More Pic: Justin Bieber Winter Fun & Ice Hockey Game Aspen, CO

@justinbieber- Where u goin.. hockey outfit

Releasing a series of Instagram pictures on Twitter during his Saturday (January 18) trip, Justin Bieber went “snowboarding with the fellas” for some winter fun.

Justin hitting the Aspen snowy hills in Colorado, and having a great time, as well as dancing & playing ice hockey with friends in a cute yellow outfit.

terrencereche- Having some winter fun with the crew @justinbieber@ryanbutler @yeshuathegudwin snowboarding@justinbieber- Where u goin.. hockey outfit@terrencereche- “Concentration, not strength…” -Gordon Bombay #MightyDucks #NoDaysOff@terrencereche- “You need that work, I got that work…” What do y’all think the outcome was

WATCH VIDEO Justin Dancing:

  • Belieber

    He looks adorable ♥ I’m glad he is having a good time.

  • Alexa

    Justin is super amazing and oh my goodness Justin is such a hottie. I love Justin.

  • Liliana

    Cute Justin, Iam gald to know that he is having a good time. I love you so much Justin.

  • Honey

    My baby! Always gonna have love for him! Found out JB unfollowed milk on twitter

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Justin. You are really smoking hot
    And sexy and cute come. Home soon
    Because I miss you so much baby boy
    :D (; oxoxoxo

  • hannah bieber

    lol I seen that video on facebook.i love it. I cant stop playing it <3

  • Nicole

    I Am Gald that justin is having a great time and Justin is looking sexy!!!!.

  • Justin’s babe

    lmfaoo that little dance he’s got going on there :P , i love it <3

  • Cheerleader belieber

    He is really funny sometimes

  • Belieber for life

    it my b day I love you and we are bf and gf and wiii you marry me love morgan Anderson

  • boy belieber

    wow hes like having fun on there and im happy that hes is

  • nandra

    Justin is the best among the best ..
    nobody can compare him in everything ..
    theres no words coukd describe how amazing he is ? ?.
    so adorable ..
    love him so much ..

    • Alexa

      Can’t believe justin turns 20 in two months.

  • i love justin

    I’m sorry justin……… for everything…………..

  • i love justin

    I’m upset……..

  • nicki

    Awesome! It look like Fun! Have the Best time! You have Fun with the Fellas! Luv you Guys! :)

  • Tanisha

    aww I’m happy that he’s happy

  • Diana Garrido

    He looks very cute cool Justin I love you Justin so so so much

  • nicki

    LOL! You are so funny. Have fun with the fellas. By the way the video on instagram was funny. Luv you. :)

  • anna gorolova

    OMDZ urr fit!! <3 yess imm a perff!!!

    • anna gorolova

      ewwww hes uggssss

  • anna gorolova

    I lowee yoouuu justinn marry mee!!!