Vanilla Ice’s Advice to Justin Bieber + Want to Work together!

vanilla-ice justin bieber advice

Vanilla Ice reached out to Justin Bieber after his arrest in Miami

Vanilla Ice is giving Justin Bieber some advice to help him try to stay out of trouble in the future.

Vanilla ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, tweeted out to Justin after his arrest in South Florida. He invited Justin to work on the Vanilla Ice Project, a show he has on HGTV. While working with Vanilla Ice, he could also have coffee instead of liquor and do some good hard work, he said.

Vanilla ice was 16 when he wrote ‘Ice, Ice baby’ and says Justin needs step back from the celebrity life and he needs to get in touch with real life.

Vanilla tells WPBF reporter Terry Parker:

Bieber’s young and probably confused with life right now. Probably has no clue about what life is really about. You got to imagine in front of millions of fans, paparazzi, and all this, it’s like a snow globe, it gets all shaken up and until it settles he’s not going to know his purpose in life.


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