#4YearsOfBaby #1BillionViews


Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since “Baby” music video uploaded on Youtube. Keep watching — we need to hit a billion views as Justin’s birthday gift. :)

  1. Let’s get baby to 1 billion views justin is 20!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh time flies by so fast from one time to this now….. ;)

  2. we can do this #babyto1Billionbeforejustinbirthday lets do this for justin keep watching it and open tags and refresh it not replay. Come on Beliebers WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! #babyto1billionviews
    We Love You Justin <333333

  3. Ok I know someone is going to hate me after this but I love baby always have always will but sometimes I get tired of hearing it over and over even non beliebers know the song

  4. Music video “baby” have more diselikes then likes…it will be super if we make Justin proud and hit 1billion and we must have more likes then diselikes!!(we must put down haters) Wake up,guys

  5. If someone asks for a BILLION views for ‘Baby’………..then they sure will get it!
    Its the least we could do for you Justin after all that you do for us!!!!!

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