needs to stop bullying and everybody knows that drake talks s**t over the internet but Drake is just a sissy. Justin don’t worry about it. Your friends,family, and your believers have your back. :|

  • Diana Garrido

    Yeah that is writte drake stop bulling Justin ok you here medrake you are a bitch a fuckin son of a bitch stop bulling god dont worry Justin just ignore him i love Justin so so so much dont worry Justin evrerthing is gonna be okay

  • i love justin

    I’m mad at u justin………. where are u………. I still love u…….. but I don’t know why where are you the justin that I love???????

  • i love justin

    I love you because you are my everything…….. I care for u even though I am angry I can’t stay mad at u forever I understand but I’m not going anywhere still here never leaving because you are my everything and I’ll always be here……… that’s how much I love u. Never give up on family…………. you never gave up on us we will never give up on you………

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i have all respect for him now :)

  • siara

    I agree stop bullying my boo I love Justin bieber I’m a fan