Selena Gomez Urges Justin Bieber to Take Anger Management Classes


Selena Gomez has reportedly urged Justin Bieber to attend anger management classes.

She’s concerned about Justin’s bad boy behavior, which includes allegedly throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home last week, a prank that resulted in his home being raided.

A source told Yahoo! omg!:

Selena has told him ‘no romance without new manners’, and insisted that he should take a course in anger management.

Selena is an old fashioned southern girl from Texas and believes in manners and good behavior, she’s told Justin that he has to mend his ways if they are to start seeing each other regularly again.

She is eager to make her reconciliation with Justin permanent, but only if he adjusts his attitude.

Selena has been on her own and what she calls ‘on the road’, but she hasn’t stopped being attracted to Justin. She just wants some pleases [and] thank yous, as well as some good behavior if things are to get serious again.

She has told Justin he needs help with anger management and that he should book classes.

Justin has been plagued by fresh controversy this month after he allegedly vandalised a neighbour’s home in his gated community in Calabasas, California, by throwing around 20 eggs at the property.

Justin’s home was raided by police (Jan14) in connection with the incident – which is thought to have caused $20,000 worth of damage – and the visit resulted in his rapper BFF Lil Za being arrested for possession of illegal substances.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Kalani

    Is that even true. They were so adorable together

    • me

      omg u think hes actually gonna take classes for anger? i love selena maybe it will be good for him hes been getting in a lot of issues the cause being his anger.. love you justin but she might b right…

  • Kalani

    They so Adorable together. I miss them together.

  • Kalani

    I bet it’s not even true. They always make up stories.

  • Kalani

    I will always miss jelena. They were so cute together


      I agree they are cute together! JELENATOR! miss them so much


    Maybe he should, but it’s always up to him if HE feels that it is the right thing to do. But why would the cops raid his house just for a prank, they charge him that much for just eggs? WHUT??? 20k for egg damage, that doesn’t make sense, they could just clean it up, i don’t think eggs make so much damage on a property maybe just a little bit sticky but not damaged.

    • Sassy

      Eggs do a lot of damage. to paint and surfaces. I’m not surprised that the damage bill is that. We are talking Multi million dollar houses.

  • Kalani

    Besides there not even together. I wish they were. I really hope they are together.

  • tj

    media making up shit as usual

    shes not traditional. she shows camel toe, wears one strap dresses showing bra, lets him grope her boobs, she dated an underage boy illegally.

    • Kalani

      Um he turns 20 in about two months. I hope he invites her to his bday party. There so good together.

      • tj

        he was 16 she was 18

  • Kalani

    He was In the clear. He didn’t even throw anything at his neighbors.

  • Norma

    People don’t eve know what invent anymore. Justin is doing alright.He don’t have bad behavior.He is a good boy and is a gentleman.Don’t believe those storys.this story is a lie. I don’t undarstand why don’t live him alone.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover


  • Kalani

    I bet it’s not even true. They always lie about everything. They might as well say justin she selena are engaged

    • Kalani

      They always say things that aren’t true.

  • Kalani

    I love justin. He’s a good guy.

  • Sinthia

    Ugh im getting tired of them two anyway so yeah I agree Justin needs to learn how to control himself like come on is a new year and he is still the same instead hearing good things about about him.

    • Sinthia

      If he don’t clean up his act then I think rehab will be better for him.

      • Alexa

        Seriously he doesn’t need rehab. He took a poly test and he passed with flying colors. It was negative. He didn’t even do it throws the eggs.

      • Sinthia

        Ya they should test him if he had any drugs in his body cause he been doing it too.

      • Honey

        Can’t assume everything

  • lambor500S

    love the pic I hope they are together .

    Much Love!

  • mb777

    Great pic… I wonder when this was taken? they look so happy:)
    Crazy how Selena has just totally went missing??

  • Belieber

    Justin don’t need anger management classes, he’s fine. But its up to him if he wanna or not.

    • Alexa

      He’s having issues. I hope he’s okay. That they are able to work it out.

  • CupCake

    Funny, the only thing anger-management ever did for me was wanna punch the erm, woman, who taught it, woulndt really recommand it. But that said, he could take a moment to think about what hes about to do before he does it… Even if it is unfair, he knows that its very likely pictures will be taken.

    If you dont want to be portraid like a douchebag, dont act like one/get yourself in situations where you might be percieved as one.

  • Honey

    Justin will be fine in time and more than likely without Gomez and we all know she’s not some traditional goody girl so we can stop that right there. I can only imagine the shade she’s going to send him after this situation but enough about her. Plus first look up the real reasons that people go to rehab because you don’t go to rehab for anger management. Actually look up what rehab means in the first place.

  • ivan

    This is most probably bull crap from a non existing source; Selena is most probably in rehab for drugs, alcohol, or lupus.

