Attention… Justin Bieber Changed his Name to Bizzle

Justin Bieber Bizzle instagram

Attention … Attention … beliebers. Justin Bieber has updated his official Instagram profile with a new name.

That is right, on the social media app where 14 million fans follow him — Justin has decided to change his display name from @JustinBieber to the more simple, one-word name @Bizzle.

Not only instagram, hee also changed his Shots Of Me profile to @Bizzle

Should we must now refer to him as Bizzle??

  • Belieber

    Bizzle xD I think its cute lol

    • Glory

      Just search it in slang words, it means “bitch”

  • Kristine

    Only Justin haha <3

  • Boy belieber brandon

    His shots.me thing is bizzle aswell

  • konul-azerbaijan belieber…

    ureyim justowum:D

  • Belieberforlife123

    Dha i already knew that i follow him on insta

  • Cheerleader belieber

    That a funny name

  • #1belieber

    Any idea what bizzle means? It’s adorable but..seriously what does it mean? Is it Bieber+Sizzle? He IS sizzlin’ hot.

    • Tedi Belieber

      Search it in slang words, it means„bitch”

  • Rebecca ”Aka” Mrs.bieber

    Wow cool baby

    • Kalani

      I think it’s cute that Justin changed his name. He’s pretty hot

  • selena is my smile

    I don’t want to judge you anymore or bash you justin. I’m sorry to every bieber fan out there.

  • amyheart

    its just his user he didnt actually change his name thats his nickname

  • Brianna Bieber

    Bizzle my nizzle ♥

    • justin rihab

      bizzl so cool justin

  • Diana.Garrido

    I think it’s a cool name ok I love you Justin so so so much

  • nicki

    I think it’s cool. I luv you Bizzle. LOL

  • Turkey2turkey

    i all ready knew this because i follow him on instagram and he follows me on intagram because i asked him to at a meet abd greet

  • hannah bieber

    well I guess were no longer beliebers.since he is now known as bizzle that makes us bizzlers haha :)

  • Sinthia

    Of course because he want to be named Bizzle but why their was nothing wrong calling him JB I guess he tired of that name.

  • katlinm

    he will alwlays be Justin bieber……why fallow in every other famous person by changing ur name?? jus stay Justin plzz

  • Sinthia

    What’s next he going to shave his hair because he gotta really look like Bizzle he not Justin Bieber anymore feel bad for the fans now they have to buy new posters or maybe not.

    • Birk

      It’s just a nickname for his Instagram account.. No big deal. He is still Justin Bieber every where else.. He will probably change it back again when he gets tired of it.

  • believer forever britches

    I love that name justin put bizzle it’s a sexy name for justin and believer forever britches love you jb and I don’t care what the heaters say about you because we are believers and we love you very much

  • nandra

    Perhaps Justin only use that on his social app.. not in the real life..
    he probably want something new for his image , cuz this month he turn to 20th years old ..
    I love you Justin

  • Abberbizzlebieber

    Yeah, me too

  • Bizzle


  • Bizzle

    Justin bieber

  • Tanisha

    aw thats cute lol

  • amira

    Hm, Justin doesn’t look too good in these instagram pics, I’m worried…:(

  • victoria


  • ummm…

    umm what is your user???

  • Beliebers

    Keď BIZZLE tak teda nech aj tak je to roztomile :D

  • alden bieber

    bizzle i love it <3 u are the best<3

  • Dev

    Dats a nice name Jb…Belieber forever…lol