Big Mouth Drake Bell Talks About Justin Bieber on Channel 933 (Video Interview)

justin bieber drake bell interview

It’s no secret that Drake Bell doesn’t like Justin Bieber. He frequently tweets and retweets posts that insult or speak out against Justin.

Check out Drake’s recent interview via Channel 933 on Feb14 below:

11 celebrities who hated on Justin Bieber.

In related news, Drake Bell has filed for bankruptcy. According to court documents obtained by E! News. He owns $1.5 million in real estate and $10,500 in personal property, but has debts of around $2.2 million. Of those debts, he owes more than $46,000 to the IRS.

Drake also claims to make an average income of $2,820 and has monthly expenses more than $18,000.

Maybe it’s time for him to stop being really mean to Justin and start solving his own problems??

  • Twitter – @BieberThistle

    This made me furious!!!!! I think you’ll find Justin puts out a very positive message. Never Say Never & Believe. I think you’ll find his music has came on leaps and bounds since baby, maybe drake should listen to it before hand. He’s always telling people to giveback and is always so appreciative of his fans. He has made a lot of other people very successful and enabled them to live out their dreams, let’s take Carly Rae Jepsen for example. Justin has saved lives reducing suicides because he makes his fanbase feel special. He’s going to make mistakes, of course he is and I don’t condone many of his actions as of late but one thing u can not deny is that he has always sent a positive message to his fanbase and he has proven first hand it Is important to never give up and always believe in yourself. He is an amazingly talented individual and he has earned the respect and his title as an idol for so many all over the world.

    • Kaysie



    first of all why is Drake Bell talking s-it about justin bieber when justin did more stuff like give back and help rise monney for the schools and what has drake bell done he shouldn’t be talking crap about justin bieber its about time for drake bell to shut the f up and worry about your,life and your bad shit because your not that good at acting you sound like shit and leave justin bieber alone because we are f believers and we love jb

  • ivan

    This guy is envious to the point of obsession; he has been criticizing Justin since 2012. He is a joke. Keep in mind he advocates deporting Justin which shows what a mean spirited sob he is. I have no sympathy toward him.

  • ivan

    It’s frustrating to see this idiot smear him with lies in from of a dumb audience who does not know Justin from a hole in the wall. That is why some hate Justin because of people like him and those haters writing media and gossip reports.

  • tina!

    hahah who cares about this guy anymore?!? I cant believe he stil has the audacity to bad mouth justin and he filed for bankrupcy! HAHAHA there’s not much to say about Drake other than the fact that he’s just an idiot

  • Stefanie

    wish to splash all of that water on his freaking face!

  • belieber

    “baby baby baby baby oh baby oh” WTF he thinks he’s better maybe !! this was the most viewed video of all time. could’nt he talk about himself a little bit? justin bieber is .. justin bieber hasn’t…. !! this guy is the most mean guy i’ve never seen

  • Schantal

    I haven’t even finished watching it; only his voice makes me sick. Drake bell get a life -_-

  • RiRi

    Soo here’s the thing; Drake Bell, is trying so hard to make people like him. for starters “I don’t have anything against Justin Bieber” ??? He should win an award for biggest duche/lier in the world. like, seriously, even satan himself wouldn’t believe that!!! and second he is claiming that Justin sends out a bad message. HELLO! NEVER SAY NEVER! BELIEVE! just his whole carrier is a good example that he fights hard for what he believes in. He helps people allover the world, raising money for poor people in other countries, visiting childrens hospitals etc. The fact that Justin has more money than Drake and uses some of it to buy himself some cool outfits or cool cars, and he says the word “swag” doesn’t mean that he is saying that people arent good enough to hang with him. so Drake has no reason to say that, when the message he sends to the world is how to be a bad person han be jelouse of people who are better than you. He basically teaches kids to Hate people and be bad for no reason. to hate those who are better than you, just because they are better than you. way to go Drake, way to go.

    • Kalani

      Seriously he’s stupid. Drake bell is going to be poor and justin still has money. At least justin isn’t going bankrupt. He’s not a kid. He’s a young adult.

  • Kalani

    Wow, he’s poor, that what he gets

  • ivan

    If he has nothing against Justin, why did he call for him to be deported?