    • i love justin

      @ Ivan I love selena please don’t be mean to her I don’t like it selena is doing fine she’s not in rehab center for lupus, selena doesn’t do drugs she’s clean……. it’s okay if selena has a drink because she turned 21 last year in July…… selena does have lupus but she’s taking a break from music to focus on health issues she’ll be back soon…… I love justin too but I feel like he didn’t do anything wrong with the egg incident MY opinion……. it’s good that Caitlins brother Christian has his back…… I love Caitlin beatles she is so strong and is so beautiful…….

  • Suzanne Smith

    Well, if Bieber is to take Anger Mangement Classes, she needs to take “How to end addiction to alcohol”, “How to grow up and move away from your parents”, and “How to make decisions on your own.” Got that Selena?

    • Alexa

      I bet it’s not true. There not even back together. I would hope there friends. They always stay friends. I don’t know about all that

      • Sinthia

        That is just a photoshop picture and the media always say they together they not together lets start all over again they back together.

    • david conway

      Sel is only child . She is spoiled. She has almost no education. She is lazy and easy to manipulate. Very needy.
      Justin has more of an edge.

      • i love justin

        @ David Conway sweetheart it’s brieana here, look I know u were bullied online by kalani on selena website…… and u didn’t like it but I feel like u can do much better than that…… you didn’t deserve kalani bullying u at all SWEETIE you were never to old to be a selenator selena loved u…. u were loved by our fan base PLEASE STOP don’t become a hater of selena when u told me about the things she’s helped you with that you felt the same way I did…… selena said don’t let power over take you let it motivate you to do better ….. bullying is wrong honey kalani should’ve thought before she posted those MEAN THINGS ABOUT YOU you should’ve let me know before it got any worse anyway done with kalani last day on the web break time……

      • Alexa

        No she’s not you idiot. She’s been working since she was 12

      • david conway

        @alexa. Having a sibling when you are all grown up does not count. She grew up with no brothers or sisters. I now dominate the bieber zone. You will submit to my authority. I have studied how kalani became powerful
        and i am copying her.

  • Rihanna

    Does that loser ivan still post here? I warned you guys about Justin becoming a forgotten, disgusting, talentless ‘artist’ if he doesn’t man up and clean up his image. I guess I was right after all!

    • stringbiebs

      There’s nothing even wrong with him. He can still sing, he’s not messed up all the time, nobody has forgotten about him obviously if they still talk about him and make up stories. He’s still talented, sings, guitar, drums, writes music, directs videos and produces them. Still making money and doing fine on his own. He’s picking better friends, going to less clubs, keeping touch with his family. Still manages to slay charts, keeps records and entertain fans. He hasn’t killed anyone, hasn’t been prosecuted for drugs or violence, isn’t homeless, staying safe and clean. So no, you aren’t right.

  • alexa

    Is that pic photoshopped. They were not together since the tiger tattoo and im not kalani

  • david conway

    Is kalani dating justin? She basically killed selena by praying she get lupus.
    That is diabolical. Maybe she will turn nice if justin marries her.

    • Alexa

      STFU, why the hell would I date Justin. He doesn’t even know me. Or my poser. He’s a hottie.,your just some loser.

      • david conway

        Not talking about alexa. Talking about kalani. Kalani sleeps with all the popular band members when she is not stalking me or stealing my memorbilia.

      • Alexa

        GTFO seriously you are demented and stupid if you think kalani would sleep with the band members. You probably would

  • david conway

    Why would justin be angry? He gets regular sex. I dont get it. He is small and was bullied. Maybe he gets angry bevause everybody is bigger and stronger and he is their bitch.

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      Who ever said Justin was having sex with Selena? Especially since they might not even be together. Why would being smaller make you angry? I really don’t think Justin cares about what people say about him anymore so you’re stupid for thinking that.

  • david conway

    Can selena beat up justin? I mean, if his bodyguards let her?

    • Alexa

      Stfu seriously you are one dumb idiot. If you think there sleeping together. There not even back together


    Justin’s innocet thus Selena should be silent !

  • Darius

    Why you beliebers are so blind? Justin is not perfect! Stop thinking he is! No one is perfect! I am a boy belieber but Justin behavior has changed alot! I pray for you bro ! I think Lil Twist and Za are ruining Justin’s reputation..He needs to stop hanging with those guys… Only Ryan is his best friend..He never made Justin go wrong.. Justin please calm down and act normal.. May the Lord give you wisdom health and happiness to you, your family and friends.

  • AmyheArt

    Justin has not changed the media created a justin that doesn’t exists!! Real beliebers will see that

    • Darius

      by real beliebers you mean blind beliebers? if you all care about him you must tell him to act normal… I know its really hard to act normal with all those paps, but you have to TRY.
      If you just say he is perfect or you love that is not helping him… you are covering him… If you care for someone then DO SOMETHING! Tell him to change his behavior.

  • essie j

    she needs help with her flop career smh justin is just growing up like us and he’s learning from his mistakes which is normal

    • Darius

      yeah but making new mistakes are not good…you learn from your mistakes you did… not from the ones you will do. srry if my english is not correct..

  • Elisa Arifin

    Awwe love ya’all #JELENA4EVER