Adorable Pic! Justin Playing Guitar!

Justin Bieber Play Guitar

via instagram:

@maejorali: Honestly The most talented and kind hearted person I’ve ever met ♛ God Bless u Bizzle Nothing can stop you ♛

  1. Cool pic! you look nice in black.
    Hopefully one day you will make a video doing a solo from your guitar. Please use a Metallica song. One day & counting before your big day. Enjoy, stay strong & be safe.
    Much love!

  2. honestly, in regards to him smoking pot. I’m not against smoking pot in general, but i’m disappointed that he broke his promise so easily to us. He said on SNL that he will never smoke pot again, and then turns out he’s been doing it ever since. He has lied to us so many times and that’s why I’m so disappointed. I hope other beliebers can actually realise these facts. He’s not changing for the better, and I don’t think it’s because the people he hangs out with, I think it’s he himself as well.

    Justin you are 20 in a couple of days. Hope u can shake off these nonsense.

  3. and to the people saying “he’s just a kid” or “he’s just 19″. There are a lot of 19 year olds out there that has a tougher life than him and still abide by the law, work hard and never DUI.

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