Travel Company Wants to Help Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber AirfastTickets

An online travel booking company is offering Justin Bieber the opportunity to fly to anywhere in the world – for FREE.

In addition to the swift exit offering, the company will continue to pay for his airline tickets around the world as long as he stays out of the U.S.

This offer comes as a response to America’s recent pleas for Justin Bieber to tame his crazy antics.

Due to Mr. Bieber’s previous troubles and the report of an alleged DUI and drag racing incident last night, AirFastTickets feels it is in the best interest of the country to offer him the opportunity to leave the U.S. and travel anywhere in the world on our dime once legalities have been cleared.

Once out of the U.S. we are also offering Mr. Bieber a private AirFastTickets travel agent to ensure he is able to quickly and seamlessly travel to anywhere around the world, at any time, just not back to the U.S.

AirFastTickets hopes this opportunity will help Mr. Bieber take a step back and focus on getting back on track.

company want to send deport bieber away

VIDEO: Airfasttickets’s Makis Xentos discusses his company’s offer to fly Justin Bieber anywhere in the world as part of a marketing campaign for his travel website via Bloomberg.

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