  • nandra

    Is he stupid or something ? Bad mouthing Justin .. hey drake dont u have a miror in ur house ? U should take a look of your ugly faces. You want to compare your self with justin , oh come on. Your even more less and little than a piece of cake .. what a poor guy

    • Kalani

      Justin isn’t even like that. He’s clausephobic . Sure his fans gets on his nerves. But he loves and adores kids

  • Ebraheem abba

    Justin bieber is richer, so cute, more talented, and having more fans than any dopeshit celebrity who hated on him. F you drake son of the duck

  • Ja’Tera Bryant

    Im a big beliber and i dont have nothing against drake bell but my opion is that drake bell is jelly because justin bieber is still making money and he’s not. Drake bell needs to get over the fact that he’s not that famous any more. Tho justin has not been on his best behavior he still sends out a positive messege

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    Drake is an idiot and just jelous of justin because hes hot,rich,TALENTED and again HOT:).
    And i mean come on NEVER SAY NEVER,BELIEVE,howis he a bad influence on us,your the bad influence on us BELIEBERS,and whats ur fans names oh yea i forgot ur fans dont even have names because u dont HAVE ANY FANS
    SO HA HA!.idiot boy.

  • Belieber

    Drake bell is a freakin’ idiot! Hate all towards him.

  • Tanisha


  • Sinthia

    Woww Drake Bell got bankrupt poor guy but he needs to worry abut his own problems.Maybe he don’t like JB cause he find him cuter than he is probably.

  • Lori

    Why would this make people furious?? After hearing Drake Bell give his opinion I got to agree with him. You can’t take pictures of justin in a club, you can’t even go knew his table without him thinking they are coming to see him. He thinks just about himself in most situations. I think Drake Bell is right. If you asked to sit with JB you would’t be allowed. I OFFICIALLY SEE DRAKE BELLS SIDE AND I AGREE! now lets have all the crazy believers come at yell at me. I don’t give two shits.

    • Kalani

      I’m glad that drake bell is bankrupt. Good for him. He’s a freaking idiot. At least justin had 5 number one hits on iTunes. And drake what nothing. Who gives a shit about drake.

  • Tatiana

    Drake Bell honestly disgusts me. He said “I retweeted one picture and now everyone wants me to die.” He did not just retweet ONE picture to make Beliebers not like him. He’s tweeted HIMSELF countless times about Justin and has contributed much more than one retweet. He’s just trying to make people feel bad for him. He’s a piece of sh** and he completely and utterly disgusts me. He did this to himself, if he would have just shut up than he wouldn’t be where he is today, and people might tolerate him. I hope he learns that no matter how much you dislike someone, keep your mouth shut. He’s talking about all these positive messages, well I think I good message for him to follow would be “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” because it’s obvious he follows no positive message since all he does is trash people. He’s like another version of Amanda Bynes. That idiot. And I will not wish him death because that is very cruel, for anyone to do. Just keep your mouth shut Drake.

  • Tatiana

    And I hope he suffers from his bankruptcy.

  • Diana.Garrido

    Hey stupid leave Justin alone ok just stop telling him bad things god don’t worry Justin just ignore him and don’t listen to that retarted guy we the fans the Belibers we love you a lot and I love you Justin so so so much

  • lambor500S

    Who gives dam about Drake Bell anyway and what he has to say about anything. Get a life. Because, Justin is not going anywhere

  • rb

    On a positive note:

  • hannah bieber

    if u don’t have anything againist him then why tweet bad things about him ??? and bad message ?? let me tell u something he brings out a message in his songs for example believe and be alright.he taught us to believe and to not let people bring u down . and whats your message ??to hate on people u don’t even know and whos better than u ??? no honey maybe if u were to stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself then maybe people would respect u more.u need to take care of your own problems

  • nicki

    Drake need to shut up and get a life. He’s made becuz Justin is doing better than him.

  • ana

    this guy is right! i do believe justin feels cool. and justin is cool. but he is now a spoiled brat. and who ever said I’m wrong i bet you are under 15 years old. and 21 and I’m so mature to understand. and even he acts like shit I’m stll going to buy justin music. and people stop saying he’s a kid he’s 19 and he is a men.

  • m l

    Drake Bell is jealous of Justin because he can’t do what Justin can do. He has failed miserably!

  • stringbiebs

    Not even going to watch the video. I hate him, I hope the bank takes away his clothes. Stop wasting your time on bullshit Drake, get your head out of your ass and pay your bills.

  • farah muqarab

    i so hate him!! everyone knows what massage is justin trying to put in front of the world he says that together we can change the world and he teaches us to Believe and Never say never so f that shit up!! hes not a parent of anyone