Nick Carter: ‘Go Back to Canada Justin, Americans Stick with My Brother, Aaron’


Backstreet Boys Nick Carter said that Justin Bieber should go back to Canada and that Americans should stick with his brother Aaron Carter, who is better.

Nick and Aaron were shopping in Malibu when they were approached by TMZ.

Responding to a question about whether there is any comparison between Justin and Aaron – who’s they called the “original Justin Bieber” – Nick said:

Justin Bieber’s cool and all … a whole new generation …. but he’s Canadian. Aaron’s American.

Go back to Canada, Justin. America, stick with my brother.

The comments come after a petition to the White House asking to deport Justin Bieber got the required 100,000 signatures.

    • Those men don’t do that to my JB!!Justin could travel whereever he wants and Canada is Justin’s home and you peps should be nice to him.Always care for the ones that live in your country,city or state.If you really don’t like the person then at least show respect or pretend to care or something.I love Justin.


  2. whatever, his brother is not all that. i love justin and if justin goes back to canada i’ll still love him. justin is better than anybody in this world. and insatiable people will always be insatiable.

  3. I liked Aaron Carter like… 10 years ago. He’s irrelevant. Him being American and Justin being Canadian has nothing to do with it. He’s just making an excuse so his irrelevant brother can get back on top.

  4. uggh hate wen people hate on justin bieber …….they r jus jelouse of him cuz they no dat he is way better dan them n more girlz love him…………

  5. Nick shout up…. the people knows only your brother cause of you… can`t beleive that people do that even the competion… I will be still a belieber and NEVER leave Justin

  6. wow so hes calling him out just bcuzz hes Canadian ???? that’s just racist and no matter what people do to get him deported hes not going anywhere bcuzz Obama said a bunch of times that he will never deport him so nice try haters :) nick needs to shut up.hes only saying that just so his brother could get back on top lol

  7. I think Nick just put a twist on the term “ugly American”. Not only rude for telling Justin to back to Canada but to say his brother is better than Justin just because he is an American. Justin has 49+ million followers; I wonder many Aaron has. Please Nick, keep your “ugly American” comments to yourself. Justin is loved in this country and nothing is going to change that. GOD bless you Justin

    • Justin is loved by this country? by YOU little girls, the rest of America is sick of this douchbag spoiled brat. Send him back to Canada.

      At least Aaron didn’t pee in the mop and cause chaos with the paps and so forth! and all the followers Justin has means nothing half of them are just fake accounts!

    • dumbass BSB Had their successful tour last year and recent album, they have been Touring a sell out councert with the new kids on the block. Get your head out of your ass little girl

    • if that’s what you want to believe Rofl, The boys may not have a tons of fans like they used to be at least they are respected artists today unlike Bieber. Bieber has been called America’s brat so…. There is no 15 mins of fame because the paps are the ones that approached them and number 2 the boys have been out touring for the fans and having cruises for the fans. I don’t see the beebs having cruises for his fans.

    • U can’t even lie though Justin is 13 minutes into his
      There’s going to be the next big thing that’s going to put a huge shadow over him

  8. I used to love Aaron when I was a teenager now he is a nobody….why not make some good music and show justin bieber that you’re his competition rather than talking shit and also who sues their own dad who’s been there for you and who gets beat up for walking on somebody’s turf stfu Aaron and your brother Nick

  9. Who cares if he’s canadian? Justin is doing what he loves and thats singing. And lets admit, Justin wont listen to you Nick. He can choose on his own. And I dont think you little brother Nick, is gonna be all that so…

  10. Oh shut up nick carter he’s staying here at America ok he just needs support ok I love him so so so much Justin there’s a lot people supporting you and also I will support you because me and the rest of your fans care about you so so so much I love you Justin so so so much :)

  11. This country is looking uglier by the minute; they are bullying a kid who has not been convicted of anything yet. Aaron Carter was buying and using drugs when he was Justin’s age. Should be be throwing stones? Are these have beens so anxious for him to fail so they will be able to get the attention?

    • Aaron did get trashed when discovered he was doing drugs. He did lose alot of fans but the loyal ones stuck by him. The difference between aaron and justin is that aaron went to rehab and cleaned himself up. He is also not americas spoiled brat.

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