Scooter Braun: ‘I Can’t Baby Justin Bieber All the time, He needs to make Mistakes’ (GQ Interview)

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun GQ

Speaking to the March issue of GQ magazine, (out February 6), Justin’s manager Scooter Braun said he does his best to look after Justin. Checkout Scooter interview with GQ below:

It’s the same as being with a kid growing up, as a parent. There is a point where you guide them and there’s a point where you feel like you’ve planted enough seeds and you watch them make mistakes.

My responsibility is to always be there when they fall, always be there to help them get back up. But at some point I need to let them fail, because if they don’t they’re going to have no humanity.

The publication also quizzed Scooter about the time when Justin was photographed being smuggled out of an alleged Rio brothel recently.
And they referenced the time that 27-year-old model Tati Neves posted a video of Justin asleep on a bed.

Justin said that people just assume the worst things about him before he does anything.

He said “I had a woman film me while I was sleeping, who I’ve never met before. She could have stabbed me, who knows what she could have done. And she was in the house and she filmed me. Instead of people saying how incredibly creepy that was, what an invasion of privacy, they are assuming I slept with her and she was a prostitute. I’ve got to deal with that. I’m 19 [and] every single day I’ve got to deal with stuff like that. People thinking I had a baby or thinking I spit on my fans, just assuming the absolute worst about me.”

Scooter also told the magazine that he does try and advise Justin where possible:

We’ve talked that sometimes he doesn’t help himself because he’s so angry about it. But no one really understands what he’s living [been through], only him.

I think to help him get through that I have to hold him to a higher standard. I can’t baby him, I can’t tell him, “You know what you deserve to say f**k everybody”, this is unfair.

I can say there is only one way around this, either we quit and let you try and find a normal life or you realize that this is what this is and we’ve got to keep fighting. And you’re going to hate me some days because I’m going to say you can’t throw a punch. You want to go out there and you want to bash their heads in and say this isn’t fair; you want to say you don’t know me. But the only way you’re going to win them over is by being better than they are.


      • You can only be deported if you’ve committed a crime sentenced to at least 1 year. So yeah, I guess technically they do, but they can’t because the volume of Justin’s crime isn’t big enough.

    • yes they do. But I think Justin should go, but on his own terms. Something what Left Eye from TLC did when see was making major headlines. She went to a secluded place and got her head straight, but sadly died in a car accident there. But the point is he needs a break. This maybe the ‘break’ he was talking about earlier, but he needs to really go some place secluded to where he can think.

      • I agree, not that he should leave the States per sé but LA etc. doesn’t seem like the best place to be to get some rest.

  1. i love justin soooooo much and tmz just need to leave him alone they always have ti say stuff about him and the heaters out threre that call justin gay you just need to shut up and leave him alone

  2. At least we have closure on the Tati situation, but I agree. And to the beliebers who automatically claim its fake or rumors at some point, you need to have an open mind on things. We don’t know Justin or what he does. Justin maybe going through a rough time, but then it might just be some crazy shit he concocts up. All I’m saying is to support not baby, or defend numerous times because at some point Justin’s gotta be wrong and imperfect. Just don’t assume the ladder, because the most impossible things do become possible. Examples: Sandy Hook, Batman Premiere, and 9/11.

  3. So stupid. Viewing a mistake as going in a car drunk where he could have possibly killed or hurt someone? If this were anybody else everyone would tell that person they deserved it while Justin gets special treatment.

  4. I thought he was gonna take a break anyway? if he really wants to take a break and to get away from the media he would have found a way. Many celebrities have successfully “hide out” for a year. This to me seems like attention seeking. It’s not that hard to seclude yourself.

  5. Scooter,
    We know you cannot baby him and he have to learn from his mistakes. But, hopefully they will not be repeated . But, the only thing that is so sick to me is that dumb ass petition someone started to deport Justin. I hope who ever reads it in the White House just laugh at it and throw it in the trash were it belongs .
    Much Love to you and Justin!

  6. OK he is just 19 he grew up in front of everyone what he did was wrong and he will have to deal with it but please don’t hate the kid say a prayer for him.

  7. I neva thought i would say this about ma justin. He is a fool he keeps on making the same mistakes going 2 strip clubs hooking up with different women egging peoples houses and that he is stupid

  8. people need to leave justin alone , hes made mistakes, so what everyone has made mistakes in life. He has a fantasic side which his beliebers see in him. Also all the stuff he does off his own back to help his beliebers out and for sick kids. All the stuff he does for charity and the amount off effort he puts in. The press don’t see this side in him and i think it’s about time they did. I will alway’s be here for him and back him all the way till i die. Hes only 19 give him a break and stop giving him all this shit and give him a easy life !!!

  9. justin is a grate guy but i think he needs a friend or a gard that can be around him 24/7 so he dosent do any thing stupid o and by the way he got a rested again ):

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