Request Justin Bieber’s Confident at z100 NYC & KIIS FM LA

Request Confident z100

Justin Bieber is asking you beliebers to show your support by requesting his latest single, “Confident” on the radio stations. With his movie and new album, he has a lot to promote and not everyone seems to be excited about where he is going.

Thus he is kindly asking for more support from beliebers by making his song reach the radio stations across the world.

Justin tweeted on Jan3:

request #confident featuring @chancetherapper at your local radio station.

Click the link below to request ‘Confident’ at America’s biggest Radio station Z100 NYC & KIIS FM Los Angeles.

We have added “Request Justin Bieber’s Song Page” on this site. CLICK HERE to learn & request all Justin’s songs online.

Hopefully the radio stations are willingly picking up his song.

  • Kalani

    I love all his songs. There all pretty hot and amazing.

  • Hannah Bieber

    what about kiss fm phoenix ???? that’s what I listen to

  • i love justin……

    Wish I could babe, but I don’t listen to that much of the radio I don’t know why what’s kiss fm z 100 what station is that?????? Sorry I come on here everyday I don’t know why I comment everyday either but I gotta say I love this website too much and love biebs.

  • i love justin……

    @ kalani how much do u love justin tell me cause u always talk about him like I used to everyday at school is justin ur fav artist??????? Do u have any posters of him in ur bedroom?????? I think u have bieber fever what do u think????? Everyone knows I love justin all of my friends at school know because I have a binder with a poster in it. And I’m still reading first step to forever like a million times one time my friend Dalton asked me why I love justin and I said cause he inspires me. Dalton thought it was just because of Justin’s looks then I said justin was one of my idol’s I was blushing.

  • ivan

    If we don’t support Justin and his music, who will? All artists depend on their fans, without them they cannot succeed in the music business. If we promote, buy, watch his stuff, he will be around a long time. It’s that simple.

    • unknown

      pop stars only have a “life span” in the music business for about 5 years. That’s the reality. Look what happen to all the previous pop solo artists and groups. Once they take a break their fan base starts going elsewhere and find something else new and hot, or have grown up. The only pop star that seems to have a legacy is Michael Jackson but no one will ever ever compare to Michael not even Justin. He’s not talented/legend enough.

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Justin you are my sexy boyfriend xxx
    Kisses: because you get alott of credit
    For be loving & romantic &cute &
    Dreamy and you look hot with no
    Shirt and boxers are sexy too dam
    I am blushing & crushing on you
    Big time baby swagg &swagger
    I had a dream that you run my shower
    And we had sex together but I actually
    Want to do it only when I’m home alone & on the phone

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    I want to be a singer & a victoria
    Secret model & lingere model &fashion. Model &bikini model
    Be cause I take pictures of myself
    My mom says your so photojetic

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i wish i could but im not in nyc sorry