Uncle Leo Nicholson Defends Justin Bieber – Praising JB to Follow his Dream

Justin Bieber Sleeping next to Uncle

Justin sleeping next to his uncle, Leo

Justin’s uncle Leo Nicholson also took to Instagram to defend Justin in the wake of the negative media reports, sharing a photo of him sleeping, while praising him for following his dream.

@nicholson101: We have a different relationship then most. I’m what he could have been if he didn’t follow his dreams. Construction worker never leaving Stratford. It’s hard to see everyone after him because of the decisions he has made. We were all young once but never lived in a corrupted world of jealously, hate and not knowing the truth. Full of talent but sheltered from the world cause everyone is jealous of the fame and fortune but most of all the pure gift this cat brings to people around him. Even for his age I have learned so much especially a life with freedom. He has a great team around him as he makes the transitions from boy to man. ~pick your path for your future and stick with it. Make choices for your self and be happy *Leo Nicholson #muchrespect #lilbro #growing

  • AN

    I’m sorry, but you young kids are brain-washed by good looks. Your idol is someone who vandalizes property, does drugs, and drives DRUNK, which could not only hurt him but an innocent person, perhaps a little kid in his/her mother’s car. ESPECIALLY considering how young he is. Driving drunk is MORALLY WRONG. He is a criminal, and the only reason he’s not in jail right now is he is famous and has way too much money. Someone needs to put him in jail.

    This world is becoming more and more accepting of violence each day. In a few decades, if something isn’t done, rape and mass murder will be considered normal. Do you want this to happen, or will your generation be the one to change this trend? Our society is becoming VERY desensitized to violence.

    • Smiles sometimes

      He’s not a criminal, at all, but still his behavior and actions lately aren’t the best. I feel likes just lost, and he lost his girlfriend, and Selena isn’t even helping, not like she has too. I just want him to be safe, happy and make the right choices. And wwww him sleeping :D

    • julie

      well put. It has nothing to do with fame and fortune…there are many of those, and they are inspiring. He’s a lil sh** because he entitles himself, is obsessed with his pouty lip selfies, thinks he has the same kind of fans as michael jackson, and became gangsta out of no where. This world needs inspiration and i dont know why he is so popular. ive seen videos of him going above and beyond to get what he wants. hes a brat. poor neighbors too. cant stand reckless behavior with cars. self entitled lil Sh**

      • Former fan

        Exactly, fame and money does not buy you happyness. If he was more respectful he would not get all this criticism from the rest of the country. He is a joke, a laughing stock basically that everyone else is so sick and tired of seeing.

        Yea he’s 19, but you cant use age as an excuse, not every 19 year old do drugs, sex and pee in the bucket. There are responsible 19 year olds that DO have respect for others and their property. Only the stupid bratty spoiled rich kids like him that would act out like this. No sense of what is right and wrong.

      • Former fan

        Only Justin Timberlake got it right.

    • Belieber

      Yes, I understand he makes mistakes that are not acceptable sometimes. But he is going to make mistakes because that’s how it is growing up. I know he’s not perfect. But out of everything, we are not here just hear for the looks. He is a good person despite his mistakes. He gives to charity, help other countries, and just makes others happy. And that is what inspires us about him, and those are things we love about him.


      You’re brain washed person !


        AN OBVIOUS !

  • Smiles sometimes

    He looks so perfect sleeping too :)

  • CupCake

    You can look at it two ways, one; its very hard to grow up in the spotlight. Two; he has opportunities none of us is likely to ever have and I am not talking about the music and the fame here, just the fact that he is rich enough to make mistakes most pf us cant afford etc,

    Of course the truth lies in the middle… It is hard to be famous at a young age, yet it grants you a lot of freedom. All he has to do is to use what is given to him wisely.

  • Sinthia

    Aww ugh he looks like he is crying while he sleeping.

  • hannah bieber

    ok u know what haters ?? why r u wasting your time here ???? is it bcuzz u care about him ??? FYI he saved many lives and hes saved us from commiting suicide like me.why r u going to judge him if u done even know him ??? yea he drinks and drives so what ?? lots of people do that.hes not the only celebrity doing things.serioulsly hes 19 almost 20.u really excpect him to sit at his house doing nothing ??? no hes a teenager.teens these days have sex,smoke weed,drink,etc, and yet u blame him ??? seriously u guys need help and stop picking on a young teenager u don’t even know.u guys are sick honestly

    • julie

      what are you even ranting about? you missed the the reason why he sucks. LOL and how can you LOVE someone you dont know but you can’t HATE them> yah people make mistakes..if he were my son i would love him. The point is, He is the poster child for a 19 year old idiot with money who can do what ever he wants and he chooses to be reckless without a care for others. if you said so what to drinking and driving in front of my face i would slap you.

