Uncle Leo Nicholson Defends Justin Bieber – Praising JB to Follow his Dream

Justin Bieber Sleeping next to Uncle

Justin sleeping next to his uncle, Leo

Justin’s uncle Leo Nicholson also took to Instagram to defend Justin in the wake of the negative media reports, sharing a photo of him sleeping, while praising him for following his dream.

@nicholson101: We have a different relationship then most. I’m what he could have been if he didn’t follow his dreams. Construction worker never leaving Stratford. It’s hard to see everyone after him because of the decisions he has made. We were all young once but never lived in a corrupted world of jealously, hate and not knowing the truth. Full of talent but sheltered from the world cause everyone is jealous of the fame and fortune but most of all the pure gift this cat brings to people around him. Even for his age I have learned so much especially a life with freedom. He has a great team around him as he makes the transitions from boy to man. ~pick your path for your future and stick with it. Make choices for your self and be happy *Leo Nicholson #muchrespect #lilbro #growing

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