More Graffiti Art

Justin Bieber Spraying Graffiti

Justin spray painting Milk Tyson’s home.

@milktyson: Homie @justinbieber adding more at my cribbo! #FAM

  1. Coming along great justin, love u I can already tell that this year in 2014 your getting better, your finding yourself I’m so happy right now ……. more properly dressed I like your shirt and your jacket. Wonder what your drawing???? Hopefully u continue to show the real You……. #kidrauhl. This makes me smile…….. not worried about you anymore.

  2. His art is really good. It is stuff that kids would love=animals, weird human figures, and nice colors. It shows why a lot of kids relate to him, he is like a kid himself.

  3. I Love you Justin :heart
    Miss you love your new friend Samantha angel Nicole pardy hottie
    I am almost 21 but I am single
    I have brown hair & baby blue eyes
    And pink lips I look like my mom
    When she was young
    Do you like girls that look like there
    Moms when there young
    One day I will show the picture of my
    Mom when she was my age ok bye
    Justin I Love you honey bunny xxx

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