  • tulani

    Justin is not the type to handle freedom. He needs someone to tell him what to do. He needs structure from job or school. First he needs a spanking

    • Kalani

      Seriously he’s amazing. I’m glad that his uncle is defending justin. He’s always scrutize for everything he does.

  • Sarah Bieber

    ok I’m sick of this “it’s hard growing up under the spotlight” excuse, I can understand it at first, but now it’s just an excuse for him to act out. I’m a fan but he needs to get his act together. It’s not that freaking hard. Just stay out of trouble, there are lots of famous people that have stayed out of troubles, why can’t he do it?

  • belieber13

    Oww his so cute ♥♥!!

  • @Bieber_AMahone

    @formerbelieber umm all of my friends are under 19 and most of them aren’t virgins and some them do drugs so what are you trying to say?

  • ivone

    HATERS HATE BECAUSE JB IS DOING WHAT THEY CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jealousy and envy is all they are ever going to have. Hate may win some battles but LOVE wins in the end,,,,,,,,,,,

  • dchopsey

    Haters want to see Justin in jail; say he is a criminal. Beliebers know he is not a criminal and say he is their hero, saved others lives and gives to charities and helps everyone he can. Others say it’s his break with Selena and she does nothing to help him. Justin is in pain people. A pain we cannot see with our eyes and many things have led to this. Think back to after Avalanna’s death. Her death, the hatred he receives from those that are jealous of his popularity, the lies told about him in the media with his every step being watched and growing up in an adult world with no adult experiences (fame, money) or supervision and then break up with Selena. Justin didn’t know how to handle it or who to turn to. He was looking for some help but nobody noticed his cries. Drinking, drugs and living life on the edge became his norm. Instead of throwing him in jail or just hoping that things are going to be better; people should find a way to HELP HIM get through this pain. Justin needs to know he is in trouble not to hide his pain but work through it; but not by drinking or drugs. These things cover the pain for awhile but they NEVER take it away. Justin needs his family, true friends, his inner circle that he truly trust and sometimes his fans. The fans though put a lot of pressure on him; always wanting something from Justin and really have we ever really given him anything back; think about it. We need to more aware of this help him the best we can and I believe that is by PRAYER. Justin has that gift of faith but to me it seems it is not as important to him as it used to be. He really needs OUR SUPPORT. So please beliebers SUPPORT HIM.

  • H

    Keep believing the media. I’m sure it’s the whole truth. Right, right. So many opinions about a 19 year old pop star. And why? Because every damn news station makes a 19 year old pop star their top story. CNN interrupts their broadcasting to talk about him. I guess it was that friggin important. Keep believing them; unreal. Cause when a new story about his arrest comes out weeks later that it was only a half truth, nobody gives a cra$ because they are still wrapped up in the original lie. I’m on this site cause I love the kid. There are certainly celebrities out there I can’t stand, but I don’t go out stalking their social media sites to bash them. Get a life.

  • #1belieber

    I agree a 100% with dchopsey. It’s not like Justin’s made of stone. Past pains get to him time to time and that’s something he doesn’t show. Remember what Justin said in Believe? That you have to HIDE your emotions sometimes in order to deal with being in this industry? He does that for US! He’s struggling you guys. Only God can help him right now.

    Beliebers don’t get pessimistic about him ending up like MJ. He’s not there yet. It’s still not too late for him to get better. Beliebers pray that our hero gets the healing that he desperately needs.

  • m l

    the judge needs to send him for a psch. examination and then forced counciling. there is something wrong with him. he didn’t always behave like this. I think he needs professional help. he is very talented. ellen DeGeneres called him an American treasure who came from Canada and I think it’s a good description. he does a lot of good for people in the us and around the world. as for those wanting him deported they are wan-a-be Justin biebers who aren’t smart enough or talented to be like him. jelousy is a disease.

  • nicki

    Justin is a Amazing kid. And I’m happy that his Uncle is supporting him.

  • Tanisha

    Justin is amazing. I’m glad his uncle is defending him. Justin doesn’t deserve the bad media he gets