Over 100k Signatures, Will White House Response ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ Petition?

Justin Bieber Deportation - we the people whitehouse

A petition calling for the deportation of Justin Bieber surpassed the 100,000 signature threshold, meaning the White House will, by its own rules, issue a response, reports CNN.

The petition was created less than a week ago by haters and quickly amassed the required signatures long before the 30 day deadline for the “We the People” petition program.

Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.
We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.

As of 9 am. EST Thursday, it had nearly 190,000 signatures.

Will the White House actually look at it?

Via CNN:

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked about the Bieber deportation issue Wednesday in the daily press briefing. She said the petition program doesn’t necessarily mean action would be taken but it’s rather “an opportunity for the voices of the American people” to be heard.

But the terms of the program, as stated on the White House website, says if a petition meets the 100,000 signature threshold, “it will be reviewed by the administration and we will issue a response.”

Psaki said she would check and see what the criteria was for violating a visa, but noted that individual visa cases are confidential.

The White House has drastically cut back on the number of responses it actually issued in the past year. The Washington Times reports that in the final six months of 2013, only one new petition received a response.

  • Wapapet

    Oh c’mon really ? justin is just a person who make mistake gosh those people who sign are dumb , I’m not a bieber fan but please stop this bullshit.

    • Faith in Bieber

      I agree @wapapet. Just cause Justin makes a couple fucking mistakes, has no real effect. He IS a rreal citizen. Why do you need to make it a big deal that he got arrested? You can destroy someone if you take something they love. If you deported Justin, you can hurt/disappoint tons of billions of innocent girls. Think again, white house.

  • Alex

    The thing is they aren’t deporting him because of the stuff he did, they just wanna deport him just to get him out so someone can take his place.

    • Wapapet

      TRUE TO THAT !

    • They want to get the little jerk out. They don’t care who takes his place

  • belieber 101

    They are soo over exaggerating I know they dont like him and all but like you dont have to deport him out of the country

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Obama said hed invite him over for dinner…then go play Basketball…have a Beer and All of the family will dance to the new Video Confident!!! Lol

    • X

      I doubt Obama would encourage underage drinking.

  • Beliber_Girl

    So… they are actually, willing to send Justin away from his fans in America, and break millions of us Beliebers’ heart…?


    • Shanaeluvsjustin

      What are you thanking Obama for? He hasn’t done anything yet. Thank the American people ,smh.

  • Sinthia

    Trust me Justin likes his country better than the U.S.So if he do not like it than he should go back to Canada because it doesn’t make no scene for him to be in American when your not a citizen and wasn’t plan to be a citizen.

    • X

      I hope you get kicked out of this country for that horrendous grammar and spelling.

      • Sinthia

        Look you im not the one that make this up stupid beliebers fans.

    • Faith in Bieber

      Smh, @Sinthia. NOT HELPING ANYONE HERE.

  • bieber4eva

    this is an over, that’s bull shit and that’s why so many people hate americans. with their bullshit. most american people needs to die, if they can’t grow up instead of being a dick. you people are obsess with justin, so many celebs also use drug, drive reckless. and come on, most youths of american was already bad before justin even came. what they need to do is to get rid of you people who are haters.

  • bieber4eva

    i love justin and even if justin go, i will still love him, and he’ll still be the most famous person out their to me. stupid american haters.

  • Sinthia

    I think even though he doesn’t sing no more like he said he be taking a break than start on his last Album he will still get some kind of money coming out of his pocket Because he really went on performing for his fans since day one.

  • Belieber

    If he does, it will make the American beliebers sad cause what if they never went to a concert and the only place they can is the U.S? But no matter what, I’ll still love him tho. Them dumbass haters -.- ugh they make me mad

  • lovely

    shit just leave Justin alone he made a mistake just give him a second chance.

  • nicki


  • Paul

    It is OK to make mistakes , once in a while, but when it gets to be on a daily basis, that is just being an Asshole.
    And I do like Justin. Someone needs to take him down a notch or two.
    Sorry Justin, Just remember dude, you are supposed to be a human being.

  • lambor500S

    Out of all of the problems the US have
    The only thing americans can fine to pick on is Justin Bieber. Such a joke

  • Sinthia

    If this really happen then I will be glad that I don’t have to hear Jelena or Jelenators forever Because it’s pretty much annoying which that what you’all want.And Selena she need to stop look’n all you know for Justin she needs to really stop that,just be you.

  • LM Bieber

    i want these haters to feck in hell

  • Bieberrrrrr

    I grantee all those people who sign this “petition” probably don’t realize that their own children have done what justin has done and than some so should they be deported to? oh right I forgot when it comes to justin everything is blown out of proportion. -__-

    • Honey

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You’re a genius that exactly what I’ve been saying!!!!

  • Abberbieberldh

    America is not the only settlement that have in the world, canada is your country go back, fck america, america is the most hypocrites country.

  • Honey

    Everyone who signed this petition think the Obama administration really give a fuck about their butthurt feelings toward one young man. He is just like every other teen he just has a camera following him around I bet you their kids do even worse crap. This is why other countries laugh at us becuz we have ignorant, stupid, fucked up people who focuses on bs like whats going on in his life. His actions are not effecting so shut the fuck, build a bridge and get over yourself. I bet once someone in the admin sees this they will laugh their ass off at the stupidly of americans’ who actually made this petition. Yeah people are hateful toward Justin and accuse him for stuff that proves to false about him but a grown man who shot and killed a 17 year old black male walks free or 20 little kids were shot and killed for no reason at all. America get your priorities straight! I bet more than half the people who signed it didn’t even watch the State of Union where our President addressed the real fucking issues in this fucking ignorant country.

  • hannah bieber

    wow just wow.out of all the problems were having now In the US people focus on bieber lol wow.so if other people make mistakes they don’t get deported but he does ???? what about Lindsey lohan ??? and other celebrities .im telling u this world is a disgrace.why did I have to be born -.-

    • Azaria

      Lindsay Lohan is American. Justin Bieber is Canadian and therefore can be deported for his legal problems within the U.S. He’s not a legal citizen so he can be deported if he gets into a lot of legal problems. The U.S. government doesn’t put up with non-citizens causing problems when there’s already enough problems with its citizens. Justin Bieber is famous and therefore makes headlines, but it doesn’t matter who it is, if you’re not a citizen of the U.S. you can be deported for breaking the law. The world isn’t a disgrace for upkeeping the laws that Justin is breaking.

  • Azaria

    Well, it’s no surprise. He needs to smarten the hell up and sort out his shit. He needs to grow up and stop this self destruction.

  • hi

    justin bieber sucks

    • Faith in Bieber

      @hi, why did you comment? His is a FAN WEBSITE, NOT A HATER WEBSITE!!!!!!

  • destiny

    HA GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cookiefacetw

    Out of all America’s problems like debt and a war oversea can be ignores they’re gonna start a civil war over a Justin who isn’t affecting them in any. ay hate crimes Like calling him gay and a girl they should be charged with hate crimes for being haters believers vs. Haters what a civil war

  • Christy

    Deporting Justin Bieber….. Hmmmm But No one, i mean NO WILL WORRY ABOUT ALL THE SUICIDE BOMBER COMING IN….. WOW PEOPLE….. WORRY ABOUT ALL THE OTHER CRAZY CRAP IN OUR COUNTRY. OUR OWN KIDS ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT BIEBER IS DOING!! Wise up Dummys!! Lets worry about more important issues!! jealousy is a waste of our time people…..

  • Faith in Bieber

    Why deport him, when billions of other celebs are just as ‘dangerous’? White House,yout need to just remember, WE DONT CARE ABOUT THIS, JUST GO OUT THERE AND MAKE LAWS, NOT PETITIONS!!!!

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