Nick Jonas Slams Justin Bieber’s Egging Scandal

Nick JOnas slams Justin Bieber Egging

Nick Jonas claiming he didn’t even realize egging was still something people did. Taking to Twitter to SLAM Justin’s antics, Nick said:

Justin allegedly threw a bunch of eggs at his neighbor’s home, and the whole thing was caught on camera – including Justin’s swearing and bad attitude.

There’s been no comment so far from Justin and his camp about the allegations.

We wonder how Justin’s on-again girlfriend, and Nick’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez feels about what Justin has been up to…

  • Sinthia

    Wow and that his friend that help him with his believe album well somebody gotta complain about this before he keeps on behaving bad.

    • Norma

      That story is a lie Justin didn’t egg anybody. That Nick should get in in his own bussnes and not talk abt Justin. Justin is doing alright, he is a good boy. For the beliebers Believe in Justin not in the Media cus u know the media lie all the Time.

  • Tanisha

    Justin didn’t even egg anyone’s house tho. It was fake. He was at the studio at the time of the ” egging ” Nick is wrong and stupid. He’s irrelevant. Nobody really cares about the Jonas Brothers lol they broke up anyways.

    • Sinthia

      Justin did throw egg’s at his neighbors so then why they was talking about it on t.v.?

      • Kalani

        Hope they are still friends.

      • Josephine

        No the police even found it was someone else CCTV shows it wasn’t him plus he was at the studio

  • Belieber

    Justin didn’t even throw the eyes. Jeez. -_-

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I don’t think Nick was dissing Justin. I think he was just stating that he was confused about egging someones house is still a thing.

  • AmyheArt

    The news and media lies a real belieber doesn’t believe everything they read and hear

  • Sinthia

    Ok can we stop talking about egg’s.

    • Kalani

      There going to keep talking about it. I don’t know why for. They always bring up stupid things

  • lexie

    Why does it matter what selena thinks?

  • Hannah Bieber

    ok first of all nick needs to shut up. as far as I know no one talks about the Jonas brothers anymore and there not even mentioned anywhere.there long gone.and second why does it matter what selena thinks.she doesn’t have control over Justin .there not even together.why would she care

    • Sinthia

      Then why would I care if they are not together I could less.

      • Sinthia

        I could care less.

      • Kalani

        Seriously it’s not like nick is going to say okay. Justin and I are friends

  • rb

    Nick should worry about his own career. Oh, does he have one?

  • jojo

    GOD I LOVE NICK SOOOO MUCH he can diss justin very well !!!
    can someone tell me why these two boys hate each other? wait I know cause nick is way better than bieber and his hotter, talented and doesn’t have the fame in his head like justin

    • rb

      @jojo, I’ve reblogged your comment on nick’s web page for you. BTW your comment is the only comment there. Knowing that you are his only follower please feel free to use the Belieber page too express your feelings. Nick and Justin have played ping-pong together, I don’t think there’s any hate; Justin won of course.

  • j

    that was a really crappy video. you could hear the alleged JB audio edits added in. stupid story. stupid lies. people are even more stupid if they believe all of that!


    Nick Jonas –> NOT!!!!! Justin Bieber HOTTTTT!!!!!!! ;)

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg why do i care, act least justin has your ex-girlfriend all up on him you stupid shit

  • essie j

    nick is just jealous lol

  • ivan

    He just made a comment about throwing eggs; he taught that does not happened that much anymore i guess. I don’t think he was dissing justin.

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    He wasnt dissing jb he just said or meant that egging peoples houses was old and no one did it anymore

  • bieber4eva

    nick if you want to diss jb, come up with something better that was lame. btw u haven’t living, because i know people who still throws egg after